Calling out Bullshit in the Disclosure Community

Letter to Michael Salla:

Hello Michael,

I had written to you a while back with a brief note about myself and my video pertaining to Disclosure.  I was not looking for validation. I want to help and assist.

I have been under attack by the dark group for a long time, this is because of my mission on Earth. Since I wrote my book Adventures of Saishorie-Grace, Sovereign Being Book 1, I have been being attacked by Bio-Weapons, Direct Energy Weapons and Psychological Terrorism. I have written a chronicle of the ongoing events which I will attach to the link below.

From this experience I have been forced to utilize my Light for protection and this has strengthened the Light Body and my extra sensory perceptions. I have literally become an expert on discernment and how the dark infiltrates people and groups as well as I have always been a human lie-detector.

I want to let you know that that last interview with Jen Sullivan of Lumeria is a false light infiltration, that the whole story has been contrived by a dark group to infiltrate the Disclosure movement and lower the vibration of those who watch.

Number 1 Lumeria was a balanced harmonized civilization of feminine and masculine, they were completely in harmony and balance. There were no rebel daughters fighting the mother matriarch. There were no mothers that betrayed the family of Light and they were not forced to have sexual ritual before others. The whole story is crock of shit, and the dark do this just for fun to get away with making others look naive.

Number 2 the story she tells sounds awful familiar to the torture I have been enduring for 7 years. Before the Corona Virus was announced I was being attacked by Direct Energy Weapons and Virus by way of 5G/radio waves, I uncovered the whole Covid scam before it even came out. I have survived extreme attacks of viruses and DEW attacks. This is exactly what they wanted to do to humanity with the jab and 5G and I have the immunity and detoxification protocol to it so humans can clear this out. I also report to the Council I belong to on how to clear this out. The bull shit story Jen Sullivan tells you is along the same lines, a story on how the civilization was immune against the virus.

These Direct Energy Weapons,  Bio-Weapons, and attempts at MK Ultra and mind control and the loss of my financial security caused by CIA and Dark Military attacks were carried out because of my powerful mission here upon the Earth. I hold the Divine Feminine Christ Codes and my Masculine Counterpart does as well.  I would not succumb to a “Space Program” to be a slave in the Galaxy just as I will preserve my Sovereignty here on Earth.

Number 3 Oona the lady Elena has contact with, the dark used that name to hook you in. Just rewatch the video with the open mind that she is a fake and the story is contrived.

I went into meditation last month and I did get clearance to the StarGate that looks just like this image below. And I have had many other experiences of my connection with the Hall of Records. And these experiences came before you and Elena started to openly talk of the Arks and the Hall of Records.


Since I sent you the email I noticed that Dani Henderson started to threaten on video any one who spoke up about the Ark connections and their experiences on Ships as “Commanders” , she said, “you should keep your mouth shut or you will become a target”  that Michael is a person who is compromised. Whoever threatens to withhold truth is not speaking from the Light. People who are activated with their higher senses would reach out to help any one in need. I am not sure if she was directing this toward me because of the video I sent you or not but it sure sounded like it. Re-watch you latest interview with her and you will see what I am talking about.

Keeping my mouth shut….its way too late for that. In order to save my life and reach certain people with my truth I had no choice but to speak of my experiences and I have for 7 years, risked attack. I did not know how or what was harming me until the past 3 years.

So my message to you is continue to be very discerning with who you allow on your channel and keep an eye of Dani Henderson to make sure she is not compromised any deeper. The new way of sharing Disclosure won’t be like the old conferences, where they charge to watch speakers and keep it off the internet. That is the old way of doing things. The new way is freely sharing and helping the masses no matter what the cost.

I don’t expect you to believe me but at least I will have planted the seed to be aware of what’s going on.

Here is my chronicle of “Crimes against Humanity”

I will be writing a new book on how the dark took me down after coming out with my book  Adventures of Saishoire-Grace, Sovereign Being Book 1. They took me down but they have not taken me out.

Just as you mention in your email response:

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” Augustine of Hippo.

I am a Sovereign Being of the Planet and in the Galaxy.

I will send you the book when it is done.

Highest Regards for your dedication to the Light.

Book Website.

Crimes Against Humanity.

Shelly Sullivan

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to drsalla

I forgot to include the image of the Ark that I had seen in my meditation experience

This is the exact technology I had opened while I was in my Higher Dimensional State. As I was standing above an Ark that looked like this I was then able to activate it and it opened. This was not pre-meditated and came through my higher experiences as does all my experience. Late I saw this on Facebook and recognized it as the same technology I am compatible with. My technology comes from the Galactic Central Sun and this is what I am – Technology of the Sun


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of higher Service


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