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Its the Solstice. The dark are doing everything they can to interfere with me as usual on a special gateway. Yesterday I was electrocuted by a direct energy weapon while laying on the beach I was completely paralyzed and being electrocuted where by my body was reacting just as tho a super shock was running through my body causing my hands to jolt and my body un able to move just the same as how someone’s body would react when being electrocuted. This has happened to me 3 other times but never was it so obviously a electrocution then it was this day. I knew something was up as spirit had forewarned me. My SIRIUSXM radio was going bonkers and my GPS on the way to the beach was tracking my whereabouts and saved my location at the beach where I was attacked. I even attempted to turn my GPS screen off 3 times and it was turned back on, all three times “by it self” This did leave me in shock. On the 19th of June I was hit with flu/cold symptoms again as per usual before any gateway. This has been happening for 5 years, so I wasn’t surprised. The flu wasn’t so bad since I have moved up North but still I am effected by the targeted attack of virus on me by the dark minions.

This weekend I was electrocuted, the skies over Lake Rosseau have been heavily sprayed with chemtrails. The black helicopters and Jet airplanes were hovering around up here in Port Carling where I live now just as they used to when I lived in Newmarket for the past 10 years. In the video below James Gilliand explains (at the end of video) that Helicopters and Jets are commonly taking frequency scans in places where HIGH frequency resides or ET’s Frequency are. However there are good military and bad so discernment  is needed in each case. 

My battery in my car is being drained again, when this happens I can tell the voltage is amped up in the location where my car is. My Mac computer has been completely wiped out by hacking, luckily I keep back ups. One back up I did not keep and I will summarize in this blog.

The out of Country Trips I have taken where I have been attacked by the cabal over the past 5 years are as follows: 

Florida – Doctors Health Conference in Fort Lauderdale: I was feeling drained all weekend and was unable to stand/serve at the booth where I agreed to help my friends out with the Seqex Technology (Tesla Technology) to talk to the Scientist, Doctors and professionals. By the 3rd night I was so sick with the flu and fever I had to cancel my flight home and book another flight for a day later when I could walk again. 

Cost Rica – Astrology Conference with Kaypache: I arrived feeling good but by the 3rd day I was sick with a flu and cold, as were many others on the resort. I was unable to attend most of the conference talks and just laid by the pool in the sun to feel better. By the end of the week I was being directly attacked with weapons and being electrocuted for days. Sacha Stone experienced this as he describes in a video. I had the same except my skin didn’t bubble up by the burns. I can’t remember if I had to postpone my flight home.

New York – Video Shoot with Alan Steinfeild of New Realities: The day before the trip I was feeling very sick and called a friend/healer for her advice, my question was this “I am following the guidance of my HigherSelf to continue on my mission and do a interview video with Alan in NewYork to promote my book being published, why am I feeling so sick?” I was in tears. She didn’t really know how to help me except doing a clearing. I was able to make the flight and felt better after leaving my home. I felt good the first day of shooting and editing the interview with Alan. By the second night “Full Moon” gathering at Alex Grey’s Art Gallery in New York. That night I was hit with such a stomach flu I had to lay in the car most of the night and util my flight the next day. I made the flight but was sick with stomach cramps and nausea. 

Rome and Sardina, Italy: Attacked by direct energy weapon while on the resort for days on end. 

Rome, Italy and surrounding area: sick with flu’s, ended up with a very rare parasite that nearly killed. me. I had blood work done that revealed this and I still work on it today. 

Every time I arrive home from any travel I get hit with a sever flu and cold for weeks.  These are just some of the trips I can recall at this time. I have travelled extensively through out my mission to help clear the Earth Grid and collective consciousness. 

I am being tipped off about many things and the cabal those dark mother fuckers are on there last legs. They have no idea what is about to be unleashed. They have no idea the trap they have created for themselves and what is really going on.

I hope and pray this is the last blog I ever have to write again on how the attacks are going. I am leaving the past behind and walking through the gateway into the golden age of truth and love.

I may have forgotten some of this update so check and do a re-read to see if I added any important info.


In Love and Light


Higher Self


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