Father & Mother Principle Unification

I was reminded of the significance of the Sun and Moon experience I had back in October and decided to republish the article that I had kept private. This experience is the Merging of the Father and Mother Principle for illumination.

The messages, experience’s and the full moon event has all transpired with in the past 4 days starting on the 22nd of October. Like a switch went on and the Moon and Sun started a conscious telepathic dialogue with me. I paid attention. However the “Event of the Moon and Sun Merge on October 23rd was a spontaneous surprising event that took place from within me yet astronomically orchestrated event by the Light from the infinite vastness of creator/creation. Whereby the Father Creator entered into the Mother Creation Womb.”

I had quite the experience and message after I and my Twin facilitated a higher dimensional event the day before the full moon. Following the full Moon by 2 days is where the Leo Sun Eclipses the Moon and this is super powerful.

I followed the guidance into and through a spontaneous meditation whereby an unplanned event of the Sun and Moon Eclipse happened, although as apprehensive as I was it ended up a “Victory” that this merge was able to take place and did indeed take place. Within my third eye vision, over looking on all multi dimensional levels a Guardianship of White Light watched over as the Light form of an Angelic, ensuring me this event that was due time to take place was a courageous necessary action step to follow through on as “ceremony” for the evolution and next steps during and for this monumental Full Moon/Solar Eclipse of the Galaxy.

With This Full Moon and Solar Sun represents these aspects as the “main” moon and sun energies Galactic-ally, I guess is how I would describe it. And of course representing the masculine and feminine energies of the creator and the womb of creation. AKA Mother/Father God of Creation.

I was lying down in mediation and before the main event took place, my Twin Creator and Myself reconnected our light and spin accordingly. This is a ritual I preform to stay connected and balanced especially after times of necessary disconnect for “dark work” or visit to the “underworld”. We connect as Humans and spiral into a gigantic Sentient Being/Ray of Rainbow Light and as the weeks as of late go by it gets vaster and bigger and is no longer my mind visualizing this, our higher force has now stepped in and guides this.

In my third eye an event started that I had not conscious thought of and my brain was not in the control of this. It was definitely an event of opposing forces. Dark and Light, Masculine and Feminine, Sun and Moon. It was of a Higher Force bringing this about and there was no turning back, the feeling was “IT IS TIME FOR UNIFICIATION” for the dark and the light. All of the sudden I was a all parts of the Multilevel Galactic Being facilitating the Sun and Moon merge overseen by the highest of Light, and I was all three of these aspects. I was the Sun that magnetized and electrified the Moon and all its consciousness toward me, while the Moon, my Goddess Self seemed hesitant it still slowly and gradually merged into the Sun. Whereby a Solar Sun and Moon eclipse was visible to me. It was the Sun encompassing the Moon and the Sun was vastly larger than the moon and out shined the dark.

It was so surprising to me what was happening I questioned with my brain that was still witnessing although not in charge “is this ok, should I be doing this?” I realized later where the doubt stemmed from and will explain further on.

While this was transpiring the feeling of hesitation was eased and cued to keep moving forward by the gigantic Sentient Angelic Being of Light from above nodding as to say “it is safe to do so” as I looked for security up to the Angel of Light looking upon us as this took place. “Us” it was apparent it was me and my Twin. Although my Twin did not feel the doubt and only displayed WILL, where as I if it were not for LOVE may not have been able to sustain the process.

It was very intense and one of my aspects was quite frightened. As the merge happened it seemed a consciousness was brought together with light and it was a monumental act of courage and a necessity on a Galactic Level. The over all feeling when I came to was OMG what just happened. It took me days to adjust and understand the greatness of what happened.

There are many things that became aware to me after this process took place and they slowly but surely have been being realized. One was when this “Merge” of the Sun & Moon took place or I can refer to it as “Penetration of the Womb”, “Eclipse” took place, it was then that Time no longer existed and manifestation was instantaneous.

Following this experience a sign was gifted to me to further my connection with my inner shaman, before me a license plate the LIONWOLF appeared having me delve deeper into Mother Earth once again. The Lion and the Wolf carry many similar qualities. They both hold a high sense of loyalty, strength, courage, intuition, and fierceness. As a celtic symbol the Wolf will show up as a source of lunar power with knowledge that is not yet clearly seen by other people giving the wolf edge of uncanny intuition.

The Lion represents a ferocious heat of the sun and protects the good and annihilates the wicked. The Wolf represents the Moon and Victory and stands in a position of power as does the Lion. The Lion represents the Sun and is an Avatar.Now here is where it get interesting. In 2014 I felt that I was at the pinnacle of my enlightenment fully activated by the Great Cosmic Sun, Walk-In of my Divine Cosmic Mother/Divine Feminine Source transpired, Twin Flame Activation took place and many 5D abilities re-activated etc… and my career as a spiritual teacher/holistic practitioner was well on its way then suddenly I was pulled into some extreme dark territory and lessons for close to 5 years, and it happened subtly and slowly until the past 2 years it became intense and more constant up until this present time where I have re surfaced into the Light.

Now coming full circle in this life time I incarnated into 3D Earth and the pain of density was quite apparent after the age of 7 and took me over 30 years to learn the tools to deal with 3D, which btw is simply utilizing LIGHT. I was now fully switched back on to my Cosmic self, fully activated. I realized I have chosen or my soul chosen as part of my mission to dive into the underworld to do the clean up for the Divine Feminine/Mother Principle that had been hijacked and had me hijacked in the past. Which I know this is part of the dark period but with that dark period came some serious clean up/karma work/correction of the collective consciousness over thousands of years, since the last coming of the Christ Era (around 4-6BC). This soul mission also manifested in the physical/mental/emotional realms with dark, negative demonic energies and forces.

My Twin & I acting and living out many lower 3D incarnations in preparation for this time of Ascension. Then to finally come down in to the 3D Earth and agree to do the “clean up” work of the dark old patriarchal and the false mother energy which now had me in the deep underworld for this time of Ascension.

After all the dark mission was accomplished I was informed over and over it was a mission I and the Cosmic Mother had agreed to “walk in” for and it was not clear how it would go, hence the torturous past 2 years of “interference”. Now that it had been accomplished and I was surfacing back into The Light a miracle happened. For this full moon we had merged the True Feminine Mother Principle back into the Light of the Sun of the Father Divine Masculine Energy and ready to take position as the Star Parents for the Star Seed Children of the Earth.

So this whole preparation for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to come into balance for this time of Ascension much to many dismay it has not been the masculine that had to do all the correction on the contrary it was mostly the divine feminine in soul retrieval and that had to clear the dark goddess/energy trauma, demonic attachments from the thousands of years of abuse, trauma and torture to the Divine Feminine and the children. This is to correct the Dark Mysteries and the imbalance of the Feminine & Masculine. It is the Feminine Goddess energy that had to be retrieved repaired and brought back through the density and into our father Sun for penetration of the Earth. And it was a time of healing the Dark Patriarchal Masculine past. It was the need of the renewed feminine more than anything while the masculine stood strong and waited. This being the compete dichotomy of the belief that the Divine Feminine had been waiting for the Divine Masculine. When in truth of my experience he has been waiting for her to take back her power. Now the truth is revealed and the Divine Feminine Mother Re-unification has been etherically merged and the Divine Feminine will step into her power now to follow…As above so below.

This Full Moon is the monumental shift and change for the Lion Sun Avatar ~ Divine Masculine and the Wolf Moon Goddess ~ Divine Feminine. The Feminine Divine of the Moon giving a new foundation of the Masculine Divine of the Sun. The Divine Masculine willed more of the Feminine Essence to integrate fully the components of the Divine Heart. With the will of the masculine and the love of the feminine a merge has taken place Of the Sun and the Moon. The ultimate balance for Earth & Planetary Ascension.

Lastly today I came across a excerpt from Magdalen Manuscript which confirms the sacredness of what we had accomplished.

“Excerpt for Magdalen Manuscript

“Isis, herself, cam to me and said that now I must tell my story…that the lies for the last two thousand years must come to an end…that the feminine is returning in balance to the male…that the Cosmic Mother is revealing herself at the beginning of the ending of time.
And so it is that I reveal one of the lost secrets of the ages-that Spirit, the male principle, in order to return to itself through its journey into Matter, requires the assistance of the feminine principle, the intelligence of Matter itself.
But from a Solar light-filled perspective of the masculine principle, the feminine principle carries with her a dark, moist and dangerous abyss. The solar principle feels threatened by the darkness of the lunar aspect. But it is in the joining of the Sun and the Moon the joining of the masculine and feminine principles, in equilibrium, in energetic balance that true illumination is attained.” ~Judy Sion

And this time the Masculine had no fear…for he is Divine as is the Feminine!

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service

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