Armageddon On Fire

This is the Final Battle between Good an Evil or the Light and the Dark. These are the End Times and the Light is winning. The battle in the Sky has already been won. Now the clean up continues here on Earth to extinguish the remnants that no longer belong.

I asked my Over Soul for guidance over a long period of time. My (Our) Over Soul is a Avatar Being of the Whole Light Collective here on Earth embodied as well as the Galactic Command in the Higher Realms. This Over Soul is heading up this mission upon Earth for Ascension and is the HigherSelf of Myself and my Twin Creator.

I ask what is causing the Direct Energy Attacks toward me personally and upon Earth causing such heat, fire and internal combustion for humans and the fires taking place around the world?” I got the answer in various forms. I will let the signs speak for themselves, as they are “magical signs” orchestrated by the Divine Plan of God for these End Times and Revelations.

The answers as I will list below come in from God Source Creator. I have compiled the truth in various proof of signs of license plates and other Light Workers intel.

This image I captured while I was driving,  It says GEOENG, this is short for Geo Engineering.This is partly what in created to help fuel the fires once they get going with direct energy weaponry.



To answer the question as to what direct energy attacks have been made on me personally and on Humanity, including there surroundings and buildings and the answer is a direct energy weaponry via Drones and Geo Engineering/Weather Manipulation and many other tactics.

In the case of fires of Los Angeles residential area and the forest fires these fires were intentionally caused by the dark faction via Energy Weapons and Geo-Engineering via Drones and Laser Beams of High Voltage causing fire hot enough to melt iron. As for the Nortre Dame Cathedral in Paris I have mixed messages to be honest. When I watched as the fire burned the Cathedral I did not feel any sense of Unjust but rather I had a feeling of “this is all in divine order” and I felt Victory. But after asking for guidance and the very next day seeing GEOENG sign I had other insight. So at this time I am not sure if it was an direct attack or not, but either way it is the Goddess Energy that is prevailing.

I have experienced these attacks directed at me, causing microwave high voltage weaponry toward my car, phone, tv, radio, home hydro/voltage cable and ultimately my body, my son’s body and my dogs body. These attacks have caused great illness, stress not to mention I was attacked so hard one night I died, but came back to life. I have a blog here on my website on this titled “The Night I Died”.

Direct Energy Weapons ~ The Night I Died

All this is part of a Divine Plan that I had agreed to take part in here upon Earth and in the Galaxy. I agreed to be the pawn of Goddess Energy/Mother Principal Frequency detected by the former ones in control as I call the “Criminal Dark Faction”. I have brought them out and rooted out and cleared the cancer they spread via the criminal acts they carry out, I have exposed them to and for the Galactic Council and Great White Brotherhood to track and see via there hunting/targeting and attacks upon me. We the Galactic Family of light have proof proof of what they have been criminal carrying out toward all of humanity in the past, and present.


I have victoriously outlived the attempts to kill me and my Divine Feminine Goddess energy embodied here upon Earth, but with a high price… that price the Dark Faction will pay. As I Will Sue and so will many others.


This Last fire in Paris of the Notre Dame Cathedral triggered me to post publicly. Enough is Enough. The LA residential fires, the forest fires and various fires around the Planet are a criminal offence carried out to instill fear, hurt, target, kill and injure not only human life but all life including the Mother Planet itself and the burning of the Mother whether purification only of the old patriarchal system or there it brought to it brought a lot of injustice to the forefront for me.

I will share a short story of the last trip I took to Italy which is one of my Grid Points where I perform major cleansing especially in Rome and surrounding areas. I was on the last full day of my trip and early the next day I was schedule to leave Tuscany and get a flight September 25th from Pisa, Italy Airport to Rome, Italy airport and then home. The prior day I went to have a meditation and nap. During this theta state I had a premonition, I was standing in front of a huge Palm tree outside of my hotel room (in my dream state) and a carved shelf was in the tree with a lighter in it. The lighter was sitting in the tree, showing me that the fire that will start was deliberate ignited. I woke up and was amazed by the insight as the Los Angeles Fires in the (private) residential area had effected me greatly as injustice, plus my Twin lives close to their and I was feeling his emotion. The remainder of the day I had the forest fires on my mind and Palm Tree representing the tree outside my hotel and the trees in California. Next…
I woke up in the early morning the following day to catch my flight, when I arrived to the hotel lobby to get my ride to airport I was informed the flight had been cancelled as the Airport is closed due to fires in the immediate surrounding area. The receptionist was in shock and this was a terrible event happening is Pisa Italy. I was also in shock but intrigued as well as per my premonition/dream.
I was determined to get out and catch a flight anyway else I could directly from Rome. As magic would have it I did escape and magical events took place to get me out of Italy. I was determined to get out as every time I travel especially to Rome I am followed by dark faction and direct energy weaponry is used against me.

The fire in Pisa Italy on September 25th was deliberately ignited and this all has to do with the Goddess Energy stemming back from the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Blood line and history in the Roman Empire.

The whole ordeal was out of a movie and the whole time my adrenaline was super high so much I felt like my heart was going to burst. Over all I arrived home felling a sense of victory, to know I have this super psychic insight that finds the truth in all situations AND I have supreme team of Light working with and through me.

Any way this has been a on going cat and mouse game and with each event I uncover more TRUTH. Enough truth that I am writing a book on it, as I have been taking notes and providing proof for years.

What the Dark Faction does not realize at this time is that any crimes they continue to carry out is only revealing more of there hideous desperate crimes against humanity and they will be punished by the wrath of God. God is in charge. THE COSMIC SUN IS IN FULL CHARGE! Christ consciousness is in charge -The Ashtar Command, The Sirians and the Great White Brotherhood is in charge now. There is no turning back and Justice is imminent.

Here is some intel from other sources working for the Light about the fires

California fire conspiracies a hit on YouTube

Rene Armenta on the opertational tactics and weaponization of the MSM:

“Media presenting ridiculousness and absurdity “as if” it is truth is a form of consent. The article actually mentions keywords to search under (directed energy weapons, etc.), but preemptively suggests such things are false. People new to questioning authority are being handed the exact language terms to do their own research. Opting out and simply trusting the rhetoric without self checking IS consent (indirectly) and perhaps even absolves certain “karmic” responsibility. The voice of the system actually reveals the details plainly. The person who simply accepts such rhetoric as “truth” gives consent to the powers that manipulate.”

In this below link you can see clearly how the homes have been targeted and burnt by laser direct weapons. It is so obvious even the most sceptic cannot deny this.


The dark factions take great lengths to demolish structures for there own selfish satanic reasons. Here is a link by Cobra re; truth of the California Fires:

Here is a video link from the Gold Fish report discussing the undeniable truth about these fires.

“What is causing these California fires? We definitely know its not of natural causes. Are they using direct energy weapons? Or have they already weaponized 5g towers? Are they transmitting microwaves? Is this why they use such a high voltage? Why does the fire appear to jump from one structure to another or burn cars without burning down the vegetation around it? Why are all these towers privately owned and not federally regulated? Silent weapons for silent wars? You be the judge!

That is all I will write about today. I can assure you this is a very serious crimes against Gods Angels, who are here for this time upon Earth know as Revelations and will return the dark factions Messiah to them as their own karma. This has been planed for eons and finally the plan is all playing out most divinely. The fires the dark faction causes now is just small example of what there Karma will play out like in their own purgatory.

Thank you to the dark faction for assisting to clear the collective consciousness of the Karma accumulated over the past 26,000 year period and to help assist me to reverse the Dark Mother Principal from 666 to The Light Divine Mother Principal original template of 999. All my pain, suffering and torture made a 360 degree turn into a divinely orchestrated purification for Earth and all the surrounding Galactic Family ~ Mother & Father God.

Just found this post from Laura Eisenhower the next day after writting my post that conincides with my truth.

Today for the second time I saw the sign END 2.


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

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