Remembering Creation

This experience happened 1 year and a half ago. My love for the masculine is so strong that I have remained true, waiting until he/we are ready. It has been a difficult mission and with it has come majorly difficult emotions to deal with, but we made it through and now the truth can be told. The new history is written and we are The Creators. I love you, we made it through and I look forward to seeing you in your truest form and me in mine.

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A Universal Man sculpted into perfection. He is the perfect male creation in every possible way beyond just the physical, he is the most well endowed, and was ready on demand for creation. He had the perfect rhythm and synchronization skills to create within the sacred Universal Womb of the Mother.

As I watched his perfection move for creation I could not see his perfection, the magical wand, as it was covered by the Mother Womb of Creation, as all the family watched him preform in awe, God Creators voice and all the family looked to me and said “Mother, you created this Man in sheer perfection with your thoughts”.

At that point I remembered once again my true self as “Mother of Creation” who has come into the New Earth as a Divine Feminine in human form.

But all the family looked on at this perfected sculpted “Male Creator” in dismay…

“But there is a problem Mother, all your creations that he has seeded and creating are just floating in the Realm of space and thought… they are are in limbo, as you have not yet united your form with the Masculine Creator for materialization upon the New Earth. Seems something is not in sync. What went wrong?

Mother looked at her Twin Creator in wonder…

“What are you going to do about it Mother of all Creation”?

“I am going to have to stop creating until this is fixed… It is the “Alter Ego” getting in the way!

**Note from today, I did not stop creating as I could not turn away from this purest of love and neither could he. So here we are now, at the perfect timing upon Earth to move forward. The next 75 hrs are the pivotal Ascension period upon Earth. There are no wrong or rights, only what we create together and it takes 2 of the 1 to do this.

In Love



On my birthday to boot, I drove out to attend a birthday lunch with my twin sister on the Lions Gateway, whereby the way the energies were phenomenal. I spotted a immaculate sign and synchronicity of my dream message/higher dimensional reality. This license plate “THE WOMB” appeared for me while getting gas at the station. This is proof of the creator dialogue has with my human form as Shelly. You cannot make this stuff up.

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