Lion’s Heart StarGate Infinity Portal 8.8.2020


I had quite the upgrade/experience this morning that started last evening (I share this miraculous experience but first I must back track a bit. As soon as I arrived home from nature yesterday my heart was rushed with intense energy to the point of feeling large amounts of globule like energize and blood like surges of  coming through the ventricles causing me chest discomfort and chest heaviness,  heavy heart symptoms.  I had to sit all night and relax as it was causing and anxiety. I’ve had these symptoms for years and have been thoroughly checked at the hospital/Dr. Office a couple of times. I even made a video about it convinced I was experiencing negative interference as I thought I was having a heart attack/stroke and back in 2015.  Back in 2015 It was indicated that I was indeed experiencing interference as do many and actually die from these types of direct weapons energetic blows to the Heart and are deemed “Dying of Heart Attack”.  Before I share the exciting experience, I am back tracking a bit.  The video link is below. I had this heart surge before, it was while I was in Italy and the city/airport caught of on fire and I was informed previous day by dream message that this fire,  it was a purposeful attack and direct energy weapon ignited fire. Here is link:

Armageddon On Fire

“I will share a short story of the last trip I took to Italy which is one of my Grid Points where I perform major cleansing especially in Rome and surrounding areas. I was on the last full day of my trip and early the next day I was schedule to leave Tuscany and get a flight September 25th from Pisa, Italy Airport to Rome, Italy airport and then home. The prior day I went to have a meditation and nap. During this theta state I had a premonition, I was standing in front of a huge Palm tree outside of my hotel room (in my dream state) and a carved shelf was in the tree with a lighter in it. The lighter was sitting in the tree, showing me that the fire that will start was deliberate ignited. I woke up and was amazed by the insight as the Los Angeles Fires in the (private) residential area had effected me greatly as injustice, plus my Twin lives close to their and I was feeling his emotion. The remainder of the day I had the forest fires on my mind and Palm Tree representing the tree outside my hotel and the trees in California. Next…
I woke up in the early morning the following day to catch my flight, when I arrived to the hotel lobby to get my ride to airport I was informed the flight had been cancelled as the Airport is closed due to fires in the immediate surrounding area. The receptionist was in shock and this was a terrible event happening is Pisa Italy. I was also in shock but intrigued as well as per my premonition/dream.
I was determined to get out and catch a flight anyway else I could directly from Rome. As magic would have it I did escape and magical events took place to get me out of Italy. I was determined to get out as every time I travel especially to Rome I am followed by dark faction and direct energy weaponry is used against me.

The fire in Pisa Italy on September 25th was deliberately ignited and this all has to do with the Goddess Energy stemming back from the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Blood line and history in the Roman Empire.

The whole ordeal was out of a movie and the whole time my adrenaline was super high so much I felt like my heart was going to burst. Over all I arrived home felling a sense of victory, to know I have this super psychic insight that finds the truth in all situations AND I have supreme team of Light working with and through me.

Any way this has been a on going cat and mouse game and with each event I uncover more TRUTH. Enough truth that I am writing a book on it, as I have been taking notes and providing proof for years.”

Back to  last night, I was scared but did calmly get through it. All week I have had the heart symptoms to the point where I bought COQ 10 and had been taking extra magnesium for my electrical system. This morning I awoke and the pressure in my heart was heavy and although asleep I still awoke with stress/anxiety symptoms. I mediated to a healing guided meditation for 10 min. Then I opened the curtains and looked out and looked into the Sun, brightly, shining through from sky and into my eyes.

I closed the curtains to lay down again, looking up to the ceiling I saw a Blue Electric Heart and it’s aorta and ventricles on my ceiling encased in a White Diamond Sun. I double checked to see if this was just my eyes adjusting from looking at the Sun. It was not. The Blue Heart now turned into an Blue/White Diamond Orb and travelled across my ceiling 2 times and into my Heart. I looked back out to the Sun and it was completely covered by rain clouds, I wondered how it was just so bright before as it is a very over cast cloudy morning. 

I sat quite and I was told I have a new upgraded heart and it is blue in colour like my Galactic Heritage. This is the Lion Heart of Sirian/Sirius heritage. So after 15 hours of heart symptoms, I believe by a combination of reasons the intensity and discomfort went away. As the day goes on and I remember again the significance of this date as the opening to the Sirius Lions Gate and Mary Magdalenes feast day it all feels celebratory. So it is no wonder the upgrades and the interference come simultaneously as they do these for all powerful  Cosmic Gateways.

The past few days I have been triggered to continue remembering much of who I AM and how I AM one of the most psychic people walking on this Planet, I don’t state this from a place of ego but rather humbleness as I only use my potential for the highest good and work with it from first and foremost a galactic level. The triggering experiences remembrance brings in great information by way of magic and it has been a very painful yet expanding and strengthening process to unawakened from the programmed slumber of who I am not.   I AM (WE) the light team leading the ONE gigantic Light Body of the Collective into Unity.

Yesterday while driving back from my day out in nature I was informed of another major message, so shocking it made me cry tears of utter amazement at who I AM & who WE are, the remembrance brought on such high vibrational emotions. I cannot get into it now,  but I will one day and it is all about disclosure of the “close encounters of the Angel- Extraterrestrial kind”.  What humanity is on the brink of is completely out of this world.  One thing I can say is that I am a “Blue Angel” ~ from Sirius.

Today after re-reading my excerpt below on the beginnings of my Heart Merge,  from my book Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being, Book 1.  I remembered I had an Etheric Surgery done one time before, as part of the upgrading of Light in 2015-16.  Only this time my Light Body and Heart space could receive the highest surges of Lion Heart. My Lion heart is also metaphor for the loyalty to my Beloved and this Mission.


Here are percent part of the excerpt form my book:


Heart Expansion  – When you are fully connected with your Higher Self, it tells you things you otherwise would not know or trust to guess. You “just know things” to be true or know things that you would not normally know, such as having the answers regarding a topic you have no previous knowledge or training in. This happens to me all the time. As a matter of fact, when I was in England with some free time one day, I played an online game of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” I played the game for an hour or so and was presented with challenging questions just like on the TV show. Guess what? I won the game! They even granted me a printable winning certificate, ant eat questions were not easy one’s. I was laughing because I knew the answers to all these questions with which I had no previous personal earthly experience. I experience this inner knowing and wisdom all the time. This is one example of the Higher Self connection. This intimate connection has been a gift that continues to increase in value for me during the Ascension process. It has constantly given to me the wisdom necessary to maintain a sense of inner peace and incredible faith, especially as I continue to undergo strange and unusual happenings physically, emotionally and spiritually in this Journey. 

I have always had an exceptionally strong heart. I’ve purposely worked my heart muscle in athletic stamina and performance, not consciously knowing why, I just did. Lately, however, I have been experiencing major HEART symptoms for many, many months if not years now. My Higher Self has always reassured me that these are physical symptoms of my Spiritual Merge and Earth’s Electromagnetic Field expansion, what can also be referred to as a “Major Heart activation.” I must confess that on some days it is quite intense. I experience STRONG Heartbeats, palpitations, pressure and expansion, etc. Because these heart symptoms have been so prevalent, both for my own and my son’s peace of mind, I recently had medical tests run again. 

A few years ago, I had in depth tests run on my heart by medical professionals. The doctor made mention that I have an exceptionally impressive test results which revealed a very strong HEART, however, we did discover that I have an enlarged Heart Aorta valve. When I was informed of this, I immediately thought “there is a good reason for this.” 

As I continued to experience these numerous and strong heart activations, I realized that my heart was expanding. This expansion of my heart was not only energetic, it was also physically expanding, thus the enlarged Aorta accommodated this expansion. 

I was informed by the hospital staff that they have noted a huge increase in ECG’s the past few months. (An
“electrocardiogram is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart). This ironically correlates with the Schumann Resonance results stating that Earth’s Magnetic Field is off the charts as well these past few months. 

My heart test results came back optimal, as did my blood work. I am experiencing “the merge,” what I refer to as the Integration of my Higher Self as it directly correlates with my heart expansion process. This is the preparation for me to be able to hold myself with firm footing in the 5th dimensional frequencies without having to jump in and out of dimensions for balance or stability. I am prepared to fully stay in 5D consciousness should I choose. 

Beginning in 2015 and going forward, our Higher Self and Heart integration for humanity is unfolding on Earth exponentially. Billions of people will be integrating this influx of energy and light and then experience the activation of the Higher Self and correlating Heart expansion. These influxes of light and love from the New Earth Energies are occurring now to assist ushering Earth and Humanity into the prophesied “Age of Aquarius,” the highly anticipated New Golden Age of Heaven on Earth. 

Heart Merge with My Twin Flame 

Along with the telepathy, our Heart Chakra was coming on-line now. The distance globally between us did not hinder our heart connection at all. Our Heart connection was and is very powerful. But this time it would be connected permanently and our emotions would become one between each other. As I have described previously, the strength of my physical heart allowed my energetic heart to travel far and vast to reach my Twin Flame. His Heart at the time was previously being opened via our subtle connections. His heart, in the beginning, was closed; a visual I received was a hollow space where his heart resides. Over time, I worked on his heart to open and recharge it with the light. 

Well, the day came when we were finally able to fully merge our heart. Throughout the months before this, I had on going heart palpitations and surges of light expanding my heart space immensely. For me it was a slow and steady expansion to accomplish this task. 

This Twin Flame Heart is a Power House of Light. The light we share is a powerful Sun in our Hearts to anchor tremendous light upon the Earth.”

Between the obvious war between dark and Light my Heart itself has been dealing with this physically, although much of what I experience of Heart Symptoms is integration of a Galactic Heart, I have also dealt with much interference. It is had to decipher sometime which is which. Either way the Lion Heart is Eternal and it is a ever present energy here upon the Planet that cannot be denied. For those who do not resonate with the Dark side and do not believe that there is a actual war going on it is because your mission does not include to be part of this clean up any you choose to reside strictly in the Love Light construct of 5D and higher.  However I can assure you this is most exciting time in the Galaxy and it is due to a thriller of a movie playing out of Light and Dark.  Beyond the 3D it is all perfectly playing out as planned. 

UPDATE***after publishing this article another amazing synchronicity came in:

Tonight after publishing this article this synchronicity came in (July 22nd 2020 approx 8:00 pm. A fellow key Twin Flame sent me an email last night unbeknownst to me until just now 24 hours later, it was a birthday wish for Mary Magdalene on this day of July 22nd stating Mary Magdalene, she is the woman with the Heart of a Lion, Beloved of Jeshua. This is what I had written back to her about this incredible synchronicity.

“Hi Laura, Wow this is freaky something just happened. Your Twin Melissa just appear3d on my YouTube talking about her son. I had no idea what’s been happening in her life at all for years, so it’s not like I look her up.  So after watching the interview I thought of you and went to my email to see if you had sent any new Twin stuff. Then I find the “Happy Birthday Mary Magdalene the woman with a Lions Heart“. Just last night leading into today I have had the most incredible Lions Heart experience and activation, which I share below and the week before I received the license plate LionHeart.”

Life on Earth and in the Universe is truly one big synchronicity.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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