Sacred 13 = Divine Feminine & Masculine in Balance

May 13, 2019

Today is Fatima, the day after Mother’s Day. In my mothers day card yesterday from my Son was this: Corinthians 13:13
13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

13 is a lucky number, now as of today this number 13 carries the balanced frequencies of the divine masculine and divine feminine also 133.

Today a meeting was arranged for me from a friend and I was introduced to a divine sister who also carries the Isis, Mary Magdalene codes/frequencies. She said to me aloud “The Divine Feminine is Ready” this was told to her by Mary Magdalene, she gave in detail description very similar to what I experienced and what was told to me last year by God and Jesus, during a ceremony/meeting at the Jordan River after my resurrection .

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Many hold these codes of the Jesus/Magdalene frequencies for Ascension during this time upon our Earth. This is the Avatar of Light the Souls of one gigantic Spirit and infinite. I was writing about this but first I was instructed to speak it aloud “The Divine Feminine is Ready” and so I did. The Masculine has been ready all along and now the Divine Feminine is ready. Ready for full balance and unification of the Divine Womb of all Creation.

Divine Feminine Christ Resurrection & Embodiment

Chapter 13, The Sacred Power of 13 excerpt from my Book “Adventures of Saishoire~Grace, Sovereign Being – Book 1.

The Sacred Power of 13

Unity and balance, the natural order of life through the Holy Divine Feminine and through the Sacred Heart. The continuum of creation, infinite creators of life. This is 13:13
The Sacred Power of 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of Ascension, the New Earth frequency code, Unity and Oneness, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, the natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred order; taking back your power through the sacred divine feminine.
Mary Magdalene represents the 13 and the shift of 2012 that has brought and continues to bring the New Earth codes. She and her essence have re-emerged at a time when earth and the people are now ready to receive her lost knowledge. This will bring the Christed female of the Holy Spirit as the embodiment of Goddesses.

13 is a unifying vibration; it is the Christ with the 12 disciples. Mother Mary of Fatima appeared to the children of Fatima on May 13, 1917, for 6 consecutive months on the 13th day of each month. Her presence will come again on that day of 13 through Goddesses in the coming shift of ages.

13 has a secret divine power and esoteric frequency of the Mother Essence to transform all things. In the past, the 13 number vibration was feared and considered an “unlucky number.” Those in power at the time wanted to steer the people away from its true direct connection with Source Creation. This is one example of how false and disempowering programs of deception were integrated into common belief by those in power. By distorting truths, instant fright became the belief system response which surrounded the number 13.

Our indigenous and ancient cultures used a different system of time and communion with the cosmos, life and Spirit that was more in tune to the natural rhythms of Creation and heartbeat of Gaia. This holy way of balance is returning through the Great Shift of the Ages. The 13 vibration is a part of the holy Feminine aspect of God, alignment and healing and is returning to her rightful position as equally revered and as powerful as the Masculine aspect of God. I discover that the Planetary rule of 12 is limited programming and that, in fact, all of the mythology examples pertaining to the rule of 12 does go beyond 12, and goes into 13 and beyond. I became aware of this as have some of my Higher Dimension Earth Friends. It seems most who can tap into this higher knowing are Light workers, Walk-Ins, Starseeds, Twin Flames etc.

The 13th Zodiac Sign:
Ophiuchus: The zodiac and our knowledge of it has been altered throughout
time. We were previously using an altered system of 12. Years ago, astrologers and scientists revealed that there is actually a 13th sign in the sky and its name is Ophiuchus. The symbol of this sign is the man holding the serpent snake. It is very interesting that this is the 13th sign because it shows the man and the serpent coming together. The serpent has allowed itself to be relaxed enough to be held in the arms of the human. This symbolizes that the man can
now use the power of serpent for his own purposes. “Snake Venom” can be used as a poison or medicine”. I believe that this 13th zodiac sign is the sign of healing and healers as well as magic and mastery, that can be used for alchemy and healing.

If you look at a 13 signs chart you will see that Ophiuchus is the smallest sign in the Zodiac. The three smallest signs are Libra, Scorpio, and Ophiuchus. The largest ones are Virgo and Pisces. By looking at the sizes of these signs in the chart, it is my understanding that the larger signs are energies that we have vastly explored as a species. The smaller ones, not so much. Hence, this is why people struggle with having and maintaining balanced lives
(Libra), facing the dark parts of themselves (Scorpio), and healing and using the life wisdom and knowledge to their advantage and for healing (Ophiuchus). I like to think of it in the same way that astrologers once only thought there were 7 planets in our solar system. We now know that there are thousands upon thousands of geodesic bodies in that exist close to our planets and we know that there are an infinite number of stars and galaxies that exist beyond the sight of our eyes!

Here is another thing to consider about Ophiuchus: Chiron is the ruling planet of this sign. The symbol of Chiron is the key. Chiron’s symbolism in astrology is considered as the “wounded

Ophiuchus is the planet that will help us to understand and connect with our origins as a species and help us to connect with our cosmology and cosmological ancestry! In every human being there exists the instinctual reptilian mind. I feel that because
Ophiuchus is now appearing and being recognized in the skies, it is a sign that we are learning to overcome and our reptilian brain and ancestry- in essence, shedding light on the shadow mind. The constellation of Ophiuchus is placed in the heavens between the constellations of Hercules and Scorpio at the head of Serpens as far as its tale. Its southern part placed within the galactic plane.

According to ancient Greek mythology, Ophiuchus is identified with Asclepius, the well revered physician of ancient middle ages. Asclepius gained his wisdom from his father Apollo and the scholarly centaur Chiron; he was the first doctor and served in the Argonaut campaign. When he returned from the journey he was even considered capable of raising the dead.

This close association between Asclepius and the serpent is because the symbolism of the serpent/ snake represented wisdom rejuvenation, and the quintessence of the discovery of new healing herbs. The well-known symbol of the Caduceus or the Staff of Asclepius, is a pair of snakes twining up a staff topped by wings and is the Personification of Medical or healing Art and its ideals. This is the The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Union.

In Love, Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service, Saishorie~Grace.

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