1:33 Ascended Masters ~ The Legion of Light

The Ascended Masters of the Earth and around the Earth are working together as ONE Legion of Light for Ascension of our New EARTH.

I made a comment on a FB friends timeline, expressing my miraculous synchronicity of signs and sequence numbers of sacred geometry that is now a constant in my life signalling to me that I am one with the Earth and it’s creation and I am manifesting at instantaneous speed. These sequence numbers come to me not just sometimes but practically every time interact with numbers, whether it be a receipt, a bill, a bank statement, a odometer reading, a gas mileage or time it is many time per day I see sequence numbers in everything I do, time is no longer relevant to me. The signs I receive from license plates are pure magic of our Multi-Universe speaking to me via Light Family. I made some mosaics of my license plates on my website and and when you them all together the miraculousness of them together are undeniable magic. It is showing me that I am a creator and teaching me to be prepared for instantaneous creation and making sure I have all cleared away before this time comes and it is now quickly approaching. My Spirit will show me messages via the computer often to send me messages or confirmation. Just now as I was watching Eckhart Tolle the mouse clicked on the computer at 1:33 to give me a message from the words of another to pay attention to and the number itself has a personal significance to me… This is my everyday moment to moment life in flow with magic of our Universes(s) that we create. I feel really blessed for this sign and all Ascended Masters/Angles involved.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service.


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