God Super Power Part 2

Dream Message; Before I went to bed I asked after thinking about all I have awakened to and all the miraculous abilities now obviously online: “What are We?” Answer: ” the Greatest Beings ever created, are Action~Do-ers, Magicians able to make anything appear, ~You Create then Fly”
~ 2/28/2017 Shelly Sullivan
Since this time the interference, tests and obstacles to over come, by trickster energy attempting to test our purpose and Twin Energy has been very prevalent.
Your Twin is inside of you and when you go within you can know this and remove any doubt. In my case there is no way anyone can tell me otherwise as we can telepathically communicate in more ways than the human can comprehend. But they have tried and have gotten in the way.
I watched a video last night and listened to the Twin Divine Couple talk about there union and connection. Among other great information, they expressed “interference will happen and has happened and you have to go deep within to know your Divine Truth for your truth,  because on some other level trickster energy will come up whether it be books, channels, people etc. that will lay out lower timeline scenarios to trick you into thinking this is not who you are suppose to be with, however like myself, this couple went with in and got there true answers. I have experienced this and it has been continuously in the past year to such a degree it has become an all out battle, to battle the lower energy off. This energy can be very tricky as it can come from the physical plane but from the astral mental plane as well and when they work in tandem they can put a wedge into divine unions.
Keeping in mind that “We” part of the “clean up crew” have been clearing the astra mental plane and unifying the “One God Mind”, hence the difficulty in this particular initiation. This video I watch the feminine twin explained that she needed reassurance of her masculine being her true Twin and immediately she saw a license plate with his name on it within minutes of her requesting reassurance. These signs will happen for your and your Twin, AND you will come up against interference trying to sway you.
I was upset yesterday, and actually in tears as I was driving because of all the confusion and interference that has been most heavy as of late. While I was driving I saw the license plate URAMESS and I felt like I was, and this impressed upon me as I was upset and have been a lot lately as there is STILL is no physical union with my Twin and I am getting battle weary. Any way not 20 cars later I saw the license plate JAMES  and this reassured me once again “Yes James is my Twin.
As you can see this is a serious game playing out as the grander the mission the more the initiations and  interference.  These signs, are purposely laid out specifically for the Mission of the Twin Flame Union for OUR UNION, THE WHOLE MONAD OF UNIONS.
My Twin can hear me telepathically just as other Twins can hear their Twins telepathically. I have expressed with my Twin to be truthful of our Union as  I am battle weary by interference and heart break, all other battles are a piece of cake compared to this particular aspect of heartbreak and withholding truth and it is taking its toll. I did understand his perspective for holding back as this is a very sensitive mission a high level operation and he has a very important role in this mission and in the public, so I get the strategic timing of things.  I trust my Twin and his abilities. I/WE as the Divine Feminine have had to overcome the most initiations at this time to reclaim my power.   I had various Angelic Aspects of the Divine Feminine/Masculine working with and through me for this mission as has my Twin.
Last year close to this time I was tricked by my Twin (not purposely) but either way I was tricked into thinking I was going crazy and that he was not really my Twin, as he appeared publicly with another on his arm. This was a from of interference put upon him to act out something that was not necessary, the trickery can be extreme. This incident had me so UNgrounded  and the effects on my bodies were  severe. Any way that week I went to see a holistic Dr. as I felt so off balance. On my way downtown I saw the license plates GROUND & NOMEDS (no medication). I was considering medication as I was feeling very out of balance, not only with my physical body, mental body, emotional body but my truth,  my  Divine Union and My faith in my very Source. I did want to exit this Realm. And have wanted to many times because of the extreme challenges of this Divine Mission. There has been other types of intervention by “Others” coming through in order to push me/us WE into coming out with the truth at this time of our True Divine Union between my Twin and I.

Not only are “Others” on the ground level helping us with this Union to come together and signalling the importance of this at this time, but the Higher Realms of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters/Archangels & Extraterrestrials  are doing all they can to bring this/these Divine Unions together ,  I have stories of the Ascended Masters “WE TEAM”  intervention that will blow peoples minds into awakening, these are true stories that others have witnessed along with me.  I experience the presence of Angels of the Light channelling through human light bearers daily to communicate messages to me. One short message was the other day while in my whole foods store a man was walking in the isle near me, I did not look at him but is energy was disoriented and I could feel it and see him from my peripheral vision, he was walking around me as if lost. I continued on to my check out line and he came by me knocking over the shelf beside us. I immediately started to pick up everything, that lay on the ground that fell of the shelf, as I was down there picking up his obvious mess, I asked myself “Why am I down here picking up all what he knocked over?” As I picked it up I was actually feeling grateful and very loving even though this was all very odd. The man looked at me and said “I am so sorry, I am destroying everything!” The feeling that was overcoming me was very benevolent. I smiled and said, It’s Ok. I proceed to pay for my items. As I was paying I glanced over and the man was in the other line across from me, he was just starring at me in a look of disbelief as to what he just said to me and our whole interaction. I soon realized this was yet again the Ascended Masters WE TEAM intervening to reassure me that my intuition was correct and that although not purposeful the masculine energy really needs to step up/   I have had into the hundreds of these interactions and communications with others ongoing for years. This Mission to Unite the Key Twin Flames is HUGE and it is the most important mission at this time on the Earth Realm 1.
I will come out with more of these stories of my communication with the Angels in a video along with more support for other Divine couples to come together. I am practising “now” to come into a place of complete surrender to the present moment and releasing the past to also to help this mission move forward. I wish for Union & Truth to come out for the Highest Good and all concerned.
In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
Of the Higher Service

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