Chief Eagle – Cosmic Shaman – Earth Healers

The Chief Eagle

 October 3 2023. 

On this night I was in my room and the top on my hand above my knuckles and on my veins felt like it was being squished and hot. It hurt from the pressure and I did not know why. Later I went into meditation and I was sitting on the Mountain top with the Chief Eagle who is the Supreme Spirit Messenger between the God Head and Us the Star and Earth Parents. So as I was sitting on the mountain in the trees and encasing the mountain was the massive ocean.

 Beside me appeared the Chief Eagle. With its cosmic/galactic yellows eyes and yellow beak. His body is white feathers with black and yellow as well. He is approx 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall. He is a high aspect of myself and my Twin. The Cosmic Shaman aspect. As he sits beside me I can see the wind and air waving across us and on his feathers, there is always that one funny feather area sticking up like a hair out of place and it reminds me of a time when I watched my twin on TV interview and he was fixing a hair on his head that was out of place as he noticed in the camera (I thought it was cute and funny). This is just a small way of the Spirit to relate to certain things and confirm Spirits connection with the human self.

The Eyes of the Spirit Chief Eagle are galactic as are all birds and its vision connects to the Cosmos as do my eyes. My Twins Eye connection to the Cosmos and the Earth were demonstrated and shown in the Emerald Green Earth/Cosmic Heart activation. I rest my right hand on the Eagles back where his heart resides and after I put my hand on the rock of the mountain he put his claw on my right hand. His claw was pressed on mine in the exact location I had felt the heat and pressure earlier that night. This is another way of confirmation that this is real. I remember when this heat was on my hand before the Eagle experience that I thought of my blood veins and how when I had work done on my light body and intravenous blood work with the Galactics on the Ship I had this reminder of this experience. 

So as I look at my hand when this mysterious heat and pressure, I was looking at my veins as they were very vascular after a work out but again felt very sensitive from the heat and pressure. My Twin was seated on the other side of the Eagle, now his hand was on the Eagles back heart, when he removed his hand the Eagle put his claw on his hand. Then I saw Chief Eagle put his claw back on my hand and a steel shackle was released from his upper talon as per my vision.

The 3 of us continued to hold peace and balance for the Earth and up to the Cosmos and the God Head to the Mother and Father God. It was beautiful, still, peaceful, calm, balance and power, supreme power of the Love with Spirit into Matter. The significance here wit the shackel was related to my video of Spirit into Matter, where by I ask the Beloved Masculine Twin to please release me from my shackles so I can Fly. The shackels, by bringing Spirit into Matter and not leave it in only the Ethers. 

We have sat with Chief Eagle on other occasions and this visit was extraordinarily sacred once again.

The Healing Dragon

 Oct. 3 2023 day time

I was in meditation and The Green Dragon that emerged from the Emerald Green Cosmic Heart activation within the Earth came to us. He rose from me in my current place of residence. He emerge from within the Earth, where before he was originally from the Cosmos as part of the Cosmic Heart. This Dragon looked like a Chinese type massive dragon you would see in the Chinese Lantern Festivals, where they have very big eyes and crowns on there heads. My Dragon’s Eye was very distinct and huge. As he emerge in the Emerald Cave through my TWin he was emerald green/aurora light green and diamond green. But when he emerged from in the Earth to the surface of the Earth he was a lighter shade of green like rainbow green. He rose into my room and started to expand and move throughout the house and outside of the house, until he was encompassing the neighbourhood I reside in. In time as he explored the surface of the earth he became very child like and happy. He was very excited with this new surroundings he was able to explore, see and feel. He felt the blue sky and the air most. As I tuned in with him as he navigated the Earth’s trees and landscape he was continually becoming more and more happy and intrigued like a kid in a candy store. As I watched him I could feel his happiness and I could also see his smile, like how a dog would smile. He became very child like, unlike his very powerful strong presence in the Earths Cosmic Heart.

So now there is a very happy healing Green Dragon roaming their Earth brought in by My Twin and I as also a dimensional aspect of ourselves from on high. However this is a very real consciousness of Love from the Cosmic Heart, brought forth from the Cosmos for the assistance of the healing of earth and humanity via our love




Shelly Sullivan