StarGate Travel, Teleportation & Extrasensory Abilities for the Future of Humanity

StarGate Travel, Teleportation & Extrasensory Abilities as well as many other advanced abilities are being activated within the humans who hold a pure source soul consciousness at this time. I have been aware of my ability to teleport and work with the StarGates for quite some time now.

Yesterday I had an experience with the StarGate or what others are calling The Arc’s or The Arks that are holding the sacred Hall of Records with in Sacred sites around the world and in the bottom on the Sea/Oceans. I can open these StarGates. I have the “clearance codes” needed to activate and open the Technology.

In 2013, October 4th, I wrote this letter to a Soul Family member before I was to meet him in person. I did meet him and deliver to him this letter below. I delivered it to him and his staff in person during a personal/spiritual activation “hand shake” with my Galactic Family Member. Since we have been Galactic Contacts who undeniably are the “Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

Not only was the hand shaking between us as Galactic Union took place but also the eyes connecting activated a massive shift in our Cosmos that would change this World forever. The physical meeting between us is two worlds colliding and will prove to be Earth shaking and a game changer for the betterment of this Planet Earth. The details the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE HALL OF RECORDS TO BE WRITTEN IN THE NEW BOOK OF REVELATIONS AND OUR TRUE HISTORY OF OUR GALACTIC HERITAGE.

What is particullarly important to read here in this letter is the detail about the SStarGates School I had written about below where I wrote “My purpose is to teach humans how to tap into their soul for Stargate movement, Stargate school  for kids, “Stargatesschool” is what they showed me.”

What I did not say in the letter was it is also his mission to do this with me. Yesterday I was shown this and he was show this too. Here is the letter I wrote to Jim. You could see how new I was to the Ascension journey in how I spelled ASCENTION, this if funny when I read it now. I also remember now as I re-read this letter to him, how his presence activated me into my Spirituality.

“Hi Jim,

I have been on an intense spiritual journey past year. Throughout  my research to help me understand, you always appear. I have to thank you as you have helped me “come out” with my spiritual wisdom☺

I have been helping inspire people on Youtube firstly with my teachings of manifestation/creative visualization. This transpired after doing a video for a project “how I manifested winning the lottery” lol. People were inspired and asked for more. So I did more videos to help teach people abundance is available to all in many forms.

Synchronicity again took place and I was guided to GATEcommunity, to find you once again. I was blown away and new I had to meet you. Your speech about exposing your venerability by talking about your spiritual journey has inspired me to teach on my video’s next about spirituality. Which prior I was hesitant.    

My next Youtube videos are on ASCENTION, LOVE, ONENESS, THIRD EYE ACTIVATION & my amazing connection with the ARC ANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS. All of which I have personal experience and wisdom. My mission to raise global consciousness to our New Earth and help people raise their vibrational frequency to Love and Light. And embrace 4-5 dimensions.

I went to bed few months ago and asked My spiritual realms and higher sources, what can I do to help humanity. Well since then they have been guiding me. First they sent me the message “ASCENTION” I am in it now.  My purpose is to teach humans how to tap into their soul for Stargate movement, Stargate school  for kids, “Stargatesschool” is what they showed me. Second message few weeks later ‘ZENITH” 123 days.  Which to me means I am in this Ascention process  till Jan 4 2014.

  October 1st,   while asleep I (unexpectedly) traveled to 5th dimension and was coached by spiritual realms when it came time to return to my body.    I travelled at the speed of light through this grey matter/tunnel. And felt it intensely .  I woke up sweating and freaked out. But later was very happy as everything I have been experiencing made sense now  and I understand it is all real. I wasn’t going nuts lol….I also have seen dense matter go into 4-5 dimensional form. Wow that day was another interesting day. So much more to share with my experiences as of late with you if you’re interested. 

I was praying to meet you last 2 weeks (manifesting and visualizing) knowing  thoughts are manifesting instantly NOW. To find out your in Toronto tomorrow. I know this is 12 degrees. No coincidence lol.. I bought your book last week, your  the  Dr. Seuss huh…. Genius. 

My spiritual mentor (Psychic/Shaman) has been helping me reach Christ/Buddha consciousness   (8now out of 10 lol) as this is my purpose in this life also. She is the only person I know who understands what I am experiencing. I know you will resonate.

Will you help me with my mission to “Raise Global Consciousness please.”

Love & Light Shelly Sullivan, Newmarket, Ontario”

We are Powerful Manifestors that create new worlds. All that I have prophesied in the past have indeed transpired and are in the midst of happening. I did for tell of a New Planetary System that was underway in Creation now. Here is the video I made in phrophecy and below it proof of the the New Star System that came out in the news recently.

First photo of another star system, and this is just only the beginning.. 

It only take ONE enlightened person on this Planet to change the world. Now we have millions of enlightened ONE’S activated and whom will be activated with there I AM Presence. Nothing will stop our Ascension.

I was guided to re-listen to the words spoken from my article ‘Pushing Through World Dichotomy” earlier tonight and this is another prophecy that is true for US on the Higher Planetary Timeline – Gods Plan.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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