Sun in Creation ~ Divine Emergence

From my experiences put into recent new writings and an expert from my book combined. The Beginning is Creation with Love, The Ending is the Death of Fear. The New Beginning.

The Sun’s Spin and Creation as experienced by Me.

The Spinning Sun is composed of the Divine Source Feminine and the Divine Source Masculine. It is White Diamond Ray with Golden Light Ray and the spectrum of Rainbow Rays. The White and Gold Light Spins while it expands in my Third Eye where my I AM Presence shows me itself.

The DNA Codes spin occurs as the Light expands like a spider weaving it’s Web of Light. The Web of Light is perfected symmetry and sacred sequences of geometric shapes. It is measured precisely by a line/strand, blue print encircled around the Sun, dictating with frequency the creation, spinning, multiplying, pro-creating a new web of light.

The DNA strand of the Galactic Sun Codex can be explained visually as a line that measures the numerical (not mathematical) sequence of the light in creation. You could imagine it like a decorative earth/ world globe on a stand where the steel round circle through and around the earth’s globe in steady circumference as the world spins within the numeric scale. The DNA strand around the Sun is the scale of measurement that dictates the spin, expansion, energetic nuclear fusion

This New Sun is in the process of a Merge with Earth. It is a New Creation created by the finest of the God Creators who can recreate themselves as a New Sun, & Planets and New Universes.

This New World is our Universe. The off spring is the Suns and Planets like of the Earth. Within this Sun that Nurtures the New Earth is the Ultra Violet Pink Light and Rainbow Rays of Light. Mother Arc and Father God completely in unison and creation mode.

Picture This and Utilize Your Light:

I had a Visit into the Galactic Central Sun~ SunGate, so much was revealed of this Golden Existence by “Language of Immense Light”. Witnessing this with my Soul’s eyes thus using words to describe its complexity is difficult. It is a genius engineering of millions upon trillions of sacred geometric systems running simultaneously like a galaxy size grandfather galactic clock, moving and spinning slowly with solar fire, such godly elegance and power. I recognized the Goddess Energy, it was both masculine and feminine energy however the feminine aspect felt predominant to me like a Sun Goddess.

I travelled through the Sun Gate of our I AM presence via the third eye meeting it, it travelled through me and I travelled through it while downloading codes into my third eye, this is the I AM presence conjunction of the Galactic Central Sun.
Stargate of The Omni Presence, The Alpha Omega God Creator, The Zenith Point, Goddess Feminine Energy, The exquisiteness, the beauty, the symmetry, the luminosity, the astonishing, breath taking presence of this Gold, Yellow, White, Silver Supreme Light Eternal Sun.

Made up of a perfected sacred geometric Star Temple similar to Metatron’s Cube, spinning like a Ferris Wheel in perfect sequence and symmetry, yet burning at its core yellow and white, shinning and sparkling with white blinding light pouring into it from the all that is, constant pouring in of the Central Sun like a Niagara falls, and this white silver light released by the right “hand and heart” area, the hand of God dissolving what is to be dissolved and the heart evolving what will transcend, this light so bright, illuminated by a thousand sun’s that does all the transmuting of all which no longer belongs. Transmutes and transcends all it is sent, for justice, to this “GALACTIC GODDESS” what is to be dissolved or evolved. This was overwhelmingly magnificent.

Later it was revealed to me this is the Sun Energy of my I AM PRESENCE and the Sun Disc ever present within all my bodies, The Galactic Core of Creation fuelled by a thousands of Sun/Light Family.

After publishing this article I found another spiritual teachers clairvoyance/confirmation of the Sun’s communication and change. Here is the video by Aluna Ash that describes the Sun’s Electric and Magnetic pull as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which is a metaphor for the Christ’s return via the feminine being the dominant energy this time around to bring about the balance for the world.

Here is a post from a lady in Sweden with similar insight to what my visions are when I anchor the light during meditation. My mediation for clearing, recharging and balancing is to anchor the Light of the Galactic Core of Creation into Earth, when I do this I see the Sun & Feel it within the Earth shoot back up and expand, expand, expand and re-connect with the Galactic Sun Goddess surrounded by a thousand Suns. This image and post would depict it well

Image by Isa De Sousa 26/11-2018. “Today on the way home, I saw that image. The Light in the middle seemed to sprout from the earth, and stretch towards the sun. 13 degrees negative here in the neighbourhood! Sweden, västerås. 13 degrees below zero.”

Please refer to blog for full explanation of this video and to the disclosure article of of sun and solar system as creation.

Fusion of Spirit and Science ~ Truth is Creation

Here is some scientific combined with spiritual information: by Ruppert Sheldrake

I AM ~ Saishorie~Grace as above,
Shelly Sullivan so below.

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