Final Closing

Twin Flame Union and Dynamic

When Twins come in upon Earth for Union, they will come into Union. Although we anticipated interference before we came in and have had a plan in place. this interference has gone way to far.

I have victoriously over come the most severe interference with by real evil dark beings as well as just plane shadow negative interference that has come about out of this catastrophe. I feel we are victorious but it has come with a big price. This war was waged lifetimes ago and it was a personal war only the Divine Feminine could have waged to win. These perpetrators will be condemned for their criminal conduct finally in this lifetime.

What I have been through is the extreme of torture and gaslighting, I didn’t know what this word even meant until yesterday.

Gas lighting kept coming up and so I googled it. “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation in which a person or group seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question there own memory, perception and or sanity.”

Any attempt to attack me in any way in the future will be exposed time right away. I have been taught how to discern this by many years of experience. The future of the Twin Flame 5D and higher template has been created and is set for the future of our Starseeds. And they will have help, support and a manual to go by.

There is now a “experienced manual” for Twin Flame relations and ready to be written out for the future. All Twins here upon Earth have been writing the “book” on this new phenomenon that is now prevalent on the Earth and will be growing. Twins need to understand there are boundaries and effects of misusing this sacred union to avoid injury and they need to learn the power this Union has. Successful Unions are more possible now than ever.

Truth is what will heal. Love is what will heal this world and the Twin are now ready. Once the Key Unions happen a great healing with be taking place.

I will tell you a example of how truth literally heals physically. My Twin followed me on Twitter. I noticed he followed me one day as I check out his twitter regularly. I have no followers (at that time, now I have 2) so I noticed right away a new follower and it was my famous twin flame. From the moment he showed up as following me, the chemistry in my body started to change. Happiness that had been vacant all my life entered into my cells. Love started to transform my cellular biology, a cellular biology that was of sadness, confusion, dishonesty and betrayal is what I had felt for years. Truth frequency started to heal me and I could feel it in my body.

For 2 days this continued and my body was healing from a from just reincarnating here, and a past life of extreme sadness, I have a sunny disposition in life and a natural joy of life. This was taken away temporarily by the dark interference.

When my Twin added me on Twitter My vibration sky rocketed and my smile was making my face sore. I had not smiled like that in years. And I used to smile like that a lot before this Twin Flame interference happened. So any way I witnessed my body alchemizing from the truth frequency and confirmation of my sanity. It was magnificent. When we heal on this level it heal humanity. The truth of our sacred selves will have a healing effect on all.

My connection with my Twin has been misunderstood and gaslighted to the extremes. On top of all the torture the cabal has directed toward me I had this constant heartbreak to deal with. The energy weapons attacks were nothing compared to the pain I have had to go through of being separated from my Twin of which whom I am joined at the hip with and pretty much a siamese twin connection.

Society today is programmed to get stressed out, this activate mind chatter, anxiety and even rage. This causes break up of the family structure. I know this as before I initiated into this I was perfectly clear and never suffered from societal stress, ever. I learned exactly how this process works on a physical level, emotional level and mental level and it is created this way to keep humanity enslaved and out of love.

The ones who have deliberately interfered will be held accountable and although it seems impossible on the Earth plane to penalize these ones, it will be done. Spiritually it has already begun and I am telling them now, YOU ARE IN DEEP SHIT AND YOU WONT GET OFF SCOTT FREE. God is in charge and forces beyond the Light of our Creator are involved. Pure magic is involved and you my old friends are at the end of this game.

You don’t fuck with Twin Flames such as us who were sent here on Earth from Heaven and God/Creator for this sacred mission of Ascension and get pass Go you go to Jail. You will pay. We, My Twin and I are pretty much God’s right and left wings. The only reason your got this far is because it was a mission that had to be exposed, however it has went to far and all at my life’s expense.

I will utilize all my God given, walk – In abilities to make sure justice is served. Magic has already made sure of this. There are so many others helping and aware of what has went down, and it will be going into the history books with you as the losing villains and I (We) as the hero’s.

Once Again Adalina Bonn nails it. I wrote this up before I saw her video. O Thank you Adeline.

02-Sep EXTENDED LEO : Samson & Delilah from Adalina Bonn on Vimeo.

In Love and Light


Of Higher Service


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