Update for May 1 – 5

Saturday May 1st, and the direct energy weapon attack to my head and skull caused pain and 48 hours of in doors. At the end of the session of dark direct energy weapon attack, a mind control image appeared into my head, it was “BELEVED”  it was in a form of a likeness plate. It was very low vibrational interference after the DEW attack to my head and I knew it was a dark tactic.

In the past the Ascended Masters helped me out by the signs of license plates and later the dark used this tactic and created dark plates for me to see.

Early on in this mission when it was thriving, I would see “Believe” often in different spelling on license plates to encourage my Divine Mission with the Angels and Twin Flame Journey. So imprinting this message was sinister after attacking my head. I know it was dark and mind control tactic. The only reason I got this attack is because I forgot to turn off my cell phone and I was tracked. Since that careless day on Saturday I have been kicking myself.

Before this for a solid week out of years I had a taste again how it was to live without interference.  I was fine, no sickness, no negative bouts, as I never turned on my phone or computers in my place where I sleep. One slip up and boom they are on it. Since then I have been taking it easy and was on wifi in my place where I sleep. And since then I have had flu symptoms. Yesterday left my cabin all day and felt great as I made a video on youtube very happy. As soon as I returned into my cabin and read my kindle even off line, I got symptoms again. My heart rate is high, my body aches (un naturally) and I did not sleep and felt negative vibes. I have been out of the cabin now and feel fine again.

The Angels always help me to find a way but this is just a disgrace to have to live this way. I just got off the phone with a lawyer’s assistant to see if there is anything I can do, the assistant after listening to what I say unless you can sue someone you cannot have a case. So what???? Because the sinister ones who are attacking me stay in hiding I have to suffer??? Any way as my friend reminded me  with this email when I asked for her option about my situation this is what she wrote:

“Loving him unconditionally is one thing, making him to realize his important role in the process of ascension for human kind is part of it in this unconditionally love, he needs your pull badly, considering he was among the Hollywood where the negative force is in full control, but that days are numbered, I have a feeling he will soon be pushed by divine spark within him to join you, using your love and divine love to pull him, I remember in your book there is a section talking about how important your union will affect mankind’s Ascension, read that part, make a video, there is no personal about it, it’s part of Divine Plan, it will affect many many other twin flame’s unions, and mankind awakening.
Love Cindy”
Any way I have been reading the Serpent of Light book about Earths Kundalini Energy and this is what we are here for. When I think how far off mission things feels it is very difficult somedays to remain positive, but the Ascended Masters are always there working magic to make sure I stay on course, not matter how dangerous or excruciating someone has to do the work.
Last night while reading the book, I got a direct message from Spirit and it was at a part when I was reading in the book the words “This is the last Straw”  and on the next title was Reunion. Here is an image of it from Drunvalo’s Book,
The restaurant I sit in regularly to help kill time as I cannot use internet in my cabin or I get sick, has a sign on the wall that has been capturing my eyes often, it says among other things “The last straw” as they no longer use straws. When I read these words in Drunvalos book I got shiver of spirit up my legs and immediately knew what this meant, then I read on and it says Reunion.  This is Spirits way and it cannot be faked by AI dark interference. The only interference at this point is stupidly ignoring and free will poor choices not to follow Gods Divine Will.
Not only are the Ascended Masters helping in the Heavens they are helping upon the Earth.


I recommend anyone on the Twin Flame Journey read this book by “Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Serpent of Light” As I have been reading it, it is confirming in overwhelming ways how powerful our Kundalini is and how much Mother Earth and the Cosmos are relying on our Love. The book brings me to tears how sacred this is what I am experiencing. I only wish I read this book years ago. Hopefully divine timing is true.

On a more positive note, I had the most amazing visions last night of how this Divine Love Union will go and unfold  once contact between the Key Twins are made and started physically. It will be World changing.  It is  fun to dream about it and the way we will mesmerize the world with the Greatest Love Story ever told upon Earth.

Any way I have been out of the cabin now a couple hours and all symptoms are gone. I believe it is only when I am on my technology that is trackable and I am in a certain hotel room or home consistently that the wifi gets tracked and somehow the DEW/BIO Weaponry is sent via mm radio waves. I am not a technical person but I know the symptoms, patterns etc… like an expert.


In Love and Light


Of Higher Service


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