Justice in the Stars

I have been and I am very much involved in a operation that is about exposing the dark criminal crimes that involve murders/suicide and attempted murder on me. Specifically Chris Cornell of the band Sound Garden and Audio Slave has been working with me. He has come to me from at the heavens many times to work with me and show me truth about the dark crimes in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. He first came to me the day of his death. The introduction contact was very gentle and loving to begin our mission. The initial introduction being so gentle was for good reason as what was to come was the very opposite of gentle and loving but exposure of dark evil.

Chris has been watching over and with me for the past 4 years while I have been undergoing severe attacks and attempted murder by this dark group that has cost me my life however they have not been able to take me out, they took me down but I have not been taken out. Amanda Ellis a channel for the “heart squad” whom are individuals who have wrongfully passed away and are working from the heavens for justice, she channeled Chris Cornell 2 days ago (June 6th) and when I found the video my life changed yet again, this time with hope for our future and justice. She released this video and it is a must watch for this story of truth. But before you watch note this: Chris mentions via Amanda that the dark “took him out” and he is now a force to be reckoned with. Later on this day after I watch this video I was browsing at the airport book store, after choosing a couple of books to read, I was strongly guide to go back to book shelf on the other side of the store. My Higher Self had fully taken over and guided me to a self help book on anxiety. I randomly opened this booklet in the middle of the book. What I read besides other sentences was this that stuck out in my mind of a quote: “God’s Protection, you are very protected, they took you down, they did not take you out” reading this just after watching this video is very auspicious of that which is to come…JUSTICE & TRUTH.






John Candy has been coming to me as of late so I researched him this morning. I had no idea he was born in New Market, but because he was psychically coming to me I knew he had died a wrongful death. He died of a heart attack and it was an attack on him. Although some can say he was over weight, does not matter he did not die by natural causes. I know this as I was told. I also had experienced many “heart attacks” and live to tell the truth.

Many “Stars” have come to me to let me know they are here and the mission is to help bring about awareness, change and justice when it comes to the dark crimes against innocent human beings that have the right to live a quality life while here upon Earth. This is clearly not the case currently.

Many are being hit with direct energy weapons, mind control and programmed addiction that causes death or suicide to escape the torture. How I know this is I have experienced all the dark factions attempts to kill me and or cause sever mental distraught.

Here is a video where i discuss my heart attack/stroke experiences, back then I was much more naive and considered everything I was going through “Ascension Symptoms” now I know better as I continued to get heart attack for years. One year I did die, but I was resurrected, here is the link to that story https://saishoriegrace.com/direct-energy-weapons-attacks/

Many “Bright Stars” whom were exceptionally gifted have been getting my attention. Such as John Candy, Prince, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Robbing Williams, Michael Jackson, John F Kennedy, Marilyn Munroe, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Elvis Aaron Presley Nikola Tesla, Michael Hutchence (INXS)….etc….David Bowie (although it was cancer still a crime against humanity)

All these Bright Stars died suspicious deaths, why do you think that is??? High Frequency Beings here to bring their talent, love/light into humanity, just dropping dead suspiciously???. This is the same reason Rock and Roll is dead….this music helped raise good vibrations, total opposite to what music is being supported in the media now…

For the not so famous people who have been wrongfully killed they are honoured and acknowledged as well, their selflessness acts are recognized and pre-planned, their sacrifices will take them up the evolution scale fast.

I personally know of a kindred spirit who’s soul purpose in life was as a sacrifice for me to complete my mission during this life time, as a matter of fact he came to me the other night in a dream…he held my shoulders told me to RELAX….and that all is working out very well.

He was my first love and friend named Jerry Brown, he came to Earth specifically as a sacrifice for this mission. He died at 28 in a head on collision, it was his time to go. I write about him in my book. Any way he came to me in a dream last year to show me his new status and the recognition he received for his sacrifice. He showed up in warrior apparel and a shiny hug rainbow/gold sword, like the biggest and best of them all. He is an Archangel now helping humanity for the monumental time of Ascension, as are so many of the Great Ascended Brotherhood.

Another helper in the Justice mission is my lawyer from 2010. I was in the middle of a separation with my Ex (father of my son) and things were getting messy. I was guided to this lawyer Mr Dunsmuir. He ended up being a hero for me, utilizing his expertise to get me a speedy out of court settlement. His motivation to help me at the time was his grand despise for men who are bullies and take advantage of women’s femininity. Not to knock my ex he was just interfered with by the dark at the time – like so many I get close to. Any way in 2103 he and his entire family except on son was killed in a house fire. He showed up for me also with similar messages, that he is here to help with the Justice Mission. He was a Supreme Judge in the Etheric Realm now. And he is one mean mother f@***er on a very serous mission.


This is the time of great purification and we are in the Finale, All is being exposed. *The Great Purification & Ascension where the original Androgynous God has sent his masculine and feminine on to this Earth to head things up. This is also a time and return of the New Angels and the Warriors of Light.

Just as all of our Galactic and Cosmic Families are with us to help Earth to Ascend and take out the Evil in the world, same goes for these Stars. Souls are eternal and you can bet your bottom dollar they are helping us to get Justice for all the crimes against humanity. This is why they sacrificed there lives, for this very times we are living in. The work they are preforming “behind the scenes” is like Magic and Justice will be served.

Ephesians 6:14-17 lists six pieces of the Armor of God:
Belt of truth.
Breastplate of righteousness.
Shoes of the gospel of peace.
Shield of faith.
Helmet of salvation.
Sword of the Spirit.

Nothing can stop the “New Revelations”

In Love and Light


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