Victory of the Goddess

I am writing this to let those who do read my blog to inform them of what is going on.
As some know the interference toward the Goddess Energy is ruthless and evil. I being a holder of the Cosmic Mother Energy have been targeted heavily. I took on the mission partly to help expose the on goings of the dark factions tactics and criminal offence toward myself and humanity at this time. All has been exposed and is recorded by the “secret service” for future criminal proceedings. The work etheric-ly that has been cleared has now been completed on the physical realm as well.

However these dark ones are so desperate at this time they are stopping at nothing. they have even made fake licenses plates with negative messages….what a joke.

I have written in other blogs what crimes they have committed and the night I actually flat lined due to there direct energy weapons attacks so I will not repeat the info. However I do want to note the last of there attempts as well as the ongoing stuff: 1) personal attempts to kill me in head on collision which they failed. 3) constant airplanes flying over my house for intimidation tactic and heavy metal toxicity. Planes following me where ever I go especially when I leave my area of residence, this included internationally. 3) Attacks when I am completing important mission work ie) I enrolled in a Kundalini Yoga course down town Toronto and the first day after enrolling and paying almost $1000 I was forced to never go back. The directed energy weapons toward me were so intense I could not walk out of the class at the end at 6:00 pm and I have witnesses.

During the day I was at first feeling the burning of my skin and heat surmounting in my body, sort of like being microwaved from the inside out. I am and was very familiar with this feeling from years on on going direct energy weapons attack prior years.

Then I began to feel very negative and irritated, sad etc…. I refused to leave as I wanted to have the whole experience as proof, so I literally endured the human torture. Then my body became in such pain that my joints were aching and I felt lethargic.
During lunch I went outside of the church in Toronto where the Yoga course was held and witnessed myself (as usual) the Planes flying over top of the church conducting the attacks. They fly very close to the building, like just f*#@ing relentless.
Conversations of this went on in the privacy of the Yoga studio an I left in pain. I withdrew my course membership and took the $1000 hit.

When I left I was relieved and empowered to feel the whole day of sensations to my body as proof as to what I had been experiencing in my house 19995 Yonge St. for 3 years. And the next day I received the license plate TORONTOX to indicate the truth. As every time I went to Toronto to see family regularly I was attacked severely while driving as was my family. I have since learned how to protect myself on the road and they cannot touch me. Needless to say I stay away from family as not to put them in harms way.

Toronto is also a place of serious dark satanic and ritualistic on goings, thus my Light in there territory is not welcomed at all, they are very threatened by the Goddess Energy.

I was forced to move from both locations of my family homes for their direct energy attacks. One home of 13 years and the second of 2 years where I quickly learned and became a prime informant for those really in power. Fortunately I got smart and relocated into a safer environment where I am not as easily targeted. But like I said they are relentless.

4) Attacks toward me via iPhone use and wifi use. As soon as I enter into my home from an out of town trip, instantly my heart rate goes up and shortly there after I have a cold or flu. I take great steps to avoid this and it a has caused me to be the strongest I can be. However this part of the mission for me to be the sacrificial “Lamb” so to speak is over.

There game and crimes are over. They will be persecuted and dealt with appropriately on the Earth plane. In the Spirit realm they will either be demolished in the Galactic/Cosmic Sun or be possible offered redemption and some sort of plea bargain to pay back the karma in a next hellish life. I have a whole book on this with PROOF. These dark ones who’s name I will not waste my energy ever typing, well their time is up.

As of June the clean up is complete and the bottom scrapers living rent free off the Mother’s Land are about to start paying…paying big time. The Archon clearing is done!

When I speak publicly about my truth, the people will be not have one inkling of a victim, in-fact all they will be witnessing a woman of power who can teach how to live like a true Sovereign BEing, for I have mastered this and all the experience has made me impenetrable with strength, the True Divine Feminine Goddess Energy is here.

I may update this again in the days to come.

Saishorie~Grace ~ Gods Messenger

As Above So Below

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