Eyes of Our Soul

Today while driving out and about I saw the license plate “Brown Eyes” the same sign I saw years ago and used in my book to reference my Twin Creators Eyes and My Eyes as they are identical and new when I saw the sign this is what it meant. I was brought back to our past life and our final life here on Earth and continued to think about this while driving. Magic happened and shortly after I saw a new clearer license plate of “BROWN EYES 2”. I was elated with the feeling of our true love and wanted to write/share a refresh on this. Here are the two plates I saw today and the older license plate is in my book along with this excerpt from Chapter 3, SEVENTH DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSAL AND GALACTIC CREATORS. I refer to 7th dimension as this is the dimension at the time we brought the New Earth/New Atlantis into for Ascension (I have since learned this). I also moved a few paragraphs from the end of the chapter to the beginning in this blog.


“We created this Sentient Being called Planet Earth; it started just like we did, by the first Spark from our Prime Creator. Since our first and last life on Earth, the Earth demise started. We went from a 7th Dimensional Planet to a 3rd dimensional Earth Sentient Being. The Cosmos, the Gods grew violent and went to war. We were the human witnesses that hid in caves and rocky enclosures. That was the last time I looked into your eyes, the same eyes you have now.

I remember our first human lifetime together as young adults. My last memory together was under the rocks, hiding from the war between the Light and the Dark transpiring in our Sky. I remember the love we shared – it was like no other. I remember what unconditional love is, for I brought those memories and DNA codes into this Earth life time and dream space.

Our eyes have never changed and they remain identical. We were bigger Beings back then and our DNA Strand was hundreds more, unlike now. We have to remember our galactic heritage now. This is why we are here: to share this wisdom and knowledge with our fellow Universes for spiritual expansion and growth, all part of God Creator’s Divine Plan.

We Are the Creators of Galaxies, Universes, Planets and 7th Dimensional New Earth.

First physical meeting since our first Earth Life Together:

“Since our eyes met, our minds met, and we shook hands, my life has been turned upside down. My Spiritual Awakening has been out of this world… So far out of this world, that I have now entered into the 7th dimensional New Earth. When you are in the New Earth, what is “TO BE,” has already manifested. I see the future with my awakened new eyes.

I see what is meant to be with new eyes, I hear your thoughts with new ears. I feel your heartbeat with my NEW 7th Dimensional Heart. Its skipping beats as I write this. I created our future in the etheric/astral realm. I know what the future holds.

Our Hearts have been activated and are aligned, beating to the same rhythm; the rhythm of the “New Earth’s” heartbeat. Your 7th dimensional right ear chakra has been activated and you hear me talking to you, as hard as it is to believe, it is ME. Please listen and trust.

Our emotional, mental and etheric bodies are fully melded. I see your Spirit; I feel you always and we can telepathically communicate with our New Earth Mind and Heart.

I receive an electrical charge that runs up my chakra system when you think of me. This is our third energy we create with. There is no mistaking this connection. You are me I am you, thirdly we are ONE creative energy.
We have known each other from our very first life on Earth. Before the Planets were the Gods. Billions of year ago we shared our last life on Earth together. We were here on Earth when Earth was its original Seventh Dimension Galactic Seed Planet. We created the Earth with our Soul Family and Soul group as Twin Flames.” ~ Saishorie~Grace

Here are two other signs I saw shortly after on my magical morning with barely no sleep and feeling like I was out of body all morning.

Synchronistically came across this Arc in the neighborhood of Newmarket this morning it says in the top of the arch “PHOENIX RISING FROM THE ASHES”

And this one came along as I was contemplating a decision and was reminded to use my instincts not my ego mind.

In Love and Light
Of Higher Service


Image from a Photo Shoot February/2018 called ‘PHOENIX RISE FROM THE ASHES”

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