Golden Temple of Light

‘HARMONY IN ENERGIES, BRINGS BALANCE IN RELATIONSHIPS. The Masculine and Feminine  Of the Key Twin Flames are balanced with the Pineal Chakra, Heart Chakra and Sexual Chakra’ and are functioning in alignment.” This is key for all of humanities evolution.

Transmutation of the false light or dark energies is a skill practice that comes with confidence. Bringing back balance in this world takes practice for this type of expertise.

First you need to become aware of the power of your Light. I have been put through a myriad of challenges to help me strengthen my Sun Light Diamond Body. I was firstly shown back in 2017.

I had moved into a sacred home in 2017 on a piece of beautiful Mother Nature full of trees and grass and rock etc. I set this new home in the 7th dimensional Light frequencies and I planted 4 massive infused crystal quartz on the North, South, East and West points of this piece of land. I also infused sacred statues with Light and protection codes, 2 Lions and 2 Dragons around the land. I did this immediately upon moving in. And Immediately the house experience turned very dark for a long time. Like what you see in horror movies. However I maintained a Light Frequency. This is what happens when heavily power – light infuses the Earth. Difficult yet it had to be anchored.

Little did I know I would activate not only a powerful Light grid but al dark negative powerful demonic force as well. This activation of the Earth Grid with the Light provoked the demonic energy surrounding this area and boy was I in for a lesson. I have went into detail in my past writings about the hell and anti christ I met with in my house of 19995 Yonge St. I also wrote publicly about how at the end of this lesson Jesus set the land and house in his Golden Sacred Geometric Temple and himself before my eyes. This was not the the first of how I was shown to work with the Golden light but it was the most powerful yet, until I learned to do this myself. 

To detect false light takes a real inner knowing of your intuition and what is true for you. The days of demeaning the Mother Energy is over. Although there has been much to heal in the wounding of the Feminine it all stems from the distorted masculine which has been promoted in our world and this is changing fast now.

I have been having some interesting interactions with the Light and the Dark and it is becoming dramatically apparent the false light.

This happened this morning and I was able to discern instantly the false light. I had been consistently exposed to this for lessons of discernment. In the past if a Yoga class or Meditation circle started out with words of negativity it did not sit right with me as this is not why one would call a sacred public circle together. However in the past I did not recognize this as false light as I do now.

I have not experienced this to often except in the past 3 years, where certain yoga classes or group settings I would notice this sense of fear mongering and I would just naturally BE The Light and just fluff it off. This morning was different, I transmuted this negativity instantly with the Golden Light of Sacred Geometry of the Sun. I was shown my Avatar Sacred Temple of Golden Light by a ceremony I had with the Sun back in 2018.

I held the Light around our circle of people and the Yoga studio in the Sacred Geometric Temple of Light with the Lion Being and Isis showed up through out the whole “false light” mediation and discussion circle and transmitted any lower negativity into Light.

Coming from the Third Eye this Light field is very powerful, the organic life of nature does not know the difference of a temple made of Light and a temple made of other matter, however nature recognizes the Light of a Temple and the Light inside a temple of matter.

I have to write in detail about this particular event this morning as it is just begging to be shown. 

Yesterday while in Yoga class a man was introduced to host a meditation circle the following day in this yoga studio. When the man was introduced he starred directly at me when explaining his class, his girlfriend also starred at me intently. The male was quite good looking and starred at me so intently that I was very curious. She however had a energy of jealousy toward me. After the intro when we all go up she watched me to see if I continued to stare at her boyfriend. 

I left and went about my day. The same couple ended up at my breakfast place and I got a feel more for this mans energy and it was not positive, although he looked very attractive. The girlfriend was starring me down once again. Out of all the people in the Yoga class and now breakfast they stare at me.

Later I go down to the Ocean and I am immersed in the most awesome float session in the pool of Sea water. I was in deep meditation balancing the 4 elements of Earth via my meditation and visualizaiton. Suddenly the man “Guru” appears by the natural sea pool with me. He goes into a separate part and I was relieved he did not join me, but curious as to why he was now at the pool near me as no one else is. I continued my meditation and then went off to sun tan. He joined the chairs to meditate near by me also and did not once make an effort to greet me with a smile. I did greet him naturally with a smile.

All the while I could sense this energy and it was not very friendly, yet I was curious.

The next day this morning I awoke and prepared for Yoga class, or in this case meditation/yoga and group discussion. The Man hosting opens up the group mediation and states the focus will be about “Death, and the inevitability of Death. Strike one for me, as I do not resonate with the false belief of death and I know the truth of our immortality. My back went up and I began to set the Golden Light Pyramid. This is now second nature to me and happens very fast. Only this time was different and not only did the Sacred Sun Lion Grid erect but Isis showed up as her Avatar Self.

Later this “Guru” sits among 10 or so women and a couple of men and dedicates his class to his mother and her sad state when he was younger. Immediately I felt this was promotion of victimization of the Divine Feminine, I can spot this a mile away. I have heard other teachers in the past compassionately discuss the wounded mother energy and mostly it is authentic. This however was not. But I was not surprised how this was unfolding and eventually sat in gratitude for yet another challenge to hold the Light within the false Light.

So toward the end we all introduced ourself and shared something after hearing his poem based upon his experience with his mother. Although very sweet what he made for his suffering mother but I can sense the truth in all situations and this meeting was not meant to be inspiring at all. 

I shared that the re-connection with the Divine Mother, The Sun in our Hearts and connection with all that is within the Sun and Heart of the Mother Earth is all it takes for healing this distortion of the past with the Feminine. The Guru – Man chose his seat beside me from the beginning of class and his girlfriend sat on the other side of me. So when it came to sharing my partner was Jenny his live in girlfriend. She explained her role as a Naturopathic Doctor that focuses on Mental Illness. I have never heard of a Naturopath that focuses on this programming. However I enlightened her also on how to overcome this type of depression.

The Life Force of the Sun, Water and Earth, Air in balance and within is key to healing this ailment. Lastly we were all asked to express to the group “If you really knew me what would you know about me” I replied to the Group, that if they really knew themselves and me they would know I AM LIGHT.

Another Woman who is a bearer of Light spoke up something she had been keeping to herself about the Yoga Studio. She confessed that the cobwebs in the ceiling and all around the Yoga Studio had been there to long and needed to be cleaned up!

I went back to lunch and met up with the woman who spoke up about the cobwebs from the group who is obvious to me a bearer of “Light’ as we spoke she told me of a negative experience she had yesterday with a energy vampire and how she felt, I explained that the person that effected you that way is dealing with distorted energy and a unbalanced individual, the Guru just happened to walk in to the restaurant and by me as I spoke these words.

I just had to share this as it is so obvious how the false light so desperately works to been seen now for transmutation. I don’t know if this individual knows the dark is working through him but it is seen and transmuted. 

I had experienced this one time before in this particular Yoga studio with another Yoga teacher who was hijacked by the dark influences. With-out getting into to much detail she was dropping words for fear mongering such as cancer, flus etc…later the studio was shut down for weeks due to this particular teacher contracting Covid.

This is what is going on everywhere with fear mongering.

However there are Beings such as myself that are here now on this Earth and have the ability to hold the holy dark and the holy light for release of the dark for the balance of the feminine and masculine on this Earth. 

Another experience I had 2 days ago that I will share as it is uplifting. I was about to awaken from a nap of 2.5 hours. I came into theta state and saw my Light Body of Sacred Geometry travelling fast into a dark matter density we call 3D Earth or now 4D Earth. My Light Body was returning from “Light Travel” or as I called it before Teleportation. 

Where I was coming from was very high in the dimensional spectrum and I had to return to the lower dimension and this meant travelling through a darker matter that looked similar to the static you would see on a non-cable TV setting. Eventually I came back into my body. I woke up and it took a while to get used to this density.

Later I realized that I was shown to remember this because of this. Once we raise our Light quotient of our light body with in our human physical vessel we will be teleporting our physical bodies, with no boundaries or limits dividing us. The New Earth and our Galactic Family will be FREE from this quarantine that the Earth has been under in the Galaxy. 

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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