Inner Earth’s Cooling Off after Being Lite Up for Cleansing


“This morning I woke up and my room moved, shifted like a Earth Quake, a very subtle Earth Quake. It was a indication of where we are at with the balancing of Earth. I feel the Earth will get through this shift without major catastrophic events if we continue the GOOD work. After all, it is up to us to keep the Mother and Father Earth balanced.  However there has been many indications to me that the inner of the Earth’s Core is heating up rapidly melting the Iron/Elements while the Crystalline Light pushes on through manifesting our crystal quartz inner matter of structure. So an Earthquake is the way the inner Earth will cool off.”


This if for you: a message from Gaia who is the Spirt of Earth and Terra who is the Spirit of the New Earth:




I have been shown over and over the truth of Geo-Engineering, Chemtrails, Virus, 5G, Wireless Magnetic Waves, Bio weaponry, Direct Negative Interference, how this all plays out with the Spirit/Entity of Earth and how Mother/Father Earth will respond.

If you need a expert Scientist opinion look at this video by Greg Braden recently:


The In Organic interference within, around and upon Earth, (by INORGANIC) I mean manipulation of Earths natural cyclic rhythms and growth this will ensure massive Earth changes that can result in catastrophic events such as Tsunami, Earthquakes (which we are already witnessing), Volcanoes etc…

So if in fact WE ARE TO BECOME ONE, as in the opposing factions/polarities becoming ONE as I am being instructed as the talk at hand.   I am being shown we are UNIFYING as difficult as it feels, this is what is happening. The weather manipulation must stop. The mind controls of humans MUST STOP, false brain rewiring MUST STOP, the direct energy weapons testing on human/military MUST STOP. The bullying of individuals energetically MUST STOP  If it does not you can rest assure catastrophic events will occur. You Ones in fear must stop these criminal acts against pure souls of God, as you do not comprehend the power of what these Souls behold and are rallying up as the 144 Millions of Light Warriors.

Meditation alone will not stop these catastrophic events, it takes speaking up with the truth, it take various leading speakers who do hold the wisdom codes, it takes proof of Higher Intelligence Beings and their communication being shown off on global stages, IT TAKES GUTS!

The last Chapter of my book Adventures of Saishorie~Grace ~ Sovereign Being, Book 1, foretold this time where we would be asked for :The Masculine and Feminine to come into Balance” or face constant Chaos with in the World specifically run by the political world and guess what….Balance has not yet been achieved. It could have been, however key players have chosen in-balance.

Here is a sign WAKE UP, if you are pro EARTH.

The Earth

This is my cover photo on my Facebook page. I came across this image that a gentleman took in Canada, wish I had his name to give credit. I posted it as I am involved in a conflict to put it lightly that has had major impacts upon my life, however I am only given insight subtle and on a need to know basis. This is for reasons of discretion of a major operation underway here on Earth. I know I am involved with the Military as I have had contact in 2014 by phone, as well I have contact with Higher Intelligence Beings who are working with this group for Global Liberation and I have been in contact with those who are not in favour of liberation.

Part of the impacts upon my life have been very physically challenging and has caused me a lot of pain mentally and emotionally as well, hence the justice of the Eagle (good guys) ambushing the Wolf (in sheep clothing) bad guys. Apparently this pain is “PAIN THERAPY” maybe to clear the severe torture of the Divine Feminine stemming back from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the original Adam Eve Feminine who was devastatingly interfered with by the Romans.

I am all about balance, however when you have been what feels like “under attack”  with polarities for 5 years of up and downs to serve balance and not physical one on one help except miraculous spirit family, to go on this would bring out anyones defensive side out.

Although this is part of a spy program to reveal some plans and crimes against humanity and I respect all involved and I am grateful for all the support I receive directly and indirectly with the good guys, the Higher Intelligence Beings, The Great White Brotherhood etc…






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