The Sphinx – Hall of Records

More and more people in the “awakened community” are being activated for the Revelations that are opened up and being activated now for Earth, Gaia, Humanity and the Galactic Family. The technology below the Sphinx is being activated and I am/WE are part of this energetic work that is being carried out.

After watching the below videos and various other insight from many others which I will include links below, I am brought back to my experience last year in Costa Rica. I was reminded to when I was activated by my Lion/Sphinx Avatar Being. Something I did not write in this blog that came back to me was that I remembered my being a “Guardian of the Sphinx”. Back then it did not seem significant to write about, but now it certainly does.

Here is the article excerpt”

Details of the Divine Feminine Anointment with the Lion Solar Christ God Head

“During my daily Golden Light Meditation I was taken by surprise in my Cosmic Mind with the word “Tail”. I mindfully reacted “Tail, what tail?” All of the sudden a large tail started to form in my third eye, and grew into a massive Lion fur, muscle and all. The Lion grew into a size of a large tower and now to come to think of it a Sphinx but a real animal lion with fur etc. It was Golden, the spine of the Lion represented the strength and back bone, the mane was massive and golden light wispy in the wind, the paws are what made me think of the Sphinx in Egypt. 

This Lion grew around me and merged with me. I had the merge before with the Lion head, however this time it was the whole body as well. I was shown where we were to go and anchor this Christ Light. We both stood under the Sun in the Sea of water where I currently reside. Our Light body turned into a Stargate.

Just before this experience upon waking up out of dream state, I witnessed my Beloved Masculine connecting with the God Head. I saw his face and eyes so clearly looking into the Heavens. It is hard to describe in words all the image portrayed, and it was not just a image, it was a flash of him at that very moment in his home connecting with the God Source. I saw his face and eyes every line and feeling that transmitted from the connection. It was the most beautiful image I have ever witnessed, right up there along with the experience when my Son was born and seeing his face for the first time.  It was our Spirit connecting through what is known as bi-location. I could see him in his space and feel his experience. “This is the connection with God Source”…I thought.

Later that morning upon getting up after this Cosmic download, Myself and my HigherSelf – the Lion Being walked down to the Sea of aqua marine water and stood on the beach. Together the Sun met our presence and we created with our Merkaba a StarGate. I repeated the truth,  I AM, I AM MY I AM PRESENCE, I AM ONE WITH THE I AM PRESENCE, I AM ONE WITH ALL THAT IS, I AM THE GOLDEN DIVINE FEMININE, I AM THE LION GODDESS OF THE COSMIC SOLAR CHRIST FAMILY. I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM ONE WITH ALL THAT IS, I AM THE DIVINE MOTHER. The dialogue went on and the ceremony was carried out.  I rightfully accepted this anointment as I have earned my place fully and completely with the Christ God Head.

I don’t say this at all in a way of being conceited, it has been earned after all the extreme work of dismantling, clearing and healing I have accomplished that has taken up many of my nine lives as a Lion. I was very proud of myself to finally meet this victory. Later I questioned is all this real?

I thought back to the morning and remembered yet another experience just before the Tail started to form. I was having somewhat of a uncomfortable dream whereby I was being forced to hug a strange man, while I felt vulnerable. After a time I hesitantly approached the man I was being force to hug in my raw state, he was revolting and awful looking. Just before the hug was to take place my Twin appeared and blasted away the nightmare like it had never taken place. It was just he and I together as the World turned. I laughed and thought “this is the end of the nightmare”.

Again I asked myself is this real, I knew it was from one level as all my life’s journey has been about the resurrection of the Divine Feminine. I had only equated it to the Divine Feminine Christ as of the last few years because God and the Christ had come to me a few times by this point as I have written about. And all my other heavenly experiences showed this as well.

Still on cloud nine all day, I decided to watch a show to get my mind in more earthly things and ground somewhat to this reality. After the 3rd episode on Netflix which I rarely watch only to ground to this weird reality, did I get a light bulb moment to turn it off and go outside.  I went out side and sat in a chair and looked into the Sky. I was astounded by what I witnessed.

I witnessed thousands of Stars over top of my house that I am staying in. I am currently in a Blue Zone of the Earth. I was is utter shear joy as to what was in the Sky. This was not just any Starry beautiful night. These Stars were all surrounded my house in the back yard. I went into the front of the yard to see how it looked in the Sky. There were no Stars in the front. As I sat and watched the Stars gathered there to celebrate todays ceremony I felt love and gratitude of the Star Family. It is all telepathic. I sat for a while and as I sat one by one each of the Stars began to ascend back into the milky way. I watched as the sky cleared from the left to the right and eventually the Star Family dissipated back to there realms. It was beyond miraculous and I can never explain in words the Love and gratitude we shared February 4th.

This was indeed a huge celebration. What has been accomplished here on Earth is God sent. We have and are Ascending. The New Earth is to be Created and WE are the Creators. So it IS.”

Now I am including the part that I recollect this giant Lion was guarding the technology and “hall of records”, technology at the site of the Sphinx in Egypt. This guardianship has much to do with the Christ Consciousness upon this Earth and the ordained Twin Flames of the Seventh Ray in this new dawn we approach of the Golden Age.

I received a synchronistic message this morning in my email. This email I have never receive before from this website, but peculiarly I did this morning. Receiving this message in a timely manner after contemplating the past lives of Saint Germain – Lady Portia, Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene and how it relates to my current incarnation with my Masculine Twin Flame.

Videos relating to this:


In this video Todd and David speak of the Sphinx and technology being activated thus the Revelations that is taking place on the Earth at this time. David freezes at that exact word REVELATIONS.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan


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