God Super Powers

God Super Powers

For the past many years since my activation by the Cosmic Ancient Sun Creator via laser beams of Light entering my third eye my super powers, ancient knowledge and wisdom has become online.
This shift picked up as the months and years went on while the great purification and clearing took place around and upon Planet Earth. I have spoken of my various super powers.

The past 2-3 years a new one has become apparent. My Spirit communicates to me, through others to deliver me many messages, to help us on this Ascension Mission.

Over a year ago, I took up Card Reading for personal use. This way of guidance and information is one of the  ways I communicate with my Spirit. My Spirit gives me experiences and wisdom/information via dream time, waking time, psychic information, telepathic information, Light codes etc… then following the intelligence I am experiencing and given, confirmation would come through others who I connect with spiritually or telepathically, who act as a conduit of codex to deliver exactly what i have dowloaded recently.

This form of guidance by Spirit is a guaranteed communication of guidance that is and can be delivered via spirit. This past year after taking up card messages, I started to watch for the first time in my life tarot/astrology intuitive card readers on line via Youtube, I also notice this past year is when card readers have come out of the wood work to share there gifts, coincidence? I think not.  I noticed to my total delight my Spirit channels thru others confirming further my abilities to channel through others who are of strong Light and Clear Spheres of Light.  There are many I/WE work through and this has been  proven over months and months, with some miraculous readings and guidance to help with Earth’s Ascension and to anchor the Angelic Family and awareness of their presence on this Planet assisting us.

This connection I have with other Light Beings further also confirms my Angelic Presence, just as One would channel Archangel Michael for example, however in my case they are channeling Goddess Saishorie~Grace.

The latest one I must share as the information and confirmation may very well go in the new biblical history books we Creators are re writing and scripting for the future of the New Earth. This particular message is referring to the clearing that has been accomplished to remove the dark magician influence that the controllers of the old matrix had been directed toward certain powerful Hollywood Greats, Leaders & Power Houses of Light, namely one My Twin Creator.

One example that had come to my attention the other night while watching a TV movie on demand, on how the dark elite running or controlling a dying Hollywood try to diminish or undermine spectacular work of super gifted natural actors and comedians.  A good example would is the dark movie The Joker,(2019) starring Joaquin Phoenix.  The movie is a pathetic attempt to tarnish the gifted comedians path, and falsify comedy as it as comedians are mentally unstable or dis-eased.

The truth is most of these talents are geniuses and having a movie be created to show otherwise is a dark, type of manipulation to make certain comedians look bad and to diminish this god given talent, that is I might add so important to humanity at this time. This talent is the ability to bring humour and laughter into lives, especially during such a dark time in the world. This is just one example, however the dark agenda has been doing this all along to direct harmful mind control to others. As this has been going on for a very long time. This one example was so pathetically obvious. This has been directed at many talented/gifted super stars, many of such had died of suicide. This is how sinister and criminal these dark ones are, which is being brought to the light daily now in the new timelines created by us/ the Light Team.

After watching the Joker for the  first 45 min of the movie, I shut it off. Being the empath I am,  this movie was quite awful to watch, but the magical thing was the next morning I went out and saw this license plate and later that day I saw JOKER on another car. I could not believe it. But now I know it was a blessing in disguise to bring my attention to this. This particular plate is a example of how the darkness shows up with via messages OR Creator simply wants to impress a message on me, that I am manifesting what I think upon so do not fill my mind and thoughts on toxic bullshit, this includes not watching crappy dark Hollywood content.

Honestly the extent that the dark faction has went out of there way to play mind games with me, I feel that this sign was a genius way to bring my attention to this truth and share it.  After all, the very next morning upon driving out to grab my morning coffee after the night before watching this dreadful film the Joker,  the first license plate I see is Joker4lif. I knew immediately it was a message to recognize the dark agenda and to be able to expose it. I laughed and laughed. No matter the message it was a good eye opener and opportunity to further share my knowledge of the dark tricks and desperate attempts to continue to control humanity via mind control. This mind control game is coming to a end.

P.S When I was creating this blog originally I did not include the Joker story.  I was nudged to include this image, as i magically popped up on my computer before I published to blog without this part of the Joker example in it. This message is “WE see through all the bullshit”.

I and the WE TEAM are messengers of Spirt and work in service to God Source Creator along with other Creators of Earth and other Planetary systems and Galaxies. Here is a video and the extended video I wanted to share on my website for some incredible insight and victory.

The Video is by San Tarot and I would like to express my gratitude to San for being a conduit of God Creator.




In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Having the Last Laugh

All the way Home


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