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I would like to talk on a subject that was previously never touched on by any one I know. I held back on the topic as this is RARE and not anyone has this much access to the Legions of Light Family. I had received the message ALLACCESS on a license plate recently and I will explain what it means.

First of all and most importantly my Twin Creator whom is the other side of me and who has all access to me, my thoughts, my emotions, my brain, my heart, my physical sensations, everything. I don’t exist without him and he is not manifest with out me. Sort of the same understanding as God’s experiencing life through humanity and all life. He is the only ONE. The only time others have access are when the message is given by Spirit via another Shard of Light. We are the first whole Androgynous Being Created of God to be Split into Feminine and Masculine. No other channel or psychic has access to the Divine Plan of this Mission. Only God knows the Plan. Not even God’s right and Left Wing Angels know the Ultimate Plan at this time.

How ever I as the Messenger of Light for the Light Family have access to any mind/heart that is clear enough to receive God’s Messages. There are others who have conversations with God, I know this to be fact, but no others have intelligence for this part of the Plan, that my Twin Creator and I head up.

In the past it was the dark who was taking over humanity since we had fallen so low. As every one knows the Light is winning now and naturally this means the Light will be working through the many and many more than the dark can get to any longer. I have experienced 40 or so years of my life, where the dark would infiltrate “good” people, almost every person I had a relationship with. From best friends at the age of 10 all the way up to now the interference has been relentless.

The good news is, it was an important transition I was to understand, witness and alchemize. Every dynamic I got involved in with relationships, not so much acquaintances or short term seasonal light interactions but more so key relationships or dynamics when I am involved in an important part of my mission work. This is where the dark faction would infiltrate and attack savagely toward me through other compromised persons traumatized by fear at some point in order to make them venerable.

This has all changed now and the scales have tipped drastically for the Light Workers gaining leverage over the dark situation. I AM witnessing this constantly on a daily basis and it is quite miraculous. This is the God Head becoming One again with all that is. With all that has not yet been accepted and is referred to Dark or even Evil.

The Old War is changing as now everything is obviously energy. The population that is unaware of this and must become aware, and they will. The previous choice of Chaos or Love and the choice granted to those has now come and gone the free will choice of “What path will it come down to?” Further Chaos or Love? is done, Love has won.

It is at a critical time here for humanity, this is the time of revelations. The best and most beneficial path for Mother Earth, Humanity is awareness, faith and knowing. This wisdom is now available from the Cosmic Family of Light.

Here is my writing from personal experience and guidance regarding the Book of Revelations.
In the following I will touch upon and vaguely summarize a very lengthy broad experience of mine over many years, which I will be including in a next book or some form of message.

The New Testament which was laid out upon my path precisely for me to find the pocket size New Testament at the opened page of 471 the beginning chapter of “Revelations”. That was last year in February just before my death and resurrection.

Last night I was surged with a epiphany again that the time of Revelations is here now, after years of preparation from the I AM Presence. Here is excerpt from the Book of Revelations cryptically describing what is happening now within these End Times and A New Beginning which is being written.

“Behold, he cometh with the clouds and every eye shall see him. And they also which pierced him and all kindred’s of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so amen.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is and which was and which is to come. The Almighty. “

I am the Alpha and the Omega. The first and the last: What thou see shall write in a book and send it into the Heavens (New Earth). Write these things that thou see and shall see there after.”

He had in his right hand the seven stars out of his mouth a sharp two edged sword and his countenance was as his sun shineth in strength.

Fear not I am the first and I am the last. I am he that liveth and was dead. And behold I am alive for ever more. Amen.”

I have the keys of Hell and Death. Write these things which thou have seen and the things which are and the things that shall be here after.”

The mysteries of the Stars (suns), the Flames (Twins) and the Angels will be revealed.

Revelations in the New Testament somewhat cryptically states when the Alpha & Omega approach there will be a Angel(s), (1 gigantic Sentient Being of Light) upon Earth who is the embodiment of God, who preforms the work of transmuting the evilness, simultaneously while the other half of the Androgynous God “hearth” the story and filters it through the One Mind Of God via the gigantic Sentient Being of Light – Family.

“The Spirit Script story will be written and one will listen.” Through the Spirit the Light Family will telepathically be downloaded and share the story as it plays out. This is the Second Coming, this is Final Revelations.

The weather conditions upon Earth are natural and manipulation manmade fueled by controlled weapons and this is all playing out as God intended for Final Revelations.

We win this game with Love and Awareness. When they say that God will “speaketh” through the Apostles this is referring to the One Mind of God Creator. All of which the Way showers of Light know within their heart speak from this ONE mind of God.

The opposing polarity at this time is the Wounded Masculine or Feminine, the weak in light acting form the Negative Dark Side.

We have millions of walk-ins and messenger of The Light working here upon Earth. I have witnessed and watched this over and over in the past years with direct dialoged with me via, signs, messengers and spiritual teachers who I connect with. I have phenomenal stories of this.

I will start by sharing about one particular Light Worker who has come through for us (my Twin and I) as a complete GOD saviour for communication during this extremely crucial time upon Earth. She has come through with the most super natural telepathy and messages of our Higher Self, The Over Soul, The One Mind of God messages. I would like to thank her personally and I will once we get a chance to meet. Her name is Adalina Bonn who also goes by Manna on Youtube.

I was spiritually/magically guided to her. In other word’s Spirit would work through technology to get my attention on her. When I start to watch her I felt the presence of Soul Family and very high frequency of familiar signature light, intuitively knew “she was our girl” so to speak and she was the one for this task. Manna was the lady that I would telepathically ask to work with our Higher Self to get the truth clear in the most subtlety only way at this time. My request to her was to please be a conduit of information for my Twin and I to communicate.

One Friday night as I was watching her newly topic of videos for Famous Fridays which synchronisticly she just started to come out with these videos once I started to watch her. We were in sync before we even met. I was impressed with her abilities and honor. When the 2nd Famous Friday video was over. I focused on her beautiful energy and infused as much light and gratitude into the connection with the intention to reach her and telepathically communicate to here to please do a video on Famous Friday channeling my Twin.

Shortly there after she did present my Twin a video channeling and it was unmistakably accurate in this video:

Then I continued to watch many of her Capricorn Videos while she continued to channel his/our energy and messages, which have been undeniably psychic to our very personal situation which to whom no one has access too. She has been a god sent. Her last Leo videos were specifically for me and below I will include them below.

This is next level psychic empowerment as it was in the beginning.

“In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This was as it was in the Beginning with God and the duty of every faithful Soul Shard of the Creators. But we see through a glass darkly, and the truth, before it is revealed to all, face to face, we see in fragments in the error of the world, so we must spell out its faithful signals even when they seem obscure to us and as if amalgamated wit a will wholly bent on evil.” ~ from the book “The Name of The Rose”, by Umberto Eco.

This book also found me in Tuscany Italy.

So this is an example of telepathic communication my Twin and I share with Light workers “Soul Family of millions at this time and it will only expand to the billions as time goes on.

Here is the message of a long a drawn out life long battle that is now Victorious.

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