Victory over Interference with a Twist of Fairy Tale Endings


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The following excerpt is from my book Chapter 1 Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being. In this first Chapter I was guided to make the intro include some truth into the mission of my Divine Masculine Counterpart and I. I turned it into a Sci-Fi type fairy tale. However this is a very real story that is taking place in our world that many will not be able to fathom unless it is told in this manner.


Development of Masculine Persona and Feminine Persona

Mr. Extraordinaire, being the Master that he is of the Matrix Earth, did not have as much amnesia during this incarnation of Earth. He came well prepared and manifested the first half of this incarnation from childhood to win the hearts of a billion human beings on Earth. He was extraordinarily talented with many gifts to entertain and make people laugh. The people saw something in him: they saw themselves, the authentic childlike part of themselves. His gifts showed the world the many faces and personalities, the aspects of One Self.
He manifested what every human being has birthrights to. He manifested great wealth, health, joy, he manifested great prosperity and love. His connection to the millions, however, came with a price as he compartmentalized many of the Collective Consciousness’ thoughts and feelings. This was part of his mastering the Matrix experience. This sacrifice was on-going.
And so, just as any human life experienced these fluctuations and ups and downs, his experience was to the extremes.

While the Masculine was Mastering his life on Earth, the Feminine aspect was Mastering her moments mostly in the etheric realm. After the age of 7 and her amnesia programming began, her life was not so joyful. She felt very out of place on Earth as she had not been back here incarnated for thousands of years. She knew this life would be the most painful one for her yet. But she was quite well prepared. A plan was sought out for her to endure and numb the pain she felt. It was not pretty but it was effective.

As soon as she was independent of her parents and made her own choices, she chose to self-medicate as per programming of a MK ULTRA mind control agenda. These addictions were implanted into her soon after her arrival to Earth. The dark adversaries knew the powers this Princess beheld and wanted to suppress her as soon as possible, from a very young age. They used schooling tactics to make her feel worthless, the government and media bombarded her with negative messages. This is where she learned what the most elite celebrities were taking on to escape the painful sense of reality of dense Earth. She manifested these substances to numb her “on-demand” when she needed to escape. Just like any master of manifestation, she knew she could manifest anything she wanted.

After years of this abuse, she decided it was time to clean up her life, and she was bequeathed the help she requested. A powerful Soul Mate would join her on Earth. Saishorie~Grace gave birth to a long time Soul Mate and made him first priority. She became obsessed with optimal wellness to the extent that she became a personal trainer, registered nutritionist, Yoga teacher and meditation master. This was the strong platform which held the stage for her to step into her powerful spiritual awakening.

All of her superpowers (and then some) would be awakened by the Source Sun in June of 2014. The rays of White, Orange and Red laser-beamed into her third eye while she was claiming her I AM presence under the Sun. This powerful ritual was witnessed not only by humans but by the Extraterrestrials, the Angelics, Her Higher Self who is God Prime Creator. All were present for this ritual. This was a monumental ritual for the New Earth, for the New Earth Queen had regained her super powers. This was a time of great triumph in the Higher Dimensions, but went unnoticed to the realm of density as the Old Earth was still transitioning into the New.
Not all of these advanced Beings were of the Light. The dark adversaries were watching as well. This is when they planned their latest attack. Little did they know that she would use this attack to her advantage and, just like Mother Gaia, she would prevail with victory and Ascend. No one would beat her at her own game.


Not only was she implanted with false beliefs and false programming by a mind control program name MK ULTRA strategically planned and implemented toward her from birth, which she eventually conquered, but upon her spiritual awakening, the dark adversaries tried to suppress her again and planned and executed an attack on her. This attack was very subtle but very effective. They intravenously forced venom into her blood system. The venom was darted into her arm by way of a drone type wasp insect that was full of liquid toxins and created disease in her body. This venom is known to the human race as “Lyme disease.”

One day, while she was joyfully driving down along one of the main streets near her house and going about 60 km an hour, out of nowhere a wasp darted onto her left arm from resting on the open window. The attack was rapid and forceful. Immediately, she looked at this wasp injected into her arm and shook the drone like insect off her limb. The stinger remained and she had a heck of a time pulling it out. Her arm was so irritated that she drove right to the medical clinic. They prescribed her antibiotics but she never filled the prescription as she knew the serious side effects of this other pharmaceutical killer.

The following many months she questioned this incident and instinctively knew this was not natural. She eventually received answers from her Higher Self that this venom would act as a wakeup call in one sense, that adversaries were indeed on her trail.

But, at the time, this beautiful, strong Princess had no idea this was injected to her. She kept her body so healthy that symptoms did not appear until 3 years later. The symptoms started to appear when her journey was at a peak of stress in her personal life and as Gaia shifted into her 5th dimension.

You will find out, as this incredible story unfolds, this Queen has been given much help on the Earth Realm but this help did not come in physical assistance. Most of the time it was Angels, Higher Dimensional Beings and Guides and her Higher Self which is direct Source Prime Creator. Her team is huge to assist her for this huge mission. She never really felt alone, although to a fellow human being who could not see these beings, they would consider her to be living a lonely life.

The infectious virus deliberately shot into her bloodstream was about to be revealed to her. Just as her Higher Self has been carrying out a dialogue with Saishorie~Grace to help guide her on the adventure of all lifetimes, the Higher Self used signs and synchronicity such as license plates, bill boards, people and songs as cairns to light her path and to help her along her purposeful mission. At this particular time, she questioned why was her health was feeling off track. For the past few years her immune system was compromised, and her colds and flu were now happening on a weekly basis. She prayed to her Angels for help every day.
Eventually, signs came pouring in that her mission included uncovering her health issues once and for all. On her quest back to optimal wellness, Saishorie~Grace sought out natural practitioners

and found a system and healer that gave her some answers. She was guided toward a machine which is used to read consciousness, the chakra system and the physical body and it revealed that Lyme disease was found in her blood system. Not thinking much of this at the time, she continued to work to strengthen her immune system. One day, while she was talking a walk in Nature barefoot, as she does to recharge and rejuvenate herself (one of her favourite things to do), a lady appeared with a message for her. She said, “Don’t walk barefoot in this forest as it has been tested positive with Lyme disease.”
Saishorie~Grace had now heard this twice and it was starting to sink in. She knew she needed to research this disease. What was it, how could she have possibly contracted illness when she was an expert at optimal wellness? It just did not make any sense to her at all. So, she went onto technology and researched information on this disease. What she found out was very unsettling to her. She found that this disease is manmade and is poisoning people and animals via ticks, mosquitoes, and she discovered to her dismay, could it have been transmitted to her from a wasp bite.
The story started to become clear. She recalled 6 years ago when this very peculiar event took place with the wasp. Her intuitive knowing shouted to her, it was the wasp that was darted into her arm that poisoned her. She started to take this very seriously and did more and more research. She learned that every symptom of the manmade disease was showing up in her body. The biggest tell-tale sign was her compromised immune system that her body was constantly battling, and yet, she always held herself in a perfect state of health and treated her body with the most respect and integrity as it is her temple. She used methods that ran the spectrum from mindful meditation, to exercise and yoga, maintaining a superfood diet, juicing, positive and creative visualization, cellular healing, vitamin therapy and everything under the sun to keep her temple healthy. The most important factor is this Angelic Princess was ecstatic by her very nature as she was a happy angel and not much could get her down for long. This was finally starting to make sense.
This venomous attack must have been a huge dose, and she questioned if this could be an ongoing attack. Are there other ticks and mosquitos affecting her system to this day? Now she was on a
mission, and she felt the anger welling up of adversaries attacking her and this fueled her focus to get to the bottom of this. She prayed and called upon her Creator and Angels to get this figured out. Her prayers would be answered. Saishorie~Grace was driving along one rainy evening, her mind confused at how this all can be happening. She was worried and not in the present moment, until an old beat up farm truck swerved before her and cut in front of her. She slammed on her brakes and boom! saw in front of her windshield a license plate with “LYME DIS.” A feeling of utter revelation came over her. She was out of body with her Higher Self to accompany her while she received this sign as if it were straight out of a movie, an unbelievable event transpiring here in front of her eyes.
She has seen hundreds and hundreds of signs via listens plates (as you will soon read about) as these magical messages have been orchestrated by God. But this one was over-the-top incredible. She snapped a picture of it and drove off, feeling blown away with awe. Saishorie~Grace absorbed information intuitively through the heart space first, and it could take days for her mind to analyze the information. When she was ready, she allowed the mind to absorb the information.
Whilst in the midst of these couple of days, she would still be getting confirmation of her insights and signs from Higher Self. She was at the post office and at her feet was a business card. She picked it up and knew it was a sign her to follow. The card read

“The Hedge Witch ~ Psychic Readings.” She was familiar with this metaphysical store and pondered the idea of visiting it to see what message they had in store for her. That day she went back home to research on the computer again and her mouse navigated to “Psychic Reading” before her very eyes without her touching the mousepad. This happened with her very often, as her Spirit does this for her often to help guide her, as on this journey there is no manual, Saishorie~Grace is the pioneer creating the 7D Manual. She knew she must visit the Psychic at the Hedge Witch, but did not know why.

The following few days, on a Sunday, she had shelved all of this stressful thinking aside and was very much in the moment of Now, not thinking at all. She was guided by her Higher Self and her heart to spontaneously turn into the driveway of the Hedge Witch Metaphysical store. She had no particular plans on this Sunday, only to Be in the moment. So, when she found herself in the store, talking with the owner and showing her the business card she had found 3 days before or so, she quietly laughed to herself knowing that her Higher Self was in full control. “Who is on duty for psychic readings today?” Saishorie~Grace asked. The owner replied “Angela, the very gifted Psychic Angela.”
Saishorie~Grace knew of her as she had met with her years ago and her sister in law’s whole family went to her quite regularly for very accurate mediumship visitations with their crossed over beloved souls.

Angela and Saishorie~Grace sat across from each other and looked authentically into each other’s eyes. Angela was very to the point, a no-nonsense kind of gal. Saishorie~Grace liked this as she was the same. Within the first minute, a soul known as Jerry came powerfully through with messages to Angela letting her know of his presence. Saishorie~Grace knew Angela was a truly gifted Psychic when her information from Jerry, her beloved teenage first love and now Angel guide, came through with very detailed information on his death and how he used to bug Saishorie~Grace with specific gestures. Next, Angela’s mediumship would prove itself very clear and precise when she pinpointed Saishorie~Grace’s purpose as a Spiritual Teacher, a very powerful healer and Angelic here to help humanity. “But,” she said, “your guides are now telling me you know all this already!” She looked with bewilderment at Saishorie~Grace, as if to ask with her eyes, “if you know all of this, why are you really here?”
Without really knowing what would come out of her mouth, Saishorie~Grace sat up straight and looked deeply into Angela’s eyes and asked the questions she had been holding in her heart. “I am here because I have questions that need answers regarding my health.” She went on to say, “I know I have Lyme Disease and want your insight, Angela.” Angela double blinked and said, “I happen to be very well educated on Lyme disease as my sister and brother in law both have it and I have helped to heal them and are assigned to their recovery.” The energy in the room was very powerful; two psychics were being brought together by Spirit to help this Angelic Queen, Saishorie~Grace, regain her full potential once again.
Their eyes lingered into each other’s for this very mind blowing occurrence and incident that was transpiring. Angela explained to Saishorie~Grace that she is in recovery. “You have healed yourself and you are now in the last months, if not only weeks, of recovery.” This Hedge Witch was the Witch that had the knowledge to the healing potion that would heal Saishorie~Grace once and for all.
Saishorie~Grace was experiencing a great feeling of satisfaction at a job well done, and Angela was writing out all the details for her to further pursue and get her hands on the miracle supplement
that would heal her. Saishorie~Grace knew exactly where to go to get her potion. It would take some time to get it into her hands as this miracle supplement was not made popularly known as a miracle healing supplement, for if it were known, the whole world would begin to heal everything that was not too deep into the decaying bodies of manmade disease.
She continued to do research while waiting for the magic potion in the mail and indeed this supplement was a miracle healing supplement. In the meantime, a few days had passed and she went back to visit the other healer with the Bio-Feedback machine that reads consciousness, blood, organs, chakras, thoughts, blocks and beliefs that help to uncover these things to start the healing process. This is another unpopular device held down by the adversaries who did control the Old Earth, but awakened ones knew better.
The healer confirmed, “Yes, the machine scan is showing up in detail. Your Lyme disease is in Stage 2 out of 4. You do have Lyme disease and you don’t need a blood test to confirm it. In fact, this disease is screwed so deeply into your cells like a parasite that the blood test probably won’t even detect it.” She also went on to say that all of the chemicals that the adversaries in control of the Old Earth are releasing from their airplanes (known as chemtrails) are feeding this parasite called Lyme disease with heavy metals and chemicals that will cause bacteria to grow in the digestion system, thus making humans really sick. “So,” she concluded, “your situation needs attention and healing for sure.”

Update Note by Shelly: I also know that direct energy weapons, smart dust and mind control are all linked up with poisoning and controlling the population ~ Shelly Sullivan.

Saishorie~Grace knew that a healthy digestion system was the key to a healthy immune system. If the adversaries were doing their best to suppress these systems, this explains why so many are getting the flu and cold so easily and so often. These greedy ones who only care about power and control were trying to make the world sick and helpless. She knew this to be true. Her knowledge was as a Nutritionist who studied the Digestion and Immune system in depth. She knew exactly what was going on here. She knew the truth, so help them, God.
Finally, the miracle supplement arrived. Full recovery was in her near future. She would become better, healthier, stronger than ever!!!!! This curse was a blessing in disguise, for all her extra rest and rejuvenation beheld her in the dream state more often, much more often. She was connecting with the Prime Creator and all of her Allies on a regular basis, strengthening her connection with her Angelic Family and doing the much-needed work in the Higher Realms. This was very much needed by her at this monumental time of Ascension while she was volunteering herself on Earth.

She had many lifetimes in other realms and Planets alongside these adversaries where she was once their ally. She did spend lifetimes abusing her powers, not only using her power for good, but to also to control others. However, in this Earth lifetime, she was committed to helping the Angels in this time and space to correct this negative Karma on the Earth Realm as she is a true Angelic Being and not fallen. As a God Creator, she needed to have both lessons of the dark and the light to be able to fulfil the Mission of Earth and Planetary Ascension. Prime Creator needed her powers on Earth now, for this New Earth that has been created will be the New Earth of the Seventh Dimension, just as it was before its fall millions of years ago.
The adversaries never dreamed this Princess would grow into a powerful Queen of her own right. They never dreamed she would survive all of the attacks. (Direct Energy Weapons, Bio Weaponry, Mind Control, Electromagnetic Negative Wireless Waves, Electrical Voltage Dirty Electricity, Parasite infestation, Lyme Disease, Psychic Satanic Attack, Internet and Physical Surveillance, Spy Interference, Implants and more).

They never anticipated the power of the Light and ancient wisdom she held and with which she incarnated. They never predicted this Princess turned now Queen was more powerful and more intelligent, smarter and gifted with psychic powers from the Universe and Earth. It turns out that they had amnesia too, for they had forgotten just how powerful Saishorie~Grace is and that no force could beat her at the game of life on The New Earth. They had failed to figure out she had a Twin Flame, her greatest ally, her greatest master of the Earth Realm who was always on her side and would stand beside her in all of their glory when the time was ripe. They had forgotten, or perhaps never did have the knowledge that she and her Twin Universe created the Earth as well as the New Earth and that they could not win at their own dark game that she and he knew all too well.

She could sense when something was not of the truth as she is a human lie detector. She had the answers to everything she needed to know at the Divine Perfect Time. She remembered the truth, the whole truth, so help her God! This spiritually mature Queen is ready for the greater mission. All of the intense purification and preparation she had successfully cleared in her body in order to hold the highest amount of Light. Between her and her Twin Flame is the White Diamond Light of the highest Dimension. The Twin Flame Elders of the original Earth have returned and will reunite to carry out the mission. She also carries the Sun Disc of the Cosmic Ray & the Diamond Rainbow Frequencies protecting her wherever her adventures may take her.” ~

Saishoire~Grace/Shelly Sullivan.

This mission and life long destiny was planned before I was born. Up until the age of approximately 47 did I understand my purpose here, and not until recently did I fully understand the seriousness of the mission. I am shown what to do and what actions to take, however not until the task or work is finalized do I know why I did it. It is a “top secret mission” where even myself is not privy to the details of why I am guided to do the work I do. But now the mission if very clear and many of the puzzle pieces have come together as the “End Times” are now in the year of 2019 and a “New Dawn” approaches.

1st Phase of The Mission: “Clean Up” of the Dark Faction – Process to be carried out by the Cosmic Divine Feminine. First etheric, then physically. What this consists of is 10 years of cleansing of the astral/mental body of Gaia, this would include physical purification of my vessel as what was being cleansed in the etheric would physically manifest in the physical. An example of this would be the parasitic anomaly around the Earth was being cleared and thus I had years of parasitic health issues to clear away in my body caused by the dark factions tampering with the EMF Fields around me and purposely injecting into me Lyme’s disease and other parasites by way of mosquitos, wasps and other bugs/viruses via WIFI and EV=Electronic Voltages that parasites thrive off and finally the airborne nano particles and heavy metals purposely dropped into the air we breath and our skies.

2nd Phase of Mission: “Exposure” of the Dark Factions crimes against humanity. This part of the mission is where I, me Shelly Sullivan had agreed to help exposed the dark faction. This would entail me sacrificing myself to be exposed to direct energy weapons attacks so I can then turn and expose the crimes and the tactics carried out by the dark factions.

I agreed to be the catalyst to bring this truth to the surface because the war we face now is spiritual, energetic as well as physical warfare.

In Love and Light

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