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“This book is about a life-long journey of remembering why I am here and who I am as a Higher-Dimensional Angelic Being, Saishorie~Grace, living in the 5D-12D and even Higher Dimensions.”

As a Key Twin Flame, Star Parent to the Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, the content of this book is to help enlighten, guide, support and assist these Star Children and Adult Beings of Light as to why they are here and to help them understand their part in creating and sustaining this Earth.



Shelly shares her adventures as an Angelic Human Being, personal and intimate otherworldly experiences, bringing knowledge of the reality of higher dimensions and the world that exists beyond our five senses.

This book introduces Shelly Sullivan and her spiritual Divine Feminine aspect, Saishorie~Grace, as a Spiritual Teacher with the support of God Source- Higher Self, Archangels, and Ascended Masters.

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