Twin Flame Prophecy

I really appreciate reading the perspective of other spiritual guides on the Twin Flame topic. There is a wealth of information published, each a gift in and of itself. Some information resonates with me, and some of it inspires me to write further with my experience on this topic. Each spectrum of experience lends its own power. A key proposition for my teachings include that Twin Flames being in Union together benefit the process of Ascension, and not only that, but are Divinely Guided and supported in their Journey toward being together as One. I do not resonate with the ones who teach that some Twins are not destined to be together, for I have been powerfully shown that we are truly meant to be together. As much as at times I have tried to run from this fact (because the work has been so intense and at times grueling) the fact is, I am devoted specifically to this Twin Flame path of Ascension of complete and total Reunion with my Twin Flame and that it is Designed and Destined to be so.

In my opinion, the ones who have attempted to “give up” on their Twin Flame Union have been deceived into believing that union is not imminent. Or they have either discovered that this is only delaying the inevitable, or they are not true Twin Flame Beings. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but this is the truth of the matter.

I teach in my book how the merge with Twins transpires and the proof to bring any and all Twin Flames into full and complete Union who believe it and are devoted to this path; teaching this is a part of my Soul Purpose. It takes work – the most work you will ever attempt in a lifetime! It is your soul purpose and why you are here, to reunite your soul, hence putting all other priorities aside.

I have physically met my Twin Flame and we are fully merged: alchemically, cellularly, mentally, emotionally and our sexual creative energy is One. My challenge and test most recently has been to accept our Oneness on these levels, even during the time upon Earth that we have been physically separated while doing our inner balancing work. My twin and I are both incarnate here upon Earth in physical bodies, fully merged yet without physical sacred union as of yet.

The Key Twin Flames upon Earth at this time are leading the way for the future of Love upon the New Earth. There are those that are continuing to teach from the old Earth perspective and are not privy to the information and knowledge of the key Twin Flames, who are the creators of the New Earth. The Higher Self of the Key Twins will not allow others to tap into this information for possible misuse. When information is meant to be known it will be known via the Key Twin Flames. The Key Twin Flames are living and experiencing what others channel from higher on and more. The “more” is what will be revealed by True Twin Flames in due time.

The discernment of the individual at this time is crucial! Trust in your own inner knowing and not allowing another mentor to sway what your heart knows. This means having faith and believing in that which cannot be seen, trusting that the inner knowing will come into fruition.

I teach in my book the story of perseverance into Oneness with the divinity of my Soul. Many Twin Flames will be Uniting and others still are yet awakening to their counterparts and many being born. If you are a true Twin Flame, you will know it. You do not need anyone else’s validation on this. There will be no doubt and questioning in your heart, unless you are dealing with a False Twin for lessons. If you are a Twin Flame, you will meet your Twin for the purpose of Being in Union, not for the sole purpose of learning to deal with hopelessness and separation.

Ascension is Twin Flame Union. The Lightworkers around the world are doing immensely important work for Earth and Gaia and many of these Light Workers are not Twin Flames. It is the Twin Flames that will finalize the heightening of the love energy upon Gaia for her full Ascension. This love is third energy which will sustain Earth in the higher dimensional consciousness, allowing her back home with the planetary family, no longer quarantined for her much needed protection.

The Key Twin Flames are from the beginning of life upon Earth before the fall. They were incarnated when the ancient Vikings were the Extraterrestrial Gods in the sky and equipped with powers and abilities that have been turned into mythology. I have been triggered to remember my heritage of life upon Earth in the past. As I have said before, my lives on Earth are few in the past. I thrived in the Etheric Realm as a pure Angelic mastering the dark and the light activities in the higher realms, assisting from that plane my Twin Flame while he was mastering the Earth Matrix light and dark for this transformation of Gaia and Planet Earth we are in now.

Twin Flames have been here since the first creations, they are here now to raise the vibrational frequency here upon Earth, The New Earth. They are and will continue to extricate the New Earth from the old structures. This includes, education system, political governments, judicial system, etc….the mission is far beyond romantic love, although the love is unlike any other.

I experienced in Higher Dimensional Dream State last night a message of the mission is ASCENSION and just like the Lions the Twin Flames will take a Leadership role in the Wellness of The Sentient New Earth Being.

The book will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle. I will post more when ready, With Love <3.

Shelly Sullivan ~ Saishorie~Grace~ White Diamond Elders of the Seventh Ray Monad

© 2012 – 2017 Shelly Sullivan All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Twin Flame Prophecy”

  1. Oh I can’t wait for this book! I feel myself as a key twin flame as well. When I go to look for information on my experience it is sparse and rote, and the same things over and over but nothing in DEPTH of what is actually going on. I end up feeling compelled to create a video or post on it since it hasn’t been shared or experienced before. I SO appreciate your perspective and thank you deeply for stepping out here and sharing this information. It’s rare and true, and I cannot wait for this book to come out. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the message, it peculiarly showed up in my email, which has not happened before. The book is out you can buy it here on kindle or coloured version paper back. I recommend the tangible book, it carries high frequencies

      Also your email came in at 1:17 lol and some other significant numbers of the message post 555 99.

      Love to you and would love to hear back about the book and how you liked it.


      1. Hi Shelly! Sorry for the delayed reply on this; I LOVED your book! Read it cover to cover, front to back. I can’t wait for the next installment. It’s even causing me to sit down and write a twin flame book of my own. Thank you for the courage to do so. Thank you for being an inspiration. <3

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