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Finally the Seqex technology is approved for households in Canada . Every house hold should have this device and there are many to choose from. The technology that has just recently been Health Canada and FDA approved as a class 1 & . 11 Medical Device is now available for residents in Canada and the United States (already in Europe), thanks to the hard work by two sisters Kim and Jackie Sartor. I own two Seqex therapy beds and the results are phenomenal for medicinal and or maintenance of optimal health.

The effects of Wifi Radiation and Dirty Electricity must be addressed for the future health of humanity. My Being resides in a highly sensitive bodily system thus I’m a electro sensitive human being, I can feel and know the effects of technology to the body that most people are not aware of. This world of technology does have detrimental effects on the physical body. The great news is there is technology that restores the balance in the physical vessel to sustain optimal wellness, along with a healthy lifestyle.

 Ramazzini Study on Radiofrequency Cell Phone Radiation: The World’s Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

I have travelled to Europe many times, Italy specifically researching this specific technology. The conferences I attended include many experts in this field, most of them being Doctors who incorporate integrative medicine in their practice (future of medicine). Any health practitioner interested in the betterment of their client will be greatly rewarded for offering Seqex in their practice. Any thing that requires a current or frequency to work will effect the frequency of our energetic body, thus balancing this off set is critical. This technology works with medical patients, therapy patients and health and beauty clients for anti-aging as well as athlete performance and sports recovery.

This technology’s key function is to communicate with the cells through electrical impulses. We envision this technology not only healing humanity on global scale in the future but healing Earth’s Water in the future as well. This technology works in and through the “easy water” with in the human body as well. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is the combination of the geomagnetic field of the earth and its frequencies along with the Schumann Resonance of the Ionosphere. These all-encompassing energies of the earth sustain our good health and energize us. They are essential for life…like the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Our health is dependent on the optimal functioning of the more than 36 trillion cells in our body. Our cells produce energy. This energy is used to facilitate every function in our body. Over time and for many reasons such as a toxic environment, stress, illness and the aging process, our cells lose their ability to function at their highest potential. Chronic disease is a result or reduced functioning at the cellular level. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy jump starts the healing process in the body at the cellular level. PEMF therapy works on the electrical imbalances of the cell and elevates it to a more normalized condition by improving ion exchange. PEMF therapy influences cell behavior by introducing a magnetic field around and within the cell. This increases the cell’s electrical energy and allows for faster absorption of nutrients and quicker elimination of waste products. PEMF therapy improves metabolic systems, increases blood and oxygen supply, activating and regenerating cells in the body.

SEQEX: A Quantum Leap To Ultimate Health

Seqex is based upon Nicola Tesla Coil ~In 1909, the world famous inventor Nikola Tesla incorporated the Tesla
Electro-Therapeutic Company to produce medical devices that utilized his patented electromagnetic “Tesla Coil.” This was the birth of Energy Medicine where electromagnetic fields were applied to the human body to treat a wide variety of illnesses. While Tesla’s innovative healing inventions were met with resistance in America, they were embraced by European and former Soviet Union countries where Tesla was born and educated.
Fast forward to the twenty first century. Quantum computing is now a reality. Electromagnetic field therapy (also known as PEMF) has matured all over the world, especially in Italy where the Seqex device was first invented. What makes Seqex so different from the competition is the “quantum interface” that is used to guide the computer. Instead of the operator determining what the body needs in regards to the appropriate frequency, wave shape, and intensity of the electromagnetic field, the patient’s autonomic nervous system provides the feedback.

For those who believe in synchronicity: A very significant tell-tale sign that this technology is indeed part of the future of Planet Earth’s healing is that this Seqex Technology symbol is the same symbol as the 13th zodiac planet, Ophiuchus. This symbol is the U-shaped magnet along with a healing sine wave running through it. The Planet Ophiuchus is referred to as the “New Healing Planet.” So, we were thrilled with this connection.

Seqex devices support the work of healthcare providers during traditional courses of patient therapy. The system is based on the interaction between low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) and biological systems.
The importance of the geomagnetic field (GMF) for the optimal health of all living things on our planet is a well documented fact. It has been established that electromagnetic fields that are similar in intensity and frequency to the GMF can be safely used to promote health and wellbeing. Seqex generates electromagnetic fields whose characteristics are compatible to the GMF.

In sickness, your cells’ voltage drops. Your electrolytes/ions become unbalanced (magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium etc.). The cells communicate through the exchange of ions and at an electrical level. If the cell is “diseased”, this ion exchange drops. Detoxification decreases as does nutrification. When the cells are not able to work properly, it is because their electrical voltage is decreased. A healthy cell functions at about 75-100mV and a sick cell functions at between 15-25 mV. If the cells were strong enough to perform electrically, they would function optimally and there would be no disease but because they do not have the energy, they function less than optimally.

The physical principle of interaction between low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) and biological systems is based on the studies of Prof. Abraham R. Liboff into the theory of the Ion Cyclotron Resonance-like phenomenon (ICR-like).

Seqex has been proven by studies to be very beneficial to chemotherapy patients as well “Abstract
Side effects of chemo-radiotherapy reduce the quality and also the survivability of patients. The consequent fatigue and infections, related to myelodepression, act to reduce the dose-intensity of the protocol. Late side effects of chemo-radiotherapy include secondary tumours, acute myeloid leukemias and cardiotoxicity. Side effects of chemotherapy are related to oxidative stress produced by the treatment. Oxidative stress also reduces the efficacy of the treatment. Antioxidative treatment with natural (dietetic) or chemical agents has been reported to reduce the toxicity of chemo-radiotherapy and improve the efficacy of treatment. We here report our experience with SEQEX, an electromedical device that generates Extremely Low Frequency ElectroMagnetic Fields (ELF-EMF) to produce endogenic cyclotronic ionic resonance, to reduce myelotoxicity consequent to ABVD protocol in patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In lament terms the chemotherapy treatment given while on the seqex allows the chemo to go into the cell/blood and leave quickly rather than sitting and causing more damage.

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic… (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Apr 05 2018].

Seqex is highly sought out for Mental Health & Brain issues such as Parkinson’s, Autisim, ADHD, ADD, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety by using its brain wave settings such as Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma and a Fibonacci Frequency. Check out what happened when 3 children with Autism slept on the Seqex.

I will be sharing more information on how it works, benefits and the device.

To purchase a Seqex Device or for more information, contact or Shelly 289-926-8884


Ion Cyclotron Resonance
» Origins of Seqex®
Based on the original writings of Abraham R. Liboff ~ Professor Emeritus Ph.D., New York University
The Seqex® device was developed based on research conducted
in the mid-1960s by the scientist W.R. Adey, who discovered that
it is possible to stimulate the biological ions in living organisms
using extremely low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic

Dr. Oz on PEMF Therapy

Valerio Founder and Owner of Seqex

Kim Sartor Seqex Canada – United States Rights for Distribution

Dr. Magda Havas and Researcher ION Cyclotron Resonance Seqex Energy

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