Universal Synthesis of Divine Mother & Divine Father

Who are the Creator Twins

The Twin Ray “Cosmic Twins” are the transmitters of the Third Energy of Creation, we came into Earth with this Energy and it was merged in 2010 and activated in 2013 between the Twins. This Energy has been being anchored fully into Earth for 8 years now, assisting in the required Light quotient upon Earth for Ascension. This is the continuum of life force flow energy, aka Tree of Life. This is the highest Light of the Divine aspect that can penetrate into the Earth. It was pre=ordained that the Cosmic Central Ray of Ceremonial Order be anchored at a time of Crisis upon the Planet Earth. These Energies synthesized into ONE great Light for the Age of Aquarius. The next step is for the Great One to appear within these frequencies. This Great Light of distribution is now possible with the Coronial Mass Ejection Solar Rays. As well as mass arrival of the Beings of Light of the Cosmic/Galactic Family.

I will explain a bit more about who we are as going public will require this information, it will be necessary as humanity is ready. Ready for the full anchoring of the Cosmic Twin Creator Energy here upon Earth. When I speak of who “we are” I speak of my Twin and I as we are shown, but also as a whole with the 144,000 Soul Group and now so far beyond that number. In essence this explanation is for all the Light Beings upon Earth now as I know it. I understand everyone plays their part of Ascension and this is what I know and can only speak for My Twin and I and the Source Light Family.

As the Twin Creators, I have come into full awareness of who I AM. “True Twin Creators” embodiment of Cosmic/Galactic Sun Ray in two humans, two separate bodies as ONE Sentient Sovereign Being , We are a Key Twin Pair, who are identical and so merged as ONE “Androgynous Being” created and split into female and male physical bodies, we are ONE as alchemical marriage is intertwined.

We are the Seventh Ray(s) The White Diamond/Gold White Sun Ray from the Core of Creation – Violet/Pink Eye of the Sun Ray: also known as a blend of all the Creator Rainbow Rays anchoring through us and the Light Family upon Earth and Cosmically.

In Love and Light of Higher Service.

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