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After years of deep inner work and the merge with God Creator My Twin Creator Rays are fully activated. For the longest time I believed I was a Twin Flame before gathering the knowledge or not of a better understanding of what I was experiencing and who I am. However as the integration transpired and the merge with our Creator it has become apparent that My Twin and I are actually Twin Ray Creators of Mother Creation & Father Creator - God Creators. We are the first “Androgynous Being” split into Male and Female embodied upon Earth. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine God and Goddess. Fully connected with the intelligence of divine guidance of Galactic Creation. I have come to understand my Twin Creator Ray and I carry the Rainbow Frequencies, White Double Diamond Sun Codes of Mother/Father Creator, we are the Over Soul and sum of all the Light Chards embodied upon Earth. We are the Seventh Ray here upon Earth ~ Shelly Sullivan ~ Saishorie~Grace.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist,  a Certified Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer were foundational pieces leading me toward my purposeful path as a Spiritual Teacher & Healer: Manifestation Mastery, Optimal Wellness of Mind, Body Spirit, and Twin Flames & Soul Groups.

Through exercise, meditation, nutrition, nature, and yoga, I have merged with spirit higher aspects of myself that have heightened my vibrational frequency of light. This integration has enabled me to rejoin back with my spirit self ~Saishorie~Grace, the Divine Feminine as well as merge with my Twin Ray the Divine Masculine and Merge back with our Over Soul = God Creator.


I am a messenger, teacher and guide of the Spiritual World.  My life journey has led me to weave this path of creating “Heaven on Earth” through purification of Mind, Body, Spirit through Light & Love energy frequency.

As a child, I exhibited multiple extrasensory abilities. Among them telepathy (the ability to read another person’s thoughts) clairvoyance (the ability to “see” events or objects happening somewhere else), precognition (the ability to see the future)


Throughout the years, I came to understand that I had a greater awareness than what was shown in physical 3D.  My awareness is beyond the 12th dimension into infinite consciousness where all is created.


During a nine year process of purification, my “Powerful Spiritual Awakening” was fully propelled when my Third Eye was activated by the Central Source Sun. While practicing my I AM affirmations outside in Nature, two laser beams from the Sun entered my third eye. Following this “etheric surgery,” my Extra Sensory abilities that once lay dormant, reawoke.


Abilities including Clairaudience (messages in thought form from another frequency or realm), mediumship (the ability to safely channel spirits),telekinesis, (the ability to alter -heal the physical world with mind power energy),  telepathic communication (hearing the direct mind to mind communication),  natural DMT experiences (dimethyltrptamine experiences without mind altering drugs), Teleportation, Awareness of my ability to (pre) create in higher realm: for manifestation upon planet Earth, Heart Communication: Source Creator Transmissions..

Manifesting “Heaven on Earth.”  I work with the direct guidance of Higher Self, God Source Energy as a Sovereign Being of Light.


“The Creators of Universes are at work  through the One’s living their mission at this time.  Planetary Forces bring blessings, unconditional love, grace, courage and joy during this shift. Physical manifestation is at a all time high all creation is in divine order. We are supported by this cosmic movement and the shift of Ages.


After years of deep inner work the merge with God’s Mind connects us with the intelligence of divine guidance of galactic creation. This Over Soul intelligence comes through with dialogue through signs, symbols, numbers and ideas, dreams and visions.”  ~ Shelly Sullivan


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