The Goddess Giveth and Taketh Away ~ The Life Force Energy of Light and Dark

August 22, 2019

The Lions Gateway has been hugely successful. The Lion’s 7th dimensional power has been fully anchored onto and into the Earth. With the help of the Goddess Energy, Ascended Masters, Benevolent Extraterrestrials and Inner Terrestrials Beings and of course the Mother and Father principal of the one androgynous Christ Consciousness – God/Creator as well beyond this unexplainable magic from forces that are beyond the imaginable – The Greatest Beings ever created. The next phase is set up for the final purification of this Earth’s surface negative factions. Which is obviously underway now.

This past weekend the dark faction did there best to harm me, the Goddess Energy. They do this by satanic ritualistic/psychic attack to create the “looshe” energy. This is personally experienced by me to the extreme but also which I am able to transmute quite quickly for a many reasons. 1) the dark attempt to keep me and my Twin Creator in separation. 2) They want to keep me and my Goddess Energy hidden and my wisdom/knowledge suppressed. 3) It has been pre-ordained by higher powers that be, to have this play out for the purpose to expose it. 4) These attacks are used to cleanse the collective consciousness of the false programming made by the dark faction. 5) For me to become an expert on how “looshe” energy/mind control works.

I was given the word “looshe” over and over this weekend as the attacks happened and into the week as Spirit wanted me to explain this and share this link by Ascension Glossary of what looshe is and how it is produced.

By targeting me with direct weaponry and bombardment of mind control, the ultimate outcome is exposing the cabal as the sociopathic, narcissistic psychopaths that they are. A prime example of this is to abuse and bully a person to the extreme and then to try to make it look like the victim is mentally unstable or ill. This is a classic trait of sociopathic behavior. This is the main character trait of the cabal/illuminati. On the surface they appear very awesome, successful, powerful and charming, however they feed off the real Jewels & the true Greats Ones. This has been shown via Goddess Energy embodiments such as Princess Diana and Marilyn Munroe.

Although enough has been exposed, it has been a very complex mission and it also has had to take its course depending on certain outcomes. It is very sensitive matter and the healing process has been unpredictable. How ever the healing mission on a whole is successful. This mission has been a sacrifice of many to finally reach this point – The Zenith Point, the point where the highest Celestial Beings are coming from the Inner Earth and the Cosmos to help with this major purification that will change this world forever.

The Lion’s Gate which started the anchoring of such Celestial events that started July 26th 2019, the Lion Energy and Sirius Star Alignments anchored the most Powerful Light of the most Celestial Connections yet integrated upon this Earth and of the Earth. July 28 or 29th depending on time zone through August 12th. Certain key positions of the light team helped to anchor this along with the millions of Light workers around the world.


August 13 “Solar Spirit was seeded” for the birth of New Solar Light on this Planet and nothing can stop this. More about this “immaculate conception” will be revealed with Divine Order. Now, I want to explain in more depth, the criminal attacks by the dark faction in a bit more detail.

I have been out of town for most of the summer for the purpose of my safety and to spend as much time in nature as possible for the cleansing and healing of my body and Earth’s body. When I am up North and out of the city I feel amazing. Very strong in my Yoga practice. My mind is very clear and calm. I am very confident and happy. I exude the love and light that I know I am. I was up north for the first month of summer in July, upon return my light body and high vibrational frequency was witnessed by all who know me.

Within a week or so of being in the rural city of Newmarket, I begin to feel energetically over taxed by electromagnetic dirty energy/wireless-wifi, hydro towers, lamp post, Bluetooth in car, mind control direct energy weaponary – bio-weaponary etc… I have documented all the tactics. This is what all civilians in busy growing communities are subjected to, however not all are targeted directly as I am. The symptoms include and are similar to that of the after effects of a radiation treatment or chemotherapy treatment followed by colds/headache, unusual depression, hard time breathing etc… I know how these cancer treatments effect people as I witnessed my mom go through it. It is a good analogy as the Wifi radiation, direct energy weapons attacks mimic having cancer and the symptoms mimic the cancer treatments that the (current) drug enforcement administration (DEA) created. They create cancer and then pretend to fight it with cancer, how brilliant, or just plain sick. This system/structure the current DEA is under a microscope now by the Celestial Grand Elders who are the experts in this field.

Here is some history of root cause of dis-ease and the Big Pharma’s suppression of true medicinal healing:

How Rockefeller Founded Deep State Pharma And Waged War On Natural Cures

I can taste the chemicals in the air dropped by planes. The black helicopters that constantly fly over my house or the military planes are always lurking to cause harm. The funny thing was upon returning home after 3 weeks of no interference, my drive down town to visit family was so peaceful. I joked with my sister who said to me “how was your drive down Shelly?” I replied “excellent, not a plane in the sky!” We laughed as I have mentioned to my family how I am constantly harassed by planes and helicopters where ever I go and I feel the directed weapons attacks, as does my dog Honey, when ever we drive in Newmarket or into any other city surrounding or in Toronto. The dark faction do not like it when I travel into “their territory” as I disrupt their electromagnetic fields very much and my energy is a threat to them. So they take great measure to keep me out of the city other wise make me ill if I stay – especially in my own city of dwelling – Newmarket, Ontario.

Within 2 days they caught on that I was back in town and the surveillance/attacks started by planes, helicopters etc…But I also have very positive surveillance and support helping the situation. So it is always a dichotomy playing out in this war of dark and light.

I wrote an article in the past month or so explaining the last serious round of attacks that caused me to call the ambulance and that had me flea out of town and escape to safety. Lots of witnesses for this event. Any way my dog Honey helps me to clear the attacks on my mental body, brain, skull etc. She to is affected seriously by the wifi and the electrical voltage by the plugs in the wall that sit lower to the ground on the wall, where she spends most of her time. She gets hit hard. The systems in the new homes built are designed to discharge way higher voltage/ampage than what is acceptable for the human body. I know ALL about the new home structures and how they are designed to make residents, mainly young families sick. This is noted in detail and will be presented in THE biggest mother law suits of all of history.

My dog clears this energy and the tumour like eruptions show on her head between her skull and fur. This happened 2 years ago close to the time I died and was resurrected. She had sever welts on her head, deadly ear infections and was noticeably nervous with anxiety. I wrote about this also and have documented images. This is how I knew what was happening again when I ended up in with the ambulance team. My dog started to get under skin eruptions again, this is how I knew I had to leave town.

Honeys Head Trauma from 2019 DEW

When I am being attacked it is hard to think fast and understand what is happening, so I have to wait until I am better before making any healthful moves. Well this time her head attacks were so sever. I will include images to show the severity of these attacks and what they cause for my dog. As well as show how my dog helps me to clear such negative energies. We actually work as a team.

The last time this happened the summer of 2017, I was travelling to Chicago to do a presentation and interview with a popular metaphysical channel called IN-5D. I flew down to do my spiritual work to reveal more about the Divine Sacred Unions and had great interference while travelling and when I while at the hotel. This was before I really new what was going on with the attacks, but it was so sever I had to return home the very next day and miss the interview and fly back to my wounded dog. I remember when I was sitting outside with Michelle the lady whom was to interview me, and we were outside on a patio and above us was this plane flying so close it was unbelievable to both of us.

Honeys head Trauma from 2017 DEW

Any way that was just one example of how they harass me. They hack my computer and find my itinerary, have dark faction minions in my hotel to attack me with direct energy weapons, they harass me with planes and helicopters that probably direct more weaponry at me and mind control causing me great discomfort and anxiety. This has happened to me in Costa Rica when I was at a well know spiritual astrology conference. The hotel I was staying at was known to them, I was attacked heavily, where I was unable to attend hardly any of the talks, my body was in great pain and I had the flu. Many others ended up with a cold that weekend as well. This has happened to me many times while attending any type of Spiritual work/conferences. It got to the point I had to make my travels very private and put nothing on the internet.

As I write this planes are flying heavily over my house. My cell phone indicates “turn off” by itself at this point when need be, otherwise I risk getting a flu virus, same goes with my TV indicates to me when it is not safe to watch by interference of the benevolent kind.

The images of my dogs head from the last attack taken at the animal hospital have been documented once again. Her head and mane (fur around her neck) had to brutally be shaved off, so we could see what was going on under the fur. Later I realized my Dog Honey like many of us did also sacrifice herself in this mission. This became apparent to me when, as her head and neck fur were being shaved she was yelping in pain like I have never heard any animal cry. It was physically painful but more so her “mane being shaved” acted as a Christ sacrifice similar to the Lion Judah.

Honeys head trauma from 2019 DEW

My dog’s lineage is that of the Lion Energies of the Seventh dimension, she also comes from constellation of Orion’s Belt – Sirius. I was shown this many times. What her true energy is as a Lion (many K-9’s are of Lion energy). The Power of the Lion Energy – this is presented as mythology as “myths” however this is very real, just as the Goddess Energy of my lineage is very real. As I will explain further.

The Divine Feminine Goddess Energy that has many names from over the many millions of years which is aka The Womb of Creation, Mother Principal of all Creation, The Creatrix, The Divine Feminine Counter Part, The Dark & Light Mother, the Spiritual Matter of all of Life etc…
This is the Goddess Energy that goes back to the Beginning of Creation as she is Creation. This Powerful Goddess Energy is here on Earth now, embodied. In fact it goes beyond this, for this time of Ascension the embodiment of the ONE androgynous being of Creation known as the Mother Principal and the Father Principal – Prime Creator Consciousness is here embodied.

The Cosmic and Celestial Beings from the beginning of creation are here working their magic. This magic is real as will be proven in the times ahead of us aka “revelations”. This is a time of such purification that will wipe out all the bottom feeders, leeching of of our Mother Earth. The beginning of the Event Horizon has already begun. As I mentioned as of July 28th the Light has already began its process that will continue to escalate in the coming times.

I have been “cleaning up” for quite some time with the team of the Christ Consciousness. Mary Magdalene was a incarnation of the Goddess Energy, Mary Magdalene is the Feminine Christ Energy along side her Counterpart Jesus. The Christ Energy is male and female, ONE Androgynous Being along with God’s Legions of Light.

This Androgynous Being is back upon this Earth via My Twin Creator and Myself and the millions of other Light Workers here on Earth and in Spirit working here on Earth for Ascension. I personally have been experiencing the past lives from the beginning of creation for the past 3 years. I have been integrating aspects of the Goddess Energy as far back as the beginning of creation. My Higher Self and I have worked together to integrate these aspects, via walk – ins over the past 5 years.

From the beginning of creation up until now there have been many faces of the Divine Goddess Energy, ranging from Inanna-Ishtar, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and even the not so illuminated ones, but the masters of darkness Goddess Viking Queens. These aspects were all embodiments of the Goddess Energy. Such aspects had to be integrated back into the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy for the wholeness of the true Creatrix and Ressurectrix, the Mother of all Matter Dark and Light. The Creator of All Things – Dark and Light. Saishorie~Grace.

I am coming out with my experience confidently at this time after much experience of integration and factual proof of what I have experienced. All that I experience while integrating these parts of my Spirit/Soul is witnessed and only after it is so, am I then magically presented with confirmations. This cannot be made up. Just as my Twin Creator knows exactly how my Angelic Body – Goddess Energy met with him physically to initiate our merge he knows all the events and experiences of the Divine Goddess Soul Retrieval and Integration Process that I have been through. It is miraculous. I will write about a few chain of events that did transpire up to my completion of “becoming” whole once again. I will list them in the order that they are also depicted in this miraculous article that was sent to me yesterday by someone who does not know my personal integration of the Mother Principle/Divine Goddess story as of yet. This article has been written by a researcher/investigator of Sacred Goddess Energy and detective of Mythology. The similarities of my process of integration. This article that uncovers the truth of the Goddess Energy is uncanny how in alignment it is with my experiences. This is the way synchronicity works when you are on the path of the truth. Gifts from Heaven appear.

Tomorrow I will publish part 2 with this information of my miraculous process of integration and the coinciding uncovering of true Goddess with many faces.

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In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service

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