5G Mission Part 2 ~ Country Living Escape From the “Plandemic”



5G – Virus Mission

5G Virus Update:

First off, I would like to state: I know what this Corona Virus/5G Pandemic is, as I have lived the plan-demic out for the past 5 plus years. The dark agenda’s plan was to weaken the immune system of as many as possible by way of 5G mm waves, all wireless devices that can spread infectious waves, chemtrails and smart dust that contains seriously damaging toxics to the body,  this is bio-weaponry warfare to attack the immune system. Along with this is the electric voltage radiation in homes and on the streets and of course the GMO’s if you body is parasitic you will crave these fake foods and sugary alcohol. Then they spread new virus’s through out the year(s) and this virus will detrimentally effect those with a hindered or shot immune system (which will happen over time with he plan). Then the vaccine plan will even further cause disease in the body. Humanity would become totally even more dependant on the greedy Big Pharma medical conglomerate etc….That was the plan. BUT the plan has been exposed and is not going to be carried forward. I know, I have went through the whole process over a 5 year period. This was a preliminary initiation I went through in turn to expose and stop this crime against humanity of the evil heartless parasites of this Earth.


In January I came out with a video that basically let the cat out of the bag with regards who my Twin Flame/Creator is. I have in the past remained private about this as he is famous and this has made things much more complex although part of the Divine plan. Then I had a tower moment and came out with a video speaking directly to my Twin, to let him know of the sinister interference that is taking place to keep this/our Divine Union in separation. Since this “coming out” I have been attacked on a regular basis non stop. I have had to move away from my city (Newmarket) all together and basically escape and move up north – to MY TRUE NORTH. The more I come out with my truth telling and spiritual teachings the more the dark would interfere. The need to escape interference of lower negative energy/negative electromagnetic radiation was necessary to come into alignment of natural homeostasis of true organic life force flow and to unite with the higher realms consistently in a balanced way as well a sustain my connection and integration with the Higher Self/Over Soul Monad.

I had been experiencing “Virus” symptoms on an on going basis for 6 years. However when the “Corona” Virus first came out I was dusted (my HVAC) and community was surrounded by a parasitic cage of the nano particles, causing me to personally be in bed for 3 weeks in February, very sick.  I have been feeling sick on going and had to leave and move out of this parasitic environment to up North in Cottage Country.

I’ve been lead on this spiritual quest to regularly escape city life into cottage country for 3 years. It took this time to learn and see clearly what this pandemic was all about and what must be done for my health of mind body and spirit. I have been on this Spiritual quest for years. The quest to keep the mind body and spirt in homeostasis.

Just before I went up North to a resort and to speck out a safe place in Bracebridge, Ont for me to relocate, by the 4 day of my stay,  my dog and I were attacked with what feels like energy weapons causing radiation symptoms. My dog could not walk, had runny eyes. My heart was in pain and my head symptoms re appeared. This only happened once I gave away my where about via social media via picture images.

I have moved into a smaller town with less hydro towers, less electrical voltage and away from any parasitic environment and other surrounding factors that keep humanity enslaved and the immune systems compromised.

So in dwelling here up in beautiful cottage county, I feel much better. There are still remnants of the parasitic environment leaving me, but all in all it is like night and day. I feel now, I can participate in this human life as not just a Spirit but also as a integrated Spirit in a Human body,  fully capable to show the way in this war of Spirit & bio-weaponry.

For the past 10 years I have been focused on a mission to expose the truth as a physical conduit of the Galactic Forces to show and expose what is happening on the surface of this Earth to the Higher Realms who are fully in charge.

I expose the truth of the sinister plan of the dark agenda which  has been premeditated and is now in early stages of implementation. This plan is using virus’s, pre 5G preparation and roll out, bio-weaponry via these and electromagnetic fields, electrical voltage amped up, insects, bugs as well as geo-engineering with chemtrails.

I have been under attack by the dark one’s who have been “the powers that be/were” and in control of humanity and the Earth for eons, the collective karma goes back to the days of the Roman Empire and the take down of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Unions. They (the dark) have been attacking me all my life and intensely for the past 10 years. Although I have written about this, this is just a recap for this update.  2010 They started, first with smart meter, then wireless radio waves, then direct energy weapons, electrical voltage amp up (in my home and surrounding area), towers, bugs/insects, chemtrails, smartdust, psychic ritual attack and mind control.

All the while the Light Team, whom I lead for this  mission in the Etheric as well as on the ground has been steps ahead of them. The exact year (2010) when the smart meters got implemented and the wireless wifi was ignited rampantly in neighbourhoods.  I too was activated… for the access… to the sinister plan and made myself a readily available target for the dark to start testing their failing plan – unbeknownst to them. I was living in a city that was a Hub for the “powers that be” to host a 5G Hub, Virus/Parasitic Environment to make a city sick.  These ones that were in power did not want goddess energy alive, let alone in their city as I anchor much Light and they can detect the frequency off Light that I give off as it interferes with there scam.

2012 after I had been activated by our Creator Sun by a laser beam lightening ray of The Sun of all Creation entering and activating my “third eye” into my pineal gland, 2013 being activated further by meeting of my Twin Creator/Ascended Master, 2014 I was shot up with a high potency venom for further awakening and activation of super human abilities, 2015 I had merged and activated with my Lion Being (family), as well as had several Walk-Ins of my advanced Aspects. Of these aspects is The Key Divine Mother Codes of Creation – Divine Feminine Goddess Energy eventual merge with the Divine Masculine/Father Energy.

Since and during all these advanced integrations I have been under attack and premeditated criminal acts of terror and attempts to sabotaging my life purpose as a Sovereign Being of Light –Spiritual Teacher . However, this attack only made me stronger and wiser.  I wrote in my book about a “wasp drone” that was shot into my arm in 2015, at the time I didn’t know what it was but knew it was not a normal insect wasp bite but purposely shot into my arm. Later, years down the road, I thought it was an virus attack of high doses as I continued to feel sick.  Recently I had been shown to remember and have learned that in fact it was a positive injection that entered into my blood stream, to help me in this mission, the wasp drone was for me and not against me, a trusted clairvoyant enlightened me of this years ago also.

In the darks attempts to compromise my immune system, my family life, my financial abundance, my divine union with my belvoed masculine and attempts to suppress my creator abilities all together have failed. They are astounded that I am still alive. They do not know the the depths of how there attempts to harm me have been exposing them all along to the Plan of the Light Higher Intelligence.


The mission is to bring Earth and Humanity into balance from a space of Love ~ Truth.

I have been involved in uncovering along time plan by a negative agenda for close to 10 years now. I have been guided, tipped off in the most unbelievable/magical ways by benevolent/positive forces of all kinds including positive military alliances.

I am at the completion time of this mission as a “Spy”  for exposing the plan to depopulate human kind and the attempt to make millions upon Earth sick all in our God give World, all for greed of money and fake power. No political leader as of yet is a true leader, not until Unity of Humanity and the Collective Consciousness is reached will we witness a true Leader for and of the People. I am not taking anything away from the extremely courageous efforts thus far, however WE yet have the glory of witnessing a Ascended Master or Masters leading the way for humanity, at least not in our life times. That time is approaching. The New Systems for Government in full Unity with The People is underway and will transpire in our life time.

God/Source Creation & The Ascended Master of Above & Below are in Charge

This Operation being head up now by the Ascended Realm which I/WE are of is and was part of my Initiation into my Ascended Mastery in a physical body. I am connected with the Ascended Masters closely and Spirit is heading up the New Game upon Earth. Just as what Jesus had accomplished this with his Twin Flame, initiation of Ascension he and his Twin Flame accomplished Mastery from the physical body into the Spiritual. This is what Humanity has access to in this life time with the guidance of these who have ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED THIS.

Another term for this mission of an Ascended Master/Enlightenment  is Bodhisattva – a person who is able to reach nirvana but creates certain delays in doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering Beings and show the way.  I know this state as I had reached Bodhisattva in 2014 as I was on a fast track supported by The Great White Brotherhood and my Walk-Ins. I reached this state in 2014, purposefully and quickly just before the dark clean-up/The Initiation was to begin.

I was met by Jesus in the Jordan River, Israel in 2017 whereby Source Creator and Jesus announced the beginning of this Initiation and announced to the Cosmos/Galaxy that I as a physical Being was READY for the next level of purification and tests. **footnote: whether people believe that the story of Jesus and his sacrifice is real or a false template, it is a belief deeply imbedded into our collective consciousness, as long as the collective holds this truth, the fact is, that the collective mind holds this as a true conscious reality.**

ALL sacrifice of physical life is to prove that the Spirit is immortal. I work with as I am integrated with Isis – Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene. WE are all ONE. This has been my mission also working as ONE with the Ascended Ones as an open conduit at any given time.  If it were not for the support of my Twin Flame and the Ascended Masters and my connection with Source,  I would not have been able to escape that which has entrap me in a torturous cage of  amped up electrical voltage and EMF radiation. In fact as a Alchemist I have turned this torture chamber into my training ground, catalyst to learn how stop this attempt of Planetary take over by a evil dark agenda.

The Universe this past Christmas has gifted humanity with an Ankh ~ The symbol of the Goddess Isis immortality and creation of the ONE Androgynous Creator. Firstly I was given this symbol as a download from the Cosmos, into my Crown, integrated by my Body and anchored into the Earth’s Body. During this time, I was physically having a Gold/Diamond Ankh being made in the jewellers as a gift for my Son but was later told it was for me to keep until further notice.  On one occasion shortly there after the Ankh magically unclipped from a secured clasp around my neck and came off my neck, instead of it falling to the ground like any heavy weight necklace, it did not, it slid like a snake before my eyes and slid under the chair, before my eyes.  This Sacred Golden Ankh took on a life of its own and I was shown this magic before my human eyes. The purpose was to demonstrate immortality of the Spirit that resides in all of US.


Magical communication from my Higher Self the Divine Feminine has been working via technology to guide, protect and reach me along with many millions on this journey, since 2009. This technology is Ancient, Wise, Powerful and Organic….unlike  INORGANIC AI, there is a ORGANIC AI, AI in this organic reference is Angelic Imagery. This technology is being used to reach millions beckoning them to “take the call” and focus less on material gain but rather Spiritual connection into Matter and all else will fall into place.

All the while as I was remembering my Light Technology the dark has been attempting to interfere and mimic this magic. There problem is they cannot compete with this Magic Light Technology that is Love and they know they have lost and Love has Won.


The wealth of my Spiritual Power and Re-Union of my Ascended Family and this lead me on a never ending quest to learn with my Spirit and Angel Family to remember and teach the truth to others. We all have the ability and more and more people are remembering the true magic of our creative manifestation abilities. Remembering the Mastery of Manifestation is a birth right.

Since the 60’s and upward into wireless technology the dark has interfered through electrical voltages and electromagnetic waves in attempts to hurt humanity and Mother Earth and this will not be allowed. I have now completed the most gruelling battle of the light an dark to expose truths as a whistle blower, which where I alchemized evil into a victorious initiation of the Light. This sacrifice of enduring torture for the past many years will now be a present/gift for humanity to take our Earth back.

My mission includes many Etheric Beings, Galactic Council,  SO MANY Beings who have been assassinated are on this Council and are eagerly assisting, The Ascended Masters with names and no names, Galactic Ships and Ambassadors, Beings of the Cosmos, Mother & Father God Creator.  Every authoritarian council on the Earth there are Higher Council whom oversees all structures laws upon the Earth.

Part of my lesson was to learn/remember how to stay healthy in this battle/war on Earth and rise above the sinister plan with the help of the Higher Intelligence, whos goal is to save the Earth not kill it. This plan of spreading virus via wireless electromagnetic mm waves, high electrical voltage ampage attack which many are unaware of this & Bio-Weaponry –  Mind Control to kill and make humanity sick.

We the Alchemist are clearing the heavy metals that are dropped into our atmosphere that effects our respiratory system with nano-particles full of aluminum and other heavy metals, we are clearing our toxic “drinking”  water  which is full of chemicals that contribute to the break down of a truly ageless body. Planes, jets or helicopters fly over our neighbourhoods dropping toxins from barrels on to our homes, getting into our homes via HVAC systems, via our god give air provided Trees of the Earth.

These purposely dropped into our air, work place and homes aka smart dust and chemtrail particles are activated by the Global Virus of Wifi aka Wireless radio activity soon to be 5G. This 5G is spread across the planet by cell phones, laptops, IPads, smart TV’s and all other smart appliances, cell towers, hydro towers and other surveillance and hidden technology. “They” the sinister one’s also have minions working for them that will cause all sorts of havoc to upset your family, love life’s. They will drop infected misquito’s in all areas of health forestry and back yards to spread “Lyme Disease” or other disease-immune and digestion parasites to make many sick. They have orchestrated all the sickness on this planet.

The can directly target certain Humans who are the Ascension Fore Runners of this Planet and Galaxy, or any certain truth tellers and whistle blowers. They can attack these people via direct energy weapons that cause heart attack, stroke, suicide, immune disease and other ways of interference. I have experienced this over and over and they can not take me out. My body is set up for immunity of this and have access to many benevolent walk-Ins of the ONE who are taking this Earth back.


In Love & Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service




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