Virus Scam ~ Exposed

The Split in Consciousness ~ A.I. vs. Organic Life aka A Battle between Light and dark side.

The Split in Consciousness is the Artificial Intelligence and the Organic Intelligence. I have come to know both very well. I can tell you that the Organic Timeline is much more uplifting and created by Love, it is Life Force all giving and is Immortal. A.I. is temporary, very dense and is controlled by a very outdated life force that is dying out.

I am creating this new message to demonstrate the types of energies at play at this time understood by me by experience as is all what I teach and share. I have the need to share so to be understood if not by a person but by my own writing. The image above is a message I saw on my channel under a video titled 5G Hub – City in Preparation. What triggered me is her words of understanding the connection between the 5G and the Virus etc… and how I wish more could wake up and see the truth: 


In January I created these videos for my Youtube channel as guided heavily for the previous 5 years, about the preparation for 5G in the city of Newmarket, Ontario. The 5 years ongoing before I created these videos based upon my experience that showed me without a doubt what this 5G preparation was AND this included 5 years of me being targeted and hit with flu virus’s every month or week with flu like symptoms. As described in these videos, not only was I intuitively shown how the city was being set up to create a parasitic environment to purposely make people sick via toxic radiation waves and chemtrails BUT I was also experiencing the toxic symptoms that this environment has on any individual.  Little did I know that the following weeks after I published these video based upon 5 years of “Physical and Psychic Premonitions”  that a PANDEMIC world wide would plague the people and devastate family and small business all over the world, not to mention create a new entity of “VIRUS FEAR” to deliberately lower the collective consciousness during this monumental time of Ascension upon Earth that is barely talked about. 

Myself being a Divine Feminine Goddess Lighthouse/Way Shower on the Ascension path who would be and has been severely attacked and targeted by extreme high levels of radiation caused by bio-weaponry,  direct energy weapons, directed negative mind control,  attacked/targeted with chemtrails and smart dust to cause my immune system to work at its highest capacity for 7 – 10 years while all along being bombarded with toxic sprays, heavy metals in my neighbourhood. How coincidental that this all happened just before a pandemic which was planned for many years to cripple billions of sovereign lively hoods. 


 Question: Family and Friends whom I would confide in and seek support in with my experience and findings would ask “Shelly why would any “powers that be” group ever have interest is suppressing and harming you?”

Answer: “Well as hard as it is for you to believe as I cannot tangible show you, however I am a extremely powerful Light Being here on Earth that can transmute any energy into a balanced state, thus they want to dim my light and frequency since they cannot take me out.”

OUTCOME: Family and Friends are bewildered and cannot decipher whether I am crazy or I am actual on to some major revelations. 

The last batch of video’s I released on Youtube in January tell this whole story summarized of the pandemic plandemic<>scamdemic. 

Shortly after the videos were released synchronistically I was hit with the worst flu I have ever had in my life. I was close to being hospitalized but held off by better judgement. Had I been admitted to the hospital I would have been diagnosed with the Pandemic virus. This is exactly what they wanted me to do but I am a clever girl.

Instead I moved out of my house and rented a chalet up North for 2 months and then in May I permanently moved further up North. This was extremely stressful considering the stress I had been enduring with he attacks by the negative military and the interference inflicted to cause further separation between myself and my Masculine Counterpart.

For years while enduring this battle against me, which I call “INITIATION”  I would see signs and synchronicity to motivate me to stay strong and keep moving forward, for example my initials along with the words WIN etc… lots of plates with the word win on it,  and most importantly MOVE  AWAY into Nature. It took me 3 years to make the move and “coincidentally” I finally made the move exactly at the time the Pandemic was released and announced by the media. 

The week I was hit by the worst flu virus in February and I was considering going to the hospital (just before the pandemic was released, not sure exact dates) instead I went to the pharmacy to get some tylenol for the pain, as I pulled into the store I saw a strategically placed car with the license plate “OK I WIN”. I knew this was a sign and part of the attack of the flu virus to signal to me by the positive Military that all I have come to understand about this Virus and 5G Operation is very real and I have much behind the scenes support.   Shortly there after I went up North when I had the strength to and when I was returning home after the weekend in staying in a hotel to get some refuge from the attacks, I was driving down the 400 South toward from up North and into town I see the same license  plate “OK I WIN” on a different vehicle. This time the it was on a small truck not a little car and the guy in the truck was wearing camouflage military gear, he had his window down and starred at me with his sun glasses on while driving by to make sure I saw him. First I saw his glare at me and as he drove on by, I saw his plate OK I WIN. This indicated to me that I was indeed involved with a negative military project, similar to those of MK ULTRA – MIND CONTROL to control and manipulate people for experimentation & testing things out etc…But this guy in the truck was of the positive military tipping me off once again.

This experience triggered memories of my involuntary involvement with such experiments in the past by MK ULTRA that I surpassed. The most major one that millions have been exposed and negatively effected by is MIND CONTROL. These types of programs can and have ruined billions of lives and loving family units in a myriad of strategically directed harassment, especially the Mother/Child (male) and Husband & Wife Union. This Virus Pandemic was premeditated and executed by the same groups. 

Thank God there is a Light Force that is also working to balance and clear this type of agenda off of our Mother Planets Earth in the final stages of our Ascension Process.  This image below was taken recently (August, Lions  Sirius Gateway 2020) while I was taking video in the park, you can see the Diamond White Light and Violet Rays.

I posted a pic last month of a rock I had found randomly while having yet another rough day in this situation. The rock was painted blue and the words “God Sees” on it. This is a pic of the rock I took. No one could have possibly known I was going to be at this location as I did not even know until the last minute I choose to go by the water. The following weeks I went to another lake park to swim and chill out in nature. On my path I saw another rock painted with the words SMILE. But this time I was not feeling it was so random as there was much negative energy around that day. I also was using my GPS on my phone to get to the location, I was forewarned by “organic technology, my HigherSelf to park on the road, I did not listen so my whereabouts were given on my phone.  So I continued my swim and felt great. Along my path as I was leaving I ran into a lady I knew, and this was a complete and utter surprise to me that I would see this person on this secluded path. I was freaked out to see her. She immediately came up to me and first words out of her mouth were “How about a big C0rona Virus hug” I gave her a hug, as we parted ways I could not help but wonder how the hell we ran into each other and that looking back at her as she walked away and feeling like this was not the same girl who I knew, she looked similar but yet it was not her, I was intuitively sure of this. Her body structure was much different, although height, face and hair strikingly similar. I was confused and within minutes I came down with a flu for the day, my eyes were visible bloodshot red, and I had a migraine… Then on the drive back I saw a truck go by with the license plate “SMILES FOR U”  This experience was not of the Light.

Take from this what you may. I know what I experienced and I know what I saw. Artifical Intelligence aka AI and Organic Creation is what this Two World Split is all about. Its either your wisdom if tapped into will show your the Organic Timeline and Organic Creational path or if your in lower density or 3D as they say  “asleep” or unwilling to clear yourself your can be susceptible to the Artificial Timeline. To each is own, as some are here to live as AI and some are here to evolve as the Sovereign Being that they are: the Immortal Essence of there Divine Soul. 

Lastly, since I have moved up North I do feel much better and I have been in recovery mode. My dog is also so much more healthy, people cannot believe the difference in her. As for the difference in me, not many would notice as I kept myself up ecstatically very well it was my creative life force/battery life that was being drained and a very tiring battle with what I would call evil. 

When I moved into my condo on the water, I found it quite peculiar that the newly renovated old building that was restored had building codes very strict as the builder explained to me. Some of the electrical and wireless cable stipulations had to be by the new builder codes and they are: Must have lots of lighting in the apartments/hotels and must be BELL FIBE INTERNET AND CABLE IN ALL UNITS. Ding, Ding, Ding went off in my head…Hmmm lets see how this goes and how my energetic feels in time. 

3 and a bit months gone by since I have lived here, I feel much better, however I can feel the effects of the necessary high voltage running through the building causing negative radiation effects and I fee the wireless wifi amped up effects on my body. Not nearly as severe as when I was being “attacked” directly by the weaponry of 5G that is in preparation for 2021. When I went in to the Bell store 2 years ago to inquire about the cable services in my new home area, a in store representative  of  BELL  described cable and 5G roll out package deal that they are “attacking” this new residential community with, one that new home owners could to turn away such a good deal.  The 5G wireless implementations are in preparation however I have been exposed to the radiation extremely.

Yesterday while “trying” to walk my dog the atmosphere felt extremely dense and hard to walk through and I had negative unusual thoughts bombarding me and I woke up very depleted after a sleepless night and feel low energy today.  Keep in mind this is a small town in Northern Ontario surrounded by trees, rocks and water so this helps keep the environment pristine, however it seems as long as a town is established with public buildings/structures that are taken over by BELL and WIFI, that are controlled and the atmosphere can be manipulated with parasitic waves by the corporations in charge of hydro or cable then the unsuspecting individual will be affected by invisible energy waves that can and will due harm over time. This is a crime against Organic Creation and has no right to carry out this criminal activity on this Earth. These criminals must be removed.

Since living here for 2 months approx…. I have been bombarded with ridiculously sightings of ‘FAKE” AI license plates with negative connotation messages. I get pics of these plates so it is not my imagination and no one in there sane mind would put these certain words on there licenses plates, only a fucked up disturbed person would ever put on there plate “IM BROKE” or “NO CASH”  and the other pathetic, crudeness I have seen on plates in my little up North remote neighbourhood, like come on. 

Another odd thing that happened is I added a new Instagram account with my name and installed the app on my phone. The next few days, just around the AI flu attack in the forest happened, I looked at my new instagram account and noticed I was following Jennifer Aniston the Actor. I have don’t follow celebrities nor have I been a fan of hers…so I go to unfollow her and I notice a huge image of a young man all medically wired up in a hospital dying of the virus. It was a very disturbing image and  she is stating to millions “This pandemic is Real, just look at my friend”.  Any way just another example and  tactic to harass me.

The greatest reason for this interference is to suppress the Divine Feminine Mother Goddess Energy especially the sacred archetypal energy as  Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene etc..just this week a Spiritual Teacher had his Isis mediation video taken off You Tube and many Spiritual Teacher youtube’s videos have been involuntarily interfered with tons of interrupting ads. I know this as the top 3 teachers and mediations I watch on Youtube declared this last week and the Isis Meditation to be taken downmwas the 4th one of interference. Desperate measure for desperate times as I say. 

Here is a clip of a Video from a woman named Amenti whom is very “lite up” as am I, I her along with her found very affirming message for those who are awake and how the Lightest of Light One’s who incarnate at this time are very well know to the negative one’s and the interference is extreme. Amenti explains at around 46:22 min about her daughter named Isis who was attempted kidnapped by the government etc.. this video is a must watch if your interested in truth.

The interference is beyond pathetic at this time. It is very laughable actually if I am in fun mood.

Any way things are being cleaned up and healed and those still involved in the harming of innocent people with have there Karma served up quite severely in the coming times. 

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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