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I have been saying this for years ” I am Human here”. I say this as my Spiritual Being is the one that drives and motivates this body & me and I know my HigherSelf/Aspect is in charge. However my human is suffering as a result because it feels like it has taken as back seat in this game on physical earth and she has. My Spirit’s ability to work through me is so mastered that balancing the human and spirit is quite difficult.

This is where my Twin comes in. He is the Matrix Twin, Master of the Earth REalm, has the ability to ground this connection of “OUR” Spirit into Matter. Which is what this whole Twin connection is about, anchoring SPIRIT into MATTER of the Earth.

With out this grounding of the “Spirit Twin” into Matter Earth, it feels like it is dying over and over and it has for good reason of clearing etc. But now it is just to much to physically deal with. My body is physically taking the hit. It was enough when emotionally it was excruciating but now its is effecting my physical body to be in this Union iwth out physical electrical connection with my masculine Twin. The Human of this Spiritual Twin is over taxed and either needs to be connected and grounded with the Matrix Twin, or this connection will burn out. To get through daily life at this point is actually getting difficult because of this ungrounded connection with you, my Twin. I need to function optimally LITERALLY. Function is the name of the studio/gym I go to. Since this mission my ability to preform like I used to as a athlete has decreased. Due to 2 reasons 1) my expansion of holding light sun codes and rays 2) the sacrifice I made to expose radiation exposure – 5G, Bio Weaponary etc..

Luckily my past 25 years in the gym has kept me strong and youthful, I know with truth frequency, grounding and love I will bounce back instantly and I would be stronger than ever. This has been an mission from hell as you know, I want to move into the “golden” years of now and optimal wellness in all ways. This is not a plea, this is the way it is.

I had a therapeutic session with a energy healer who as usual my HigherSelf channeled through him and he practically shouted out while in the healing “Yes you are human”. This was last year when I just started to realize from a human perspective, that my human has been put second for far to long through out this 6 year mission. Now I finally hear it again, channeled via Manna.

My physical body has taken enough of the back seat to let the Spirit dominate, nurture, love, connect and navigate this Twin Flame mission. But now the/my physical body has went without this nurturing and physical love for too long (11 years) and its suffering from this lack of physical connection, love, understanding and touch. It was all good for so many years however this has gone on way to long and cannot maintain this Twin Flame Union on Spiritual connection alone.

Take the risk, before its to late.

In Love and Light

Shelly …

Of Higher Service


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