5G Mission Part 3 ~ Country Living Escape From the “Plandemic”

September 8th, 2020

Here is an update of since my last article of escaping up north after 5 years of attacks of 5G Radiation – High Voltage Electricity and Advanced Surveillance and Interference toward me.

5G Mission Part 2 ~ Country Living Escape From the “Plandemic”

I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in Port Carling, I had to make the move fairly abruptly so I had to take what I could get. The spot seemed beautiful and the lake view is spectacular. However resort living is not for me and paying $3000.00 a month is just another hard hit I have had to take to my financial situation. Besides paying way to much for rent ( I can hardly believe I no longer own a home) living around vacationers partying all the time in a building that is not properly insulated has not been very relaxing. But that is all manageable, what is not manageable is how the toxic levels of the new building codes are effecting me. 

When this building was refurbished and renovated the buildings manager told me early on that “they” the stipulations of new building codes, which I suppose would be the government insisted on “lots of lighting” and “Bell High Vibe Cable”. I feel the radiation and it is very stressful to my body on all levels. Although not as bad as in New Market it still unhealthy for me. The place is nice, here is the website of where I currently rent.


 however can only stay for so many days at a time before I feel lethargic. Keeping in mind I found this set up across the lake.

Smart meter image

So yet again I have had to find a less radiated cottage near water on short notice. When I got to this place I was very humbled and relieved to be near water and grass for myself and my dog. I felt better, however staying in this place was good for a couple of summer nights, now that autumn is approaching its very cold as it is not winterized. Not being winterized is a good thing as the voltage is not tampered with dirty electricity etc…

The day I took video of this place and looked at the footage as I was shooting,  I broke into tears. It just hit me how low I have had to go to seek safety and a $1000/week cottage for a non radiated roof over my and my dogs head. Spirit in fact flickered the lights on and off to show me to make sure I get the footage of where I am pushed to be from major interference and no help from any human being, I have been completely physically on my own through out this nightmare.

I want my Twin to see the images of where I have been forced to stay for health reasons and ask you Jim, how much longer are you going to pretend this is not going on, how long are you going to pretend that I don’t exist in your life????

When my case finally goes to court, which it will, this will be further proof of my dire circumstances from being attacked for years and a Unjust, Unfair situation.

I have lost 2 millions dollar houses that I owned, 1 million dollar home I rented, Now the expensive apartment is no longer affordable for me. My financial savings have gotten very low, my family does not understand what is happening to me and I have ZERO physical assistance. But all that is nothing when compared to all  I have lost of everything I love. Now I am wondering what the fuck is next.

Here is the cottage most recently:

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am at the point of having a nervous breakdown as I write this.  I ask, why the fuck has the truth not come out from my Twin who knows full well whats been happening. This has gone on long enough. Why the hell have you not contacted me my mailing address, email and phone are all public.. This is a fucking crime what is happening.  I suggest you get a hold of me to heal this shit.

Now where do I sleep, in the no heat cottage tonight feeling scared and cold or the radiated hotel room. How could you let it get this far.

Now I have to move again as I cannot stay here and I refuse to pay out $3000 per month when all I have left is not much. No Twin Flame of a wealthy man whom she has been involved with like a marriage should be put in this situation, especially after all I have sacrificed for this sacred mission. 

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