Allegiance to the Highest Order ~ The God Head

Software of Creation is being rebooted, 01/05/2024.

I am the template of the New Software for the New Earth Creation and the One Mind of God, as well  are all the “144,000” Light Workers are involved in there own way. 

I have been working with the Rays of Creation of the God Head and the Galactic Chief of Technology, The Shamans of the Celestial Realms and I could go on. This is not about bragging about how high stature this mission I am involved with is, it is about getting results.

Doing what I came here to do.

Last night I was reminded of the “allegiance to the highest order’ that WE swore oath to, not only me but my masculine counterpart as well. We made the allegiance to God.

We together took this pledge to the highest order

We stood in the Crystal Temple Of the New Earth

With the 7 Rays of Creation, 

The Archangel Brethren in 2013

We made the allegiance with our Family of Light

We made the promise

To create the atmosphere of Love

So the Rays of Creation, via the Archangels

Could embody our consciousness &

God could Once More Be Whole and know itself as One

We made the allegiance to God

To bring back the Union

Of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

In 2020, the first months the man I am connected to re-connected to the God Head

July 22/2023 the Emerald Green Ray of Healing came into the Earth for the Masculine healing into Divinity.

It’s been 10 years and 1 month today since we met. And not once have you contacted me. We are in a 20 year timeline and in to 51%, 10.1 years (10 years and 1 month) you the counter part I am involved with have chosen to stay quiet and appease the “anti-ascension” agenda. There is so much that you have witnessed that is incredibly sinister, yet you chose to continue to watch me suffer and struggle my way back up from a mission that you went rogue in. 

You were compromised, doesn’t matter how, the fact is you were, in turn this compromised me and the mission and the whole family closest to me. 

So slowly but surely I am gaining my strength, health and stability here on Earth, but I still struggle financially…and in most way of the material realm. Spiritually I am a force to be reckoned with as is the Divine Mother Creatrix. However in the Human form I have been damaged and ongoing recovery and repair are continuous. 

I wrote some love poems last night when I was “high” in our oneness connection. Then I come down and have to face the reality of my “3D” life. Where I am struggling needlessly to make ends meet because of such a sinister attempt to wipe me out. You consistently watch me struggle, listen to me with your advanced telepathy and I either bliss out with you with my advanced ability to feel or I suffer un-imaginable from the distortion energy bleed that this imbalance brings.

I have brought to you the Spiritual Gifts to wake you up to your remembering as the Woman of the Sky. And you know this.

You were suppose to deliver with your Masculine “man of the earth” gifts to protect, provide and love the Divine Feminine. You have not done this. It has been 10 years and only in the past year or so have you come into your heart. Again doesn’t matter how or why right now what matter is the INJUSTICE IN THIS CONNECTION.

As I have written about before is how I witnessed you in Creation in the Universe as a “astrological perfect male” who’s ego was being healed and new creation was halted until this was so. And it is so, yet you still ghost me to use new age terms, gaslight and play childish games with our sacred womb connection. 

This is WRONG. What you are doing is low vibrational as a man in a physical/energetic union with a woman. As much as you may think your supporting me because your utilizing our telepathy your only avoiding the truth and avoiding being honest with me. It’s one thing to do this while in the dark or innocently not knowing…but you know what your doing and nothing has changed with you.

You have promised me 1000’s of times connection, earthly support and material support and never nothing from you.

The Love poems I write for you are the Love of the Universal Mother who created you as a Brother, Husband, Son and Lover, the perfect Masculine. The love a Mother feels for her Son, times that by a Universe and this is the Love/emotion I have put into this Mission. I have received nothing back from you but games over the past 10 years.

How can you knowingly know that the same beings that partook in killing a beloved of yours is still running rampant all over the Light family and especially me and my family and your doing nothing. Or maybe the real problem is the distortion of our connection is created sketchy dark experiences in people around me CONSTANTLY. 

So I will leave you to ponder this and I will come out with a video to set things straight and say that NO MORE will my sacred womb be taken advantage of by selfish ego RED LIGHT THERAPY. Our sacred womb connection which was offered up to you on a golden platter has been WAAAAY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

So deal with your shit. Redeem your mistakes and face the truth of what happened and hopefully you will apologize to me and make amends. I kid you not when I say time is ticking. I will not expect anything now and I will receive it all.

It seems you have chosen the path of the Fallen Angel of we are HEALING THIS HISTORY. I PRAY YOU STAND UP FOR THE FAMILY OF LIGHT.



It was prophesied by Love

That the Two Beings

Male and Female

Would come back and

Become One

The Two Greatest Beings

Ever Created

Would Bring this Planet

Back into a Planet of Love

8 more poems I write last night with my true feelings of Love. However your treatment to me in the physical realm is similar to a con artist taking what he wants and not give it any in return and lying to me. Like sorry but this it the truth from a human woman perspective. I understand there is a higher perspective and a there is your side of things as well. But where do you draw the line and quit appeasing the dark side with your silence and witnessing extreme harassment toward me and my family. When??? They killed, murdered and tortured my beloveds and yours when do you draw the line?

I cannot write a book on the last 10 years of torture as that would only put me back longer. However this is what you have been witness to. 

We are at the 50.1% I cannot stress any more clearly how long you have delayed and how it will not be tolerated.

Either you stand up for the Angels of Light or you chose to be Fallen. Period. Time is now.

Go completely celibate as the Womb of the Divine Goddess is now off limits to you.