Lions Gateway ~ Trinity Twins 888

Celebrating the Lions/Twin(s) Flame 888 Gateway with the Trinity of Twins, Me and my Twins 🙂
Written By: Shelly Sullivan

Last year on my birthday and the August 8th Ceremony I sat outside Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada, before my birthday treat at the Scandinavian Spa, I preformed the ceremony for the Lions Gateway. At the end of the Ceremony, Cecil the Lion appeared in HUGE spiritual matter of his head and presence. I just realized it was the Lioness/Lion Spirit fully as its gigantic Sentient Being. This Spirit entered into my third eye and enveloped my body fully. The Lion presence was enormous as my whole body of skin thickened up with goosebumps as this spirit integrated with mine. Cecil thanked me for the work I do. This is a common message and respectful greeting I receive from spiritual Angelics/Warriors/Ascended Masters when they physically introduce themselves to me. My connection with the Feline Lion Spirit became apparent after Cecil the lion sacrificed his life and channeled a message through me. Here is the message and Link if you want to read Cecil the Lion Spirit Message:

Cecil the LIon 3. The 888 Gate Way is upon us once again. I awoke to the greatest news I received in a while. The position as a Warrior of the Light is a VICTORY this morning. The light has won. Passed the test with Rainbow flying colours. We completed the most challenging part of the mission = dissolving that which no longer belongs with Light & Love. NOW is VICTORY for the Light.

What perfect timing for the 888 Lions Gateway. Walking into the Golden Gates of Heaven on Earth is what the Lions Gate way is all about. We are or have Ascended and the best is yet to come.

The best is yet to come!!!

The August 8th Portal is also a time for celebration and anniversary of the Twin Flames. This year is most monumental as the Key Twins who are aware of their mission have completed all the required work successfully. So to honour this special time of NOW of the Lions Gate 888 Twin Flame Portal I will share with you a bit on my preparation for the “Greatest Love Story on Earth” Twin Flames Love. As most of my followers know I have a Twin Sister (Sheila Sullivan) and we share the birthdate of August 8th. When we were born she pushed me out so fast with her feet, my first experience of life into the earth was being pushed out without a chance to ever contemplate fear. She pushed me out and instilled into me my first lesson on fearlessness. I had no choice and out into the world I arrived as planned. She on the other hand would not come out and stayed in the womb for another 20 minutes. My twin sister had to stay in the hospital with pneumonia. I remember looking out to the other crib as a new born, wondering where my other half was. Needless to say I carried this abandonment feeling all through life, thinking this is was the soul reason I felt so alone. However it would be revealed I felt alone also because I have another Twin living of and on the Earth also, My divine counterpart Masculine Twin Flame. And not to far away from my home town did he reside.

For the first approx. 12 years of my life he lived close. Looking back I did also feel the separation when he moved far away.

The Wedding:

The day before the morning of my sisters wedding I was awoken by Source with a message. It was an image of an experience and transmission of my speech for her wedding. Thankfully this message came as I did not have a speech as of yet.

Here is the speech I recited at my sisters wedding July 23rd last year.

“I woke up yesterday with an image a beautiful image, an snap shot picture of Sheila’s beautiful face with a candle flame in front of it, beyond that was a beautiful fire place, surrounding the fire was all of our family and friends. And with that image I was prompted to write this message. Part of this, my journey in the past 5 years has been The Twin Flame Journey.

I was awakened to the Higher dimensional concept that I have a Twin Soul out there somewhere. I know many don’t understand this 5d concept but a interesting fact is my twin sister Sheila and I share a birthday which is on the Twin Flame Gate way of 8.8 August 8th as well as the Lions Gateway. This is very significant for me and I teach about this concept in my work on youtube.

There are many other similarities between having a twin sister and a twin flame. We share the same WOMB of OUR Feminine Divine Creator, We look alike, we share the same DNA, we share telepathy with our thoughts and feelings and our love cannot be severed. We know unconditional love. Having a Twin Sister, My Beloved Twin Sister Sheila Sullivan (Bormann NOW) was pre planned to prepare me for Great Love and to help me through this journey on Earth.
Being a Twin with Sheila has taught me how to sustain unconditional love, how to love no matter how much we trigger each other because I know that she is here to assist me to learn to transmute energies and as a polarity mirror for myself. So what I may see when she triggers me is what I need for fix for myself. We are Soul Mates who agreed this before birth. Sheila pushed me out with her feet literally from the womb and I honestly believe that push helped me and taught me to move forward fearlessly in this life. She has taught me that unconditional love exits, telepathy as a dominant form of communication exist, we have often read each others minds and felt each others joy & pain, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Sheila has taught me that we have had many lifetimes together. She has taught me and helped me to know how to differentiate my feelings as being hers or hers as being mine. (Shelly note: These abilities are mandatory for Twin Flame success in the Union). The constant teaching between us is Unconditional love. Sheila has taught me about love, unconditional love. To learn to love without any stipulations and judgment. Sheila’s has taught me to love myself. If it were not for Sheila, I don’t know how I would have made it through some parts of my life and figuring out why I am here.

So the point of all this is, my whole life has been a series of life events preparing me for my final Union my Twin Flame with whom we have been physical separated for over 26,000,000 years (I remember snap shot images of other physical life with him) and we are promised to reunite in this lifetime after being created millions of years ago for this purpose of Ascension of our third energy GAIA the matter Planet Earth.

NEW Twin Flame love will be flooding the planet to fulfil our missions for Earth and Gaia to be raised to the 7th dimension and upward, as well as uplifting the energy in the Cosmos and Creating New Universes.

Happy Twin Flame Lions Gateway 888 In Love and Light of Higher Service

I AM Saishorie~ Grace
Divine Feminine Spiritual Presence.