Lioness Gateway ~ August 8th 2020

Happy Lioness Gateway

There is no mistaking how powerful this Lions Gateway is for August 2020. This is a time where a vast amount of Divine Feminine Goddess’s are crossing the threshold of taking their power back. Power being the theme word for this Gateway. We are the Portal for this Gateway that allows for maximum amounts of CME stream in via our bodies from the Sirius Sun(s) and still so much being pushed out for alchemizing into Gold.

I have created a StarGate Pyramid of Golden Christed Light that covers all of Muskoka and roots into a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks. This allows for the Sirian Brotherhood and Sirius Blue/White Diamond Electric Light to stream through into the deepest depths of the core of Earth via the Canadian Granite and Crystal Sands – Shield. If you are not aware of this mass mountain of rock in our Earth, it is located in the Northern part of Canada and roots across to Quebec. It is 3.6 billion years old and is one of the worlds strongest stabilizer’s for our Earth during her transition into the Higher Dimensions.

I have relocated myself here 4 months ago for this time of Ascension, wasn’t exactly sure why a while back, but it is now becoming clear on a need to know basis. I am situated on water surrounded by rock and the Sirius Light Codes are also being downloaded into the water via Light Language/codex directly into the water.

Any one who knows me, knows the significance of the Lions Gateway and it being my birthday on August 8th, the reasons for this is also very clear to me now. I am one of the many Lion Goddess’s here upon the Earth who is from the Lion Heritage of the Lion Creators from the Sun and whom have the Lion Heart. These women are here to bring the balance back between the Masculine and the Feminine and are Warriors of the Sun. Another purpose is to restore the Divine Mother Energy of Isis back in its place and this is very successful.

I have noticed over the past months the extreme interference by the one’s that do not want to see this Ascension move forward. This interference shows just how powerful I/WE ARE. The Goddess Isis Energy (and family) are here and restoration is taking place. The Universe this past Christmas has gifted humanity with an Ankh ~ The symbol of the Goddess Isis, immortality and creation of the ONE Androgynous Creator. Firstly I was given this symbol as a download from the Cosmos, into my Crown, integrated by my Body and anchored into the Earth’s Body. During this time, I was physically having a Gold/Diamond Ankh being made in the jewellers as a gift for my Son but was later told it was for me to keep until further notice.  On one occasion shortly there after the Ankh magically unclipped from a secured clasp around my neck and came off my neck, instead of it falling to the ground like any heavy weight necklace, it did not, it slid like a snake before my eyes and slid under the chair, before my eyes.  This Sacred Golden Ankh took on a life of its own and I was shown this magic before my human eyes. The purpose was to demonstrate immortality of the Spirit that resides in all of US.

I share this video below as it is a clear image of my Ankh that I wear along with my tattoo Saishorie~Grace which is my Divine Goddess name given to me. These are sacred symbols and words which hold great power and remembrance as did our Ancient Ancestors of Egypt and Atlantis demonstrate the truth of the Gods & Goddess Energy via sacred name and symbology. This sacred symbolism and name is here embodied in the physical realm on behalf of the Divine Great Mother Goddess Energy assisting in the work for Mother Earth and all her children during this time of Ascension and this especially significant Power Portal during this Sirus Lions Gate. WE ARE THE PORTAL.


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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