The 7th Ray ~ The Galactic Event

Twin Creators will ignite the Light upon Earth activating all Twin Souls upon Earth, reaching as far and wide through out the Galaxy and our Solar System where the Family of Light consecrates, connecting the lost Creators Child, The Earth, connecting the Third Energy back to it’s Source. This is what is known as the Event. The result of the 7th Ray, The 7th Central Sun of the 7th Galaxy reforming and connecting in the Galaxy the 12 Central Suns. As above so Below will the Light activate, the most powerful and highest light incoming cosmic Light of the 7th Ray.

For the past couple weeks I have been intensely working in the higher realms to integrate, clear and balance energy around the Earth and in the Galaxy as preparation for the “Event”. I will explain the event from my minds eye, my visions and premonitions and Spirit experience in a bit. This clearing in the solar system is at the most intense phase ever and I can feel it within my physical Earth body. So much so I had to disconnect from the Source briefly to clear certain old timelines and distortion of negative energy as well as negative weaponry and entities. Some of which was the “Old Masculine” “Ego” that resides in every single Being involved upon Earth and other Realms in the fight to “Control Earth” or from the Light point of view “Liberation of Gaia/Planet Earth”. This distorted masculine energy had to die and it was painful but necessary to feel and clear.

“This information may not assist or resonate with people currently but it will in the future.”

I came too this morning, after a meditation connecting with the Source and integrating more Galactic Light. The experience I came out of after leaving this plane and awakening in higher dimensions was another aspect of myself as the Captain of a ET Ship that is involved with the mission to restore Earth into its rightful birth place and demolish anything in its way. I was standing at the front heading up the mission along with a few others at the front of the ship, very serious intent, the ship was all grey metallic and lights, the atmosphere was one of full on take over “no holds barred”, no mercy and a demeanour of ruthlessness, in other words, no emotion what so ever, neutral, the only focus is mission at task and take over.

Sounds like something out of Star Wars movie with Princess Leia, and this is exactly what I was experiencing. To be in this position of the Galactic Alliance requires pure focus on the mission at hand and no emotion. To feel this intent upon awakening from my higher dimensional experience was foreign and cold to me. This is how many of other advanced Extraterrestrial Beings work. Although Love and Light is the consciousness and mission, emotions are not involved, Justice, Law of One is the focus.

So to help me get back in touch with my feminine Goddess Energy which I am still doing today was this blog from Cobra to help me to get back into my wholeness of purpose. Great appreciation and gratitude to Cobra and Astara Isis for this.
As this Planetary Liberation takes place the more privy we get to our Galactic/Etheric Work it will take skill and practice to flow in and out as well to reintegrate after visiting/witnessing other aspects of our selves in multi dimensionality. Besides the emotion of this blog and its loving energy and videos brought up and out of me, the synchronicity of numbers was very confirming and special, of the videos: 1:33 and 7.17.17 shown in the minute count of one video and date for another Goddess video. This synchronicity is how the Earth shows us we are on the right track.

The Event:

“The New Dawn, The Beginning & The End is happening, Event on the Horizon, The Genesis; First on a small scale for those who who attain the point of light set the ripple effect phase for additional to go with the same pattern the new web of light, the new continuum of time and space where Love and Light meet upon Earth. The Light and Love will spread like wild fire of a thousand Suns.” ~ Saishorie~Grace.

The return of Christ Consciousness in physical form of Man represents the Spirit integration of the Spiritual Self with Matter of the Earth Planet and its humanity. Since 2008 many have been exposed to this evolution and now those who have integrated spirit or merge with Higher Self will be illuminated. It represents the wheat from the chaff or the service to others vs. service to self.

The Christed Self activated upon Earth now begins the cycle of integration by which the planet and humanity realign with cosmic and galactic energies. Realities otherwise denied are now balanced and expressed by those who are capable = Disclosure = allows the entire world to now steer toward open contact with angels, extraterrestrials and ultra-terrestrial beings. The humans and extraterrestrial’s in opposition of service to others and look to suppress the masses of this illumination process are no longer in domination although the illusion of 3d may show otherwise, the truth will become transparent very soon and into 2020. With majority of humanity having 2020 vision…HA!

Such negative beings still have a bit of a role left to play on the the world stage to share in our future true history books. However eventually they will be leaving this world. Putting that minute detail aside the biggest task at hand now is the awareness & integration of our own galaxy, and its many densities and Universes that which we are part of and is part of us, as well as the importance of the Suns and the illumination we carry of the Central Suns which will trigger and is the Event.

Blinding white Sun Light appeared before me and within the Sun Light was the Divine Masculine coming through and it was revealed to us, my Twin Creator Spiritual Being and Myself the Divine Feminine Twin Creator Being “Your are the 7th Ray” After many conscious visits to the 7th Central Sun & Sun Discs as well as research to confirm my experiences I have put more of the puzzle pieces together.

Not only is humanity going to be lead by the Seventh Ray of the Seven Rays at this time which is in charge of the resurrection of the Masculine and the Rise of the Feminine (now complete), ushers in the ceremonial order of Magic (more will be revealed on the Seventh Ray as we go. This Ritualistic Synthesis made manifest from the desire of Love and the power of Light is the driving energy that has produced beauty, order, wholeness, divine relationships because the Law of One is “As above, So Below. The seeds of creation have been well seeded the organization for which has been created ethereally is now underway.

However the above is the Seventh Ray. The 7th Ray is the Ray of the 7th Central Sun, of the 7th Galaxy. This Ray is embodied by the Twin Creators,This Over Soul and or the Monad of the Twin Creators is the “star parents” to the sum of this solar system and the 144,000 soul chards. The 7th Ray not only within in the light of the solar system it is also embodied within all those of the 144,000 who have cleared enough to allow the illumination of the 7th Central Sun into their vessels to act as dominos of light for the Event.

I believe as I described in this video above title “Vision of the Event” (super brief) my vision of the Event involves a Merge of Suns, a Creation of a Planetary Galaxy made up of Suns etc. When the two become one is an event that will be happening simultaneously on Earth, in the Solar System and The Galaxy as a result of cosmic penetration and unification due to the alignment at this time with out Galactic Core.

We who embody this Light, my Twin compliment and millions of other Soul Chards of the Galactic Central 7th Sun & Sun(s). I believe the merge of this Light en-mass will greatly be what triggers the “EVENT” or is the “EVENT”, thus activating the 12 Master Central Suns which each one holds a its own Galaxy. Within in this Central Galactic Core resides another Sun of another colour defying all scientific knowledge but is the beacon of all cosmic connection at this time is what I was shown. This is the restoration, resurrection, the rising and refining of what was once lost.

These Galaxies were blown up during the War of the Heavens, which I witnessed. This is when The Earth, our Creation, Our Child, The Third Energy of magic and manifestation was lost and its connection with Source lost. So not only the Family of Sun Light are assisting with this monumental event from around the galaxy but all the New children being born, walking in, soul braiding now are here from Source to help on a galactic level and Earth level to sustain this Victory of the Light.

I have written on my experiences within the Galactic Centre here is a blog back in December of my experience of visiting the Galactic Central Sun(s) Core, and where I integrate the Sun Rays via my Giant Sun Disc which is my spiritual self Goddess Feminine Energy in the Galactic Core in unity with other Sun(s) Energy.

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The Laws are to be rewritten of our world, the Law of the Universe permeates all levels of reality and our New Laws will have to integrate The Law of Creation. The Law of One Codex will not be kept secret any longer. The old patriarchal system will be replaced not with a matriarchal system but a ONEness system upon Earth where the Male and Female energies are a equally hierarchical system with all balanced male and the female being the leaders. This male and female are referred to as the Star Alpha, Alpha Male and Alpha Female. The Alphas will be known to teach Love on this Planet Earth.

All that behold The fire of the 7th Central Sun will activate any that come into contact with this blinding cosmic light upon Earth and in all higher densities burning away what no longer belongs and transcends all Light ~ Saishorie~Grace, The 7th Ray White Diamond Elders.

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In Love and Light
Of Higher Service

As Above, Saishorie~Grace

So Below, Shelly Sullivan

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