Message from the Galactic Technological Commander in Chief ~ “It is Game Over”

August 3rd, 2019. From the Guardians of Light Realm ~ Record Keeper.

I watched a “Ancient Elder “Commander in Chief for Technological Communications Systems” presenting himself in Asian/Chinese form, as he studied the Holographic Book of Records that specifically revealed the blueprints and templates of the structures currently running our communications systems of the Earth Realm.

It has now been brought to the Commander in Chief’s attention, that this system “BELL INTERNET AND CABLE crown corporation” is under serious evaluation, investigation and consequences to be put in place.

This type of evaluation takes place only once the Etheric Clean Up has been completed, as this time is now.

This particular “Commander in Chief” closed the holographic book while I watched.
When the book WAS closed I saw the name of the main corporation to be used for and by example BELL.

It just takes one example and it was revealed…like a domino effect. All is transparent and revealed.

I AM ~ Saishorie~Grace.

This is what is happening for the running “structures that are failing”. This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

The work we all have been doing energetically is now busting the systems…BIG TIME. When these Galactic Chiefs of Command take notice, it is game over.

P.S this White Diamond Elder presented as an Asian specifically, for the Technology-Telecommunications Industry.

~ Shelly Sullivan


In Love and Light
Of Higher Service

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