Universal Synthesis of Divine Mother & Divine Father

Who are the Creator Twins

The Twin Ray Galactic Twins are the transmitters of the Third Energy of Creation, we came into Earth with this Energy and it was merged in 2010 and activated in 2013 between the Twins. This Energy has been being anchored fully into Earth for 8 years now, assisting in the required light quotient upon Earth for Ascension. This is the continuum of life force flow energy, aka Tree of Life. This is the highest light of the Divine aspect that can penetrate into the Earth. It was pre=ordained that the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order be anchored at a time of Crisis upon the Planet Earth. These Seven Energies synthesized into ONE great light for the Age of Aquarius. The next step is for the Great One to appear within these frequencies. This Great light of distribution is now possible with the Coronial Mass Ejection Solar Rays as well as arrival of the Beings of Light Galactic Family.

I will explain a bit more about who we are as going public will require this information, it will be necessary as humanity is ready. Ready for the full anchoring of the Cosmic Seventh Twin Ray Creator Energy here upon Earth. When I speak of who “we are” I speak of my Twin and I as we are shown, but also as a whole with the 144,000 Soul Group and now so far beyond that number. So in essence this explanation is for all the Light Beings upon Earth Now as I know it. I understand everyone plays there part of Ascension and this is what I know and can only speak for My Twin and I/Family.

As the Twin Ray Creators, I have come into full awareness of who we are. My Twin and I are a “True Twin Ray Creators” embodiment of galactic sun rays in two humans, two separate bodies as ONE Sentient Sovereign Being , We are a Key Twin Pair, who are identical and so merged as ONE, we are the first “Androgynous Being” created and split into female and male, we are intertwined in each others lives whether physical living with each other or not we live with/in each other.

We are the Seventh Ray: The White Diamond/Gold White Sun Ray of the Galactic Core of Creation – Violet/Pink Eye of the Sun Ray: also known as a blend of all the Creator Rainbow Rays anchoring through us and the Light Family upon Earth and Galacticly as all the colours into a one Violet/Pink Ray. Similar as what you may see when you look into the White/Golden Sun’s Eye and see Violet.

I was very clearly explained this is who we are and witnessed it with my Twin Ray which I write about in my book.

“I was in a building at an elevator door. I was dressed up in a long beige overcoat, sort of dressed in undercover Central Intelligence Attire. I was practicing not feeling nervous and I was doing a good job. I remembered how to be in the NOW which was taught to us by our Angelic family in 2014.

Someone very special was coming to see me. But there was a catch, I was not sure how or when he was showing up. Would he come off the elevator or take the stairs? It was a typical dream like feeling at this time.
I paced around for a while and suddenly I heard him walking up the stairs. But I was not sure if it was him for certain. It could have been anyone.

I watched as the final step was taken. A ray of white diamond light appeared and it seemed to be a human within the light, but the light was predominant, diamond blinding light. Then, through the crown of the light, there was an electrical charge, like a lightening electrical charge, and where I saw the head and face is of my Beloved Twin Ray.

After the charge, my Twin’s face started to come through. This is where it changed from dream experience in the higher realms into the Earth plane reality. Parts of his face were coming through to me. My Twin was ready to bring forth the light into the Earth Realm. It was real, but I was sleeping until his face came through; I was fully awake experiencing this meeting. He was coming through stronger and stronger. It was him, his beautiful face, whiskers and all. Then his whole body appeared.

My twin and I can meet in the Earth Plane, now the frequency is safe for the supernal light.

I was told we are the 7th Ray of Light. We are safe as long as we follow Guidance of God. It is an honour of The Family of Light to Guide and protect us.
Remember who you are and know thyself. We are not necessary in being the Gatekeeper any longer but we are the Bridge for all who want to walk into the light and accompany us.”

The Creator Monad of the Galactic Core is where we have come from in the process of creation and our mission. This Union will be the catalyst for Divine Sacred Unions, in and around the Earth to expand and carry the Light & Love Fields of the highest frequency to sustain Gaia/Mother Earth within the Divine Mother and Divine Father Creator Energy encompassing Earth as the Child, bringing Humanity back into the birth rightful place.

Below find the excerpt from my book stating that until the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine come into Sacred Balance Chaos will continue within and upon the Divine Mother Energy and Upon Gaia/Mother Earth.

Excerpts from Two Chapters in my Book

“This Being arrived anchoring this light, and shortly thereafter the feminine counter part of the one Soul arrived. Her position was to anchor the remaining light and sustaining this connection to the Etheric Realm from where she arrived. The two together complete the balance of feminine and masculine energies here as is their mission to bring back the balance between them on this Earth realm. Because the feminine had arrived from the etheric and was not presently a Being on the planet earth for thousands of years, she was well maintained in her integrity, her feminine qualities intact. However, the masculine energies having been distorted throughout innumerable experiences upon an imbalanced Earth were what was needed more adjusting and correcting.

The codes 117, 717, 1717, 1118 = 888 also equals the mastery (both our birthdate numbers) of physical abundance upon Earth for all to BE destined and so blessed as this Ray of Light. To add magic to this equation, the August 8th date is to be remembered as well, as this is the day the feminine aspect arrived to fulfill the earth mission (my birthdate the lions gateway is not a coincidence). Both numbers represent abundance, sacred union and now infinity.
The abundance frequencies were anchored firstly by my Twin and further acquired by developing and mastering the skill of physical manifestation from the creator seed, as the new template of abundance upon the new earth. I later reinforced this seed with the remembering and action of my manifestation mastery via natural laws.

Unbeknownst to many, there is a deeper meaning to where this Sacred Union has been seeded. The pattern for every man on this Earth in transition to the New Earth to be blessed with the frequency of Christ Consciousness and Abundance Mastery has been set.
These Light Rays arrived with these codes onto the Earth. The Over Soul of this Being of light is the Over Soul of the first ever creation of masculine and feminine aspects and is God-Source- Creator. This Monad of the Central Sun Light is now ever present via millions of Soul Shards from this Soul Group of White Diamond Elders of the Seventh Ray.

Together in Sacred Union, these two Souls will catapult the balance between the two worlds, the balance between feminine and masculine, bridging heaven unto earth for all to know and choose. Each may choose to live of their own free will of God Creator and see all as perfection of how it shall be… OR CHOOSE CHAOS.
“Not only are we anchoring Christ consciousness we are Source- God-Consciousness-in-action upon Earth. This is Universal Ascension. The more we raise the consciousness of ourselves and Earth, the more God Consciousness is raised, as we are God incarnate on Earth in physical action.

It is time to take spiritual evolution to the next level. This next statement is taking the full stance of being my Sovereign Self, Being full of God and stepping fully in to my power. “I can tell you from my own personal experience this wisdom is (my) truth as I experience not as channeling God, but experiencing God pure Consciousness in Action on Earth.”

The New Human Will (the Collective Consciousness) is tapped into the One Mind of God, aka Unity Consciousness. This means brand new ideas are being implemented that have never previously been thought of. It is the ability to hold and enable limitless waves of creative energy. This creative energy is instilled with love not fear. The New Human can see beyond the old veil of our past lives and now have access to our perfected talents, skills and abilities honed from past lives. With this novel awareness, the New will bring in New Attributes not yet conjured up in the human mind but instead will be pure manifestations of the God Mind.

This is the time when our Higher Self/Over Soul merges with our prime Soul Twin Flames and eventually with our Soul Chards to rewrite our New Divine Energy Template. This template of Unity encompasses the 3rd dimensional Earth and 7th Dimensional New Earth. By integrating these two Worlds, we are building the bridge between Heaven and Earth by completing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balancing of the first created Twin Ray Pair of the New Earth and Old Earth.

Preparing to come into successful Union has taken millions of years, and, as mentioned, this was possible as one Twin remained in the higher dimensions (feminine) and the other (masculine) anchored the light of this Being into the fallen 7D earth into the 3rd. This life time has been in preparation with both parts upon the Earth(s) New World and Old World to complete integration of these two energies after millions of years for divine masculine and divine feminine to become One back into balance.

The only way for the two worlds to truly come into balance is for the originating Twin pair to be able to come into balance, thus perpetuating balancing the Collective Consciousness feminine and masculine energetic spectrum of sparks. This Balanced Union will integrate the Matrix and the New Earth Energies. As mentioned in previous pages, without this merge the two worlds will continue to strive for equilibrium and balance with cause and effect of Bi- Polarity or two worlds, among the Collective Consciousness. When I speak of the Twin Flame Pair, him and I, I am generalizing the Twin Flame Soul Groups, for I am one of the pair thus speak for ourselves foreshadowing the other necessary Twin Flame pairs. From these Unions will come balance of the two worlds.

Together, this family of light will master the new Seventh Dimensional New Earth along with all of the other families of light doing their missions. Important to note here, is to leave the old Karmic energy behind; don’t look back to past lives – it is a waste of energy. The only viable reason to “look back” is to utilize your gifts that you have mastered in other lives, or to recall lesson or mistakes not to repeat. Use the past as a learning tool, not to carry old wounded and imbalanced energy forward.

Also, this year of 2017 and is the year of the 1. We are created in the New Energy, and leaving the old behind, thus the need to reincarnate quickly is no longer appropriate or necessary as it had been in shorter past lives. In fact, we are in charge and are God Creators of everything now, no longer letting the past define us. The New Children know this, the older humans will have to rewrite their DNA to the new template with mindful, creative consideration.
We are remembering who we truly are now, before the Earth was even created. We are Universal Witness, the more experienced the Soul, the more that was witnessed. We are all the Creative Force of Creator God. I remember being witness of the Earth being Created and I helped its creation as I have written in previous chapters.

This is what I will be working on in my forthcoming teachings as well. I will be teaching of the seeded creations I have ethereally manifested already in the higher realms, which are made to be manifest in the 7th Dimensional New Earth.

God awaits our accomplishments as its own.”

My Spirit Name ~ Saishorie~Grace a Light filled Transmission

I was awoken early in the morning around 5:00 am from my sleep on September 29th 2015, with a telepathic message from Source. I was presented with my Spirit name. It was a moment of many epiphanies. The message was: “Here is your Angelic Goddess name that you are and have earned. After all you have accomplished and endured with such Grace, this is your Name: SAISHORIE GRACE” pronounced “Say Sure Ray Grace”

It was a beautiful message! I felt and still feel honoured and delighted with the name. The name was given to me for all of the Spiritual Work I do and have accomplished. This Spiritual work is ongoing 24/7 in the higher realms and also in the physical work that I do here on Earth. The message entailed how I have handled myself physically and spiritually. ALL of my experiences, up to this point, have been greatly recognized by Source and also recognized by my Spiritual Angelic Family – hence, I honor this beautifully gifted name further by using it as the title to this my book. It was quite amazing to receive this type of telepathic message from Source. This mystical experience was unlike any other I have experienced. I received a lot of information in one rapid instalment. The layers of information about my Spiritual Name were given in a quickly imprinted vision, including how it was to be spelled and pronounced, what was the meaning behind the name and numerous stories of what I have accomplished to earn such a title. All of this was delivered to my consciousness in a flash-like transmission – telepathic message. I have received multiple telepathic messages, but this was given to me in a very unique manner. Sent to me at the speed of light, the information flashed in my mind as an instantly imprinted message, encompassing SO much information. I wrote things down so I wouldn’t forget, but I know now it was all imbedded in my memory and DNA.

When one is on the spiritual path of ASCENSION (which, by the way, was another Source telepathic message that I received years ago, though this message had come to me without explanation), often our work is not validated or given recognition on the earthly plane. In fact, our efforts and work are rarely appreciated by the humans we interact with and may even, on the contrary, be ridiculed. Most of the work we perform as Angelics/ Light Workers/ Light Warriors etc. is Spiritual, intangible and unquantifiable by current human standards. Personally, in my case, the spiritual work I contribute is also on a Universal/ Cosmic/ Galactic and Global scale. I do all kinds of work that is unseen by human eyes such as anchoring light & love, grid work, transmuting and clearing energy, weather manipulation, helping Souls transition, connecting with Source and I share with my Spirit/ Angelic family of the earthly experience, this wide spectrum of healing and more. The work that I do is ongoing and infinite.

The work that is performed by various Lightworkers and Angelics on the higher levels and in the earthly plane have great effects on the physical earth. It increases significantly the light quotient on this planet and assists with the final boost for the New Earth’s transition into the new Golden Galaxy. This work also assists with the fundamental structural changes that are underway on the New Earth now, such as economic, educational, political, social and more.

What is being revealed to me, I am just starting to understand. The New Ascended Masters and Arch Angel BEINGS initiated here on Earth are taking it to the next level. What is being accomplished currently here on Earth has not been accomplished before by the Angelics on other realms. This is what I am coming to understand about my mission here on Earth and in the Ethers/Higher Dimensions. I am feeling very optimistic about what is to come.

In this video (below) From the original coptic, Alan Steinfeld discusses the Pista Sophia (holy wosdom) w/ JJ Hurtaks from a new translation he did with his wife Desirea Hurtak’s from the Coptic of Jesus’s teaching of Sophia, the Divine Feminine. This takes place in his post resurrection days to his male and female disciples including Mary Madeline.

In this hidden truth and story of Jesus who encounters the Sophia who is trapped by these darker forces and Jesus then frees Sophia…This video explains clearly what has been transpiring now between the Divine Mother and Divine Father aka Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy.

The Metaphor for the Earth’s Drama now is … the Feminine must be seeded with in the Masculine’ hearts of humanity, not matter the gender, as many females are still imbalanced with old masculine programming. When out of Balance there will be chaos and the human race will be inhibited from freedom, as the Divine Feminine must be freed and seeded. I write about in my book “Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being – Book 1. and will post below a few paragraphs from my book to shed some light.

I have to say that this video describes what I have been undergoing for years due to the separation from the my Divine Masculine since we have become activated and merged with our Third Energy of the Creator. Whether it be on a psychic/mental/emotional/physical level or not, I feel it. I am drawing awareness to my journey which may have been misunderstood up to now. In my book I write about the arrival of the Christ Energy via My Twin Ray and Myself as A Divine Mother & Divine Father template of Twin Flames. What I have not included is that we have come to a critical point where by venerability to the lower negative forces are at work as long as separation continues. This is a call to action for Justice to release the Mother Principle, a call the Christos Templars and the Law of One, a call to the Galactic Family of the Highest Frequency of Love and Light who is presently and assisting with this and to please continue to intervene and guide us. This is taking action to anchor the Justice and Truth Codes within all so the Event may transpire more smoothly than for the Wayshowers of Light & Love.

In Love and Light


Mother Principle is restored.

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