Trolls ~ Desperate attempts from team “bottom feeders”

Just a short blog about trolls. About a month ago Spirit warned me to expect some bothersome trolls to be leeching about. Low and behold they started to show up today on my Facebook, and my Youtube, it was so obvious and fast to detect. It was quite comical how desperate they are as well as jealous of the “New Powers that BE.”

They should really realize they have a disease that will eat them away from the inside out, the disease is called jealousy. Seriously this is a sick disease stemming from way back from the era of Jesus and the Times of the Fall of Atlantis.

I have too been aware of the surveillance and spying within the bluetooth in my car, the speaker/camera on my phone and even the sophisticated wifi speaker within my home, I was shown all of this.

Any way without getting into all the details, today the trolls have been lurking trying to get to me. The only thing they got out of me is more of my truth. I know my truth and I also can detect a troll from a mile away. Today I got proof of the spying hugely, I actually take it as confirmation of my intuitiveness as well as confirmation information recently from others on this…point on and it was proven almost magically today. Although it was a negative feeling lesson I am grateful for the gift.

So Trolls keep seeking the Light…You’ll get there one day, maybe not in this life time but one day.

Time 11:11


In Higher Service
I AM Saishoire~Grace

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