Divine Masculine Merkaba

This is the Divine Masculine Merkaba. This is how my counterpart showed up and came through for me a few days ago. The Merkaba  that was encompassing him was larger than this image it was from around the top of his face to his chest, about 4 feet in circumference. This is also known as God’s Ascension Chariot (The Merkaba) Since then I can see him more clearly as my frequency rises. We are never apart or out of each others sight, heart or mind, body, spirit complex. Any more attempts to make us doubt this is futile.

As much effort that has been put in to keep the Divine Feminine vibration low the Divine Masculine is there mirroring to her what she is as well as what he is and she keeps rising. Remembering who WE are. Holding the maximum amount of Light possible.

We are the Christed Masculine and Feminine Counterparts here to change the World and NOTHING can stop this Power House of Energy. Even if the two remain physically apart for the time it does not matter, for this Sacred Pair are ONE.

This Love is eternal and the Soul knows this. This pair knows Unconditional Love and all they have touch with their unconditional love is eternal and lives forever, there is no loss as all that has been love is infinite. This is unconditional love.

Nothing is lost and this Love only gets stronger. My masculine counterpart is of the Divine Source Light just as I AM that cord can never be cut.

Being called in to do the work at this time as a Master takes just that a Master many times over and this is what we are…King many times over and Highest Priestess Oracle of the Worlds.


Nothing can put a sunder.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan


of the Mother Womb of all Creation



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