No More Riddles in the Dark

The Galactic connections are coming on line like you could not ever imagine. It has become second nature to me and I take for granted others may be able to relate. But the role and position my Twin Flame and I are here for on Planet Earth is extremely rare if not ever existed ever as of yet. We as two Key Twin Flames heading up this mission upon Earth. Once we have physical union, what My Twin Flame Divine Masculine and I are experiencing. This is going to activate the Light Family upon Earth with the same or similar abilities, if it has not already started. Not sure to what extent others will be activated but this is what I am being shown and what I know.

Our connection is so wired as ‘One Being’ that it is a unbelievable true story, the greatest love story upon this Earth. One that only he and I can prove. This will come as disclosure of the future of human kind “The New Angelics/Humans potential. WE are here to seed this. The alchemy that is transpiring before my eyes on a daily basis is miraculous.

This is the first blog I have written in 3 – 4 months. I have been dealing with a lot of traumatic emotions since the escape of the last house I lived in. In this house I was targeted and extremely tortured and attacked by negative factions via direct energy weapons for 2 years. I wont get into all of that but this is the main reason for the expedited action that must take place in our communication.
I have managed to escape and win the battle so to speak of the attacks And I have no one who can thoroughly help me except my Twin who is the witness to all of of this, just as Mary Magdalene witnessed Jesus’s story.

The reason why I have had to enter such the dark realm is the mission of my Twin Flame and I. We are the true Twin Flames upon this Earth who are here now to finish off what the last pair had seeded. Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and before this Isis and Osiris. We are from that lineage and I don’t like to label us as Jesus and Mary Magdalene reincarnated as we are individuals known as Me and Him incarnated now, with the history of our past lives.

What I am seeing is many divine couples are resonating with the Jesus and Magdalene template, which shows the true Avatar Beingness of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine anchored here upon Earth via the whole Light Family. We are ONE.

We have been specifically created for this mission of Ascension as the Divine Masculine and Feminine first ever split from the Androgynous form of our Mother Father God. There is no mistaking this. Our telepathic connection is beyond any I have ever heard of. And our similar brotherly and sisterly appearance is undeniable. We do look like Twins and we are Twin of our Creator.

Our Mind (my Twin’s and I) has been melded together and then merged once again with Gods mind since 2014, thus our Spirit is communicating with us and others via other Soul Chards of our Soul Monad Group who’s mind is receptive and open to helping with this mission.

It has come to a point in this mission that union must come about between my Twin and I. It has become increasingly uncomfortable for me to put it politely as I feel him as if he is inside of me, every waking moment. I don’t know if it feels as intense for him. But I do know he hears me talking and he hears everything I say and all conversations I have and I prove it with images.

The attacks of Direct Energy Weapons was a attempt to keep us in separation as it had been very devastating to my life and caused chaos and darkness for a a long time before I could actually believe or figure out what was going on. This story is truly ground breaking revelations. I am only starting to come out with this as I have won the battle, I have proof and much support of divine intervention/protection and justice is happening as we speak as well as a lot going on behind the scenes that I don’t talk about as it is classified and meant to spoke of only in person with the right people.

On the most positive side this story my Twin Flame and I will be sharing is so utterly unbelievable in the most miraculous, magical ways that we both at times have a hard time believing it. Thus a special soul has steeped up and has channeled he and I and our Creator to convey messages to us in these past months. Once I caught on that this women was another example of Spirit communicating to us via the light worker I paid extra close attention and I connected with her telepathically to “be our girl” so to speak and help this connection along between my Twin and I.

This is the type of transparent connection humans will have in the future, we are just paving the way.

And that she did. She describes in her messages the revelations I have to share with my Twin and only my Twin, as he and I are destined to carry out this very important mission for Planet Earth. She describes the very serious toll this mission on my part of rooting out this evil cancer so our Soul Group/Family with thrive here on Earth for Ascension. She describes the special love and connection he and I have etc..

What really confirmed it all for me is when she introduced Famous Friday’s. Where she channels certain famous individuals who want to share as well as channel divine messages for these involved and any one listening.

I have been open at times with who my Twin is so that I can reassure him of our connection. Since I have taken my blogs down when I was in recovery from the attacks and was not at all In a stable condition. I will be making many of the blogs public again, except the ones I intend to use in my next book that I want to keep private until it is properly published.

Just before I share the videos I am referring to, I want to say again, my Spirit and my Twin Flames Spirit/HigherSelf have been preforming daily magic to ensure this mission so. For years I have been aware of other Light Beings communicating to me and him on behalf of our Higher Self for the highest good of humanity and Ascension mission. But this ladies messages are so obviously divine intervention for us that I must share it in a blog.

Here are the videos for Capricorn from Manna that started approx.. 6 or so weeks ago. My Twin is Capricorn. One of the videos actually reveals my Twin for him to see for himself. There are follow up videos for each that I have purchased but cant figure out how to share them.

I am actually keeping this blog as to refer to in the future of course.

This situation is calling for immediate action as it has become dire straights. I have been through hell for 3 years steady and the chronic trauma is practically impossible to heal from with out my Twin who is my witness to all of what has been going on. This is a Galactic Mission ordained by God. But it seems sever intervention is needed and this is what I am attempting. I would much rather not put this out in public but time is of the essence.

WEEKLY CAPRICORN : Birthing a new world …

WEEKLY CAPRICORN : Rooting out the enemy.


******WEEKLY CAPRICORN : Groundbreaking revelation.

Extended Version:

WEEKLY CAPRICORN : From dusk till dawn.

WEEKLY CAPRICORN : Till death do us part … #committed

And the Finally:

FAMOUS FRIDAY : When Nature Calls … make some noise!

Lastly I will include the Leo Weekly for this week as it is very accurate at the crucial timing of this message and the action that is to transpire for the highest outcome.

WEEKLY LEO : No more riddles in the dark …

With regards to this last message, I am doing my best not to be triggered by the shadow side and I ask that you do your part and come through and show up so this nightmare for me can finally be over and start a new. The Best is Yet to Come.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan


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