The Night I Died

This Blog post is of a serious matter. These weaponry attacks I have experienced for over 4 years and have written of over 4-5 times, unfortunately I have been on my own with this fight as it has been so criminal that it has taken me a long time to believe what is truly happening here upon Earth and too humanity and I am living proof of this crime against me and others via the dark faction.

The dark faction is using directed energy weapons causing death (heart failure) which constitutes a war crime violating the fourth Geneva convention. Not only are the attacks causing death also, compromising immune system (parasites), purposely attacking humanities digestion systems, flus, colds, fever, allergies and mental depression for some to the point of suicide. I have been attacked with it all. I also had to combat Lyme disease over and over again and other digestion issues such as candida that mimics this so-called mosquito infectious disease. I endured direct energy weapons attack for the past 4 years to the point of death last week, February 24th/2018. I will explain in a bit.

Saishorie~Grace my Divine Feminine Goddess/Mother Energy has walked-in fully in 2014 integrated higher aspect of myself and is now in charge. The negative dark Beings do not like this, as the Mother energy has been compromised heavily in the higher dimensions this also manifested upon Earth as Deep State – Cabal dark humans purposely attacking the Divine Feminine and Awakened Light Workers globally. My Divine Feminine guides me along this mission, to physical death if necessary.

In summer of 2013 I was activated by the Twin Ray Central Suns by the orange and red fire rays of Light Activation. Now all my abilities are online. I publicly shared a video on this with millions so to help and fulfill my mission (see below for video and write up explaining this). After I released the video on this the energy attacks started and escalated into torture, terror attacks, physically and mentally. As I came out more and more with truth the attacks on my spiritual body and physical body escalated as well.

Twin Flames / Twin Rays and Self-Consciousness

My Being ONE with the Mother Gaia Earth I also felt and helped to heal Earth through my own healing. I endured what Earth also endured. My Goddess energy was trackable on every dimension and those who fought for control would do what they could to stop my mission. I only speak for myself here, but I know forsure there are many Divine Feminine who are being attacked and don’t even know it.

Just as Earth has been attacked by weapons, damaged by the run off of man made disease, astral, mental body attack, and absence of love, so to did I feel the pain as it manifested in my life by way of various Direct Weapon Energy Attacks by the Cabal. This caused suffering, torture, sickness and death, yes I died recently (Feb.24/2018) in the midst of the most volatile attacks of the dark for the battle of Earth. My bodily organs shut down, heart flat lined due to the extreme clean up and attacks going on at this time upon Earth and within the Galaxy. However it was necessary to get to this extreme to demonstrate I AM (we are) Spirit in a physical body having a human experience and nothing is more powerful than the Spirit of Love and Light Energy.

The Night I died

February 24th 2018 I died and I was resurrected. I witnessed the whole experience as upon coming back into consciousness my brain was fully calibrated and in tact. That night before going to sleep, I was severely stressed out as the direct energy attacks were rampant. My body was over taxed and my mind and spirit was exhausted. I went to sleep praying for help through this night as I knew something dreadful was transpiring.

I heard my Twin answer me and said he would be there to help me, this always comforts me but I was really in need of physical support and strength to get me through. Next thing I knew I was awake with the ONE mind on and experiencing Spirit “walking” back into my body.

This “Source Walk-In’ entered from the feet rather than the crown this time. I could feel the life force energy crawling up my legs connecting with every cell, blood vein, I could feel the suctioning of the tissue/liquid and life force energy, into my torso and as it grew closer to my heart I felt immense pressure and emotion, emotions so powerful I felt like I was going to explode. I witnessed some more with my mind/brain and this Being inside of me was alive and it was integrating with my esophagus, and sucking in my saliva. This happened over and over in intervals, the sensation of the live life force intertwining and integrating with my body, every part of my body. It was intense, it was absolutely immaculate life force energy resurrecting my limp body back to life.

I now understand it was the Spirit/Soul interacting with my physical body reading it and merging within, but at the time I was so freaked out that I thought I had a entity inside of me. It was the most powerful feeling inside of my body. I don’t really have the words to describe this. What I did feel and know with my mind and my body was I had died, left my body and came back to life slowly as my mind witnessed this. But this time I came back in with more higher aspects of my divine source self.

The night before I knew a life threatening direct energy attack was on its way. I just knew it. The attacks were now on a constant bases within my bedroom. Once I retired into my bed at night for the past several months or even year, I could barely get up once in bed. The mornings were even more challenging with constant weakness and cold symptoms and grogginess. I could only describe it as a feeling of radiation weakening me on a daily bases. I realized recently I had been targeted with direct energy attacks not only in the physical but also from he astral plane by negative entities/demonic entities continuing the battle on the Divine Mother Energy.

Once the merge transpired and I was capable of moving, petrified I called 911 stating that “I need some assistance to reassure my heart is ok” I may be having a heart attack and sever flu symptoms, I feel like I might not make it.” I was soaking wet in fever, sweaty and my whole body was severely ichy as this took place. My head felt like it was going to explode and I was nauseous.

The ambulance arrived and checked my vital signs and agreed I was very hot. The took my blood pressure and heart rate assured me I was not in critical condition. I felt better knowing my heart rate was normal and my blood pressure was stable although I was surprised at this. I was in shock and my body extremely stressed. I could barely speak as all that would come out was cries for shock to my body, I was having sever anxiety and sobbing scared.

Eventually they left and I was trying to logically make sense of what was happening. I asked myself, “Did I have another walk-in experience?” Did my Soul completely leave and die to be replaced with another?” “or was my soul accompanied by more higher aspects of my self?”

I soon confided in my Divine guidance and another advanced physical Being and my feelings were correct. I did experience death, resurrection by a walk in of the higher aspects of my source self.

Now how did I die? Well the direct energy attacks were so continuous as of late my body was getting tired. That night intuitively I knew something serious was going to happen and as I said, I prayed. The attack that night brought me into flat liner of my heart, my organs were shut down and something happened with my blood. I know that I had higher benevolent Beings of love working on me, there presence was there all along.

Before I completely came to, my son’s friend whom stayed over that night witnessed and heard me from the kitchen and described it as someone trying to wake me up and I was resisting. He described it like someone pushing on my body to wake me and I was moaning to say ‘no don’t wake me up.’ Half hour later I was awake. My dog was whining and crying when the benevolent presence had left. I knew all this by just knowing with my intuitive senses.

That was Saturday morning and I did not get out of bed except to pee and drink water for 3 days and to briefly start writing to help me heal and release. Getting up to go to the bathroom was emotionally painful, physically exhausting and exasperating as I worked hard to get air into my diaphragm and lungs. Breathing was difficult, I had to take deep gasp to get breath, Oxygen was working its way fully back into my brain. My brain ached severely for 3-4 days and after that felt pressured for days like it was bruised. My digestion was slowly starting to work again I could feel this clearly, I felt each organ come to life step by step. I felt completely depleted and slowly coming back to life.

10 days later I am close to full recovery. 14 days later sever allergies as the new DNA integrated with my cells was causing my body to attack the foreign DNA of the Old damaged cells, 16 days later I could walk and hike in my favourite forest. For the past many years mysteriously I could no hike like I used to, I would be out of breath and stamina half way up. I always chalked it up to chemtrail poisoning and heavy metal toxicity as they sprayed heavily over my house weekly. This was very upsetting as I am an athlete and there was no explanation ever as I searched for answers as to why my body was acidic often and I spent my days constantly striving to active PH balance and homeostasis. But good news on this 16th day of recover and since the New Walk In, magically my lungs and heart was like new. My dog and I hiked up that hill in the forest effortlessly and joyfully. It is is a miraculous healing by divine intervention.

What I had since learned is that this death or crucifixion and resurrection was necessary. The mission, my mission as of the past 4 years included demolishing the dark, demonic, energies and this does include the dark ones upon earth realm. I had to experience the attacks to the extreme, the extreme of death and come back fully resurrected and stronger, fully and completely illuminated. I had more aspects of my highest I AM Presence Source Self walk in after the death to help with this resurrection and healing to higher capabilities, acceleration of the Creator Self.

This was necessary to show the dark ones they cannot kill me, the divine feminine goddess energy. I will always come back into body and they will be dealt with for there crimes. All had been noted and documented along with proof. Witness of all my story. I am the proof. “Nothing is more powerful than the Spirit of Love and Light Energy”.

March 11/2018 a message came from Gaia Portal

Celebrations begin… The Light has won

Prescients come together for the New Cosmic phase of Hue-manity.

Stepchildren are embraced into the Galactic family.

Miseries end.

Celebrations begin.

The Light has won.

Here is the blog by Cobra 2012 Portal that explains in detail direct energy Weapons used, keep in mind these are just one tactic they use, I know of others.

A NEW system of law concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED TO THE CRIMINALS WHO HURT HUMANITY!

Justice will be served for this crime.

Vow to Mother Earth ~ Love the Goddess of Earth = I am the keeper of the Sacred Earth, Goddess of growth and stability. I am the womb that nourishes all living things. I am the giver of all good things. Within in my womb, all things are created. I am the stable and the strong. I am that which is unchanging and secure. Place your roots within me, and you will always return home. I am the mother of all giving things, and my love is the source of all life.

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In Love and Light of Higher Service

I AM Saishorie~Grace as Above

Shelly Sullivan so Below

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