Distortion and Imbalance in Creation

The balance of the pineal gland, the heart chakra and the sacral chakra must be in alignment in order to create for the New Earth.

All the creations of the world structures in the past have been created or manifested out of imbalance. Distortions and Imbalance is what type of a society is structured within this frame of creation.

How this distortion is mainly come to be is by a distorted sexual  energy which then leads to imbalance of the whole system: pineal gland, heart chakra of humanity.

Laws of Creation will not let any more creations take place that are of distorted imbalances.

I wrote a blog on Remembering Creation from my Cosmic Star meeting in the Cosmos with members of the Council of Creation for the New Earth.

This experiment had to be put on hold as the lower Ego in the masculine was to prevalent to continue on with any new creations. While the experiment continued the Feminine was heavily harmed by these continued attempts for mis creation.

I have been a key person in being an example of what happens if two male and female creators are not yet in balance and still able to create. It is a living hell and evil get through the cracks.

I have had many experiences by forces beyond this realm of light and dark that demonstrate to me this imbalance, I keep get it shown to me until this morning I finally get it.

This is beyond a dark agenda of physical beings it is exaggerated distortion playing out before my eyes over and over until I get it. 

This must be corrected for the greater good of this Ascension mission of Planet Earth and the Galaxy. In the rules of Cosmic Karma, once you realized:

“you make a mistake you take measures to correct it” 

You don’t continue to make the mistake, especially if it is harming in nature.

Efforts to bring this masculine and feminine energy into balance must be taken seriously. Here are two blogs I have written in the past to help this crucial mission come into balance.get my

My whole existence at this point is warding off evil due to imbalance and distortion and this must stop.

In Honour of Honey, The Golden Labrador

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