Mary Magdalene ~ The Divine Feminine Cleans Up

The Divine Feminine is Ready

Mid 2016 I experienced a dream message of the “Divine Feminine Rising” is fully underway and will be victorious, once the war of the dark was won. Today I revisit the message as it is now that this war that had been waged is still underway. I have posted in the past of the war between the light and the dark. The war that I recently have become aware of on from a physical perspective, I know the spiritual work I have done in the past for clearing the dark negative energies however just recently became aware of my physical involvement. Although not a pleasant topic it is what I had agreed to take on as a healer and spiritual warrior. Having the courage to defeat the darkness has awakened the depths of the greatest fears that lay hidden for 26 thousand years. And to imagine carrying out this battle to only recently find out what I had signed up for. It is a blessing that I only learn the truth now and not while enduring this war of the dark and light upon Earth.

The Message in 2016:

“I witnessed a huge red wave upon waves of red fire energy blasting toward us like volcanic fire along with black particles. The message I received was the red and black were the “evil dark” fallen realms being dissolved. Then after it was over as I watched as if it was a Universal Big IMax Screen where Mary Magdalene arose vast just like a Universe, in a beautiful beige and cream coloured suit that also covered her head but of course not her face. She was seated in the lotus yoga prayer position and represented and depicted The Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine rising fully after the dark have been conquered, which is happening now. I wish I had a certain artist beside me when I awoke from the dream experience lol…to paint the demolition experience. Another “out of this world iMax Movie experience”

The significance today May 28th 2017: since this dream I have been battling the dark forces on every level including physical. This has been life threatening and I have posted some events and information in the past, which I have since made private. I do this because the matter is so serious that at times I have been so concerned and I felt to share the information and later change my mind and take it down because I feel it may instil fear to others and misunderstanding of what I stand for, which is the Light however sometimes to get to the light the dark needs to be demolished. When the time is ripe I will share the life changing story of truth and that time is getting near.

I am ecstatic to say “this war will win with love” The Divine Feminine is victorious and ready to stand in her power with conviction. The dark is defeated. Yesterday’s Divine Feminine ceremony I partook in was a celebration for me and the collective consciousness of the Divine Feminine. I was recharged with indescribable victorious red and white light at the stone circle, simultaneously the dark being demolished. Knowing the full victory and ability to fully stand in my power has finally arrived. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with wisdom and strength that creates more light and will shine so bright to help encourage and inspire others out of their own darkness.

Things have come full circle I realized this while chanting “RA” in the stone circle, invoking the Central Sun and the Guardians of Fire and my fire from within, carrying in new beginnings of clarity, cleansing of the mental realm where our dreams of passion are created and seeded. The place of enlightenment and illumination the sacred space the dark interfere with, contrary to what we are taught that this realm is illusion, we now see through illusion of the 3D realm. The Sun has set in. From the place of ancient wisdom, knowledge and disinterment comes a new; love, health, abundance, prosperity, sustenance, grounding and physical manifestation in the physical realm.

June 2013 throughout my powerful spiritual awakening I met with a Shaman Healer I joined yesterday for the ceremony. In June 2013 Shawna facilitated (unexpectedly) my third eye activation where by 2 laser beams of light from the Central Sun entered my third eye, the colors of the beams of light were red and orange. This is the same light I utilize to demolish the dark. Funny thing is not until the mission was almost complete did I begin to realize what I had signed up for had I previously known not a chance in hell would I have followed through. This is another true experience and miraculous story I will share to help the Teams of Light upon Earth.

“Goddess of Earth = I am the keeper of the Sacred Earth, Goddess of growth and stability. I am the womb that nourishes all living things. I am the giver of all good things. Within in my womb, all things are created. I am the stable and the strong. I am that which is unchanging and secure. Place your roots within me, and you will always return home. I am the mother of all giving things, and my love is the source of all life.”

Remembering all that is created begins in the etheric realm.

In Love and Light

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