Another part of the Divine Prophecy is now manifesting into the physical realm of truth for justice and extinguishing. Lyme disease has been a major challenge for myself to overcome and I have learned much from this secret weapon against humanity. Lyme disease has become a “mysterious” phenomenon across the world infecting millions. An immunization shot has now been invented to benefit the Big Pharma bank account. Not only is Lyme disease a bio weapon war against humanity so is electromagnetic/direct energy weapons and many other tactics that I will expose in this article, exposure and facts of this come from personal experience and proof.

These are the ways the cabal has targeted me and different types of tactics the dark faction is using various types of weaponry or tactics to hurt, harm, and kill other human beings of the earth. The weapons are as follows:

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Geo Engineering For over 7 decades covert climate engineering / solar radiation management (SRM) programs have been insidiously expanding and accelerating in skies around the world. The catastrophic consequences of global geoengineering operations are now manifesting at an unimaginably exponential rate. The ongoing climate intervention SRM aerosol spraying assault (chemtrails) is blatantly visible in the skies above us, yet, the majority of global populations have so far, unfortunately, chosen to blindly accept the official denial of these programs.

Direct Energy Laser Weapons targeted from airplanes, jets, helicopters and human people holding the guns.Direct Energy Weapons

What are direct energy weapons?

Generally they are physical weapons emitting electromagnetic radiation. This is a type of electronic ware fare.

Directed energy weapons are physical radio frequency, laser, microwave, sound or plasma beam weapons that can incapacitate the target. If prolong targeting continues it can cause cancer, depression, bi-polar and ultimately suicide.

These weapons are used by the Dark Faction aka the Cabal in their attacks towards the awakened part of human population. This dark faction group targets light workers, whistle blowers and truth tellers, attempting to severely debilitate or kill certain human beings whom are leading the world in world peace, the dark faction wished to compromise the souls in humans and or remove light workers from the planet as these beings are a obvious threat to the dark factions plan to keep humanity enslaved and continue global ware fare.

The following 4 paragraphs are from the 2012 Portal Website hosted by Cobra:

By attacking civilian targets, the perpetrators are violating the fourth Geneva convention and this constitutes a war crime:

You can find a detailed list of intel resources about directed energy weapons here:
Weapons most frequently used in attacks against civilians are sonic lasers:

More dangerous direct energy weapons are electrolasers:
They are used to trigger cardiac arrest (heart failure) and kill the target.
Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Targeted Individuals,” & Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself

Company producing those deadly weapons is called Applied Energetics: It was formerly called Ionatron:
These weapons are used by the Cabal agents worldwide, torturing a very important segment of civilian population. Also, the Cabal has bribed many people from the general population to become unconscious co-perpetrators of those crimes against humanity. These sheeple are thinking that they are just spying on targets with a funny looking telescope, when in fact they are irradiating the target with a directed energy weapon:
Here is the wikipedia link and explanation of what direct energy weapons are.

Thank you to Cobra for this above helpful information.

I Personally have been attacked for many years by the dark faction/cabal with electro lasers causing me to have heart attack and stroke symptoms, which I have documented details on as well as hospital and medical procedures. Also I have been attacked with directed energy weapons that are physical radio frequency, laser, microwave, sound or plasma beam weapons. They have hit me with all of the above and then some, as I will discuss more in detail.

When I say “and then some” I mean all of the above and the some more tactics the the dark factions have attempted to assassinate me with, and cause serious bodily harm. I call them the dark faction as well as the Cabal because they have minions carry out attacks who may or may not be part of the cabal.

Other types of attack tactics:

Other tactics to harm me have been spraying hazardous chemtrails containing heaving metals directly over my house for years. This type of attack can cause allergies, digestion breakdown thus immune system problems, parasites and mental fogginess/tiredness. Not to mention over time when targeted such as I have been can cause sever toxicity in ones body.

Infiltrating my wifi causing nano bugs to literally come out of my lap top or my phone is another tactic. They also had minions come to my property not only to direct the laser beam of energy attacks at me but the also had certain infestations of bugs put into my house. They even went as far as to put poison ivy in my back yard during the summer to irritate me.

They have tampered with the hydro cable on my property as well as my electrical wiring to hurt me. The electronic voltage in my house has been ramped up in voltage or ampage somehow as well. This causes effects of being microwaved from the inside out, burning up, red eyes and sickness.

Mind Control via subliminal messaging on all social media, personal internet and dream time interference via cell phones or satellite

Satanic Ritual Ceremonies/Psychic attack directed at powerful well intentioned individuals or groups.

Hydro Towers in woods/forest/fields or parks

Hydro Poles along roads near house and commonly driven routes

Street Lamp/Hydro Electricity radiation

Smart Meters radiation

Wifi negative electromagnetic wave forms

Bluetooth on phone and car and computers negative electromagnetic wave forms

Laptops (wireless devices)

TV Screens wireless

Electrical Voltage causing dirty electricity

New Wifi 5G plugs for wall (to get better wifi speed)

Basically anything with voltage running through it in homes as well as anything that can radiate an electromagnetic field.

Electric Voltage Attack

The above tactics are all in designed in the new rural community areas/structures to target and attack humans especially young families.

Some how these dark ones managed to heighten the ampage or voltage running into my home via wall electrical outlets. It makes sense that they had some control over my hydro whereby they can increase the dirty electricity, so much so I can hear the tones coming from the lamp in my room. As well the lights are so firkin bright I can barley use them. This is also the case in my current house and guests see this.

My house at 19995 Yonge St. The voltage was turned up so hight that lights were blowing/burning out weekly. I had several pot light through out my house in the living room, dining room family game/tv/fireplace recreation room. The day before my move all 11 of my living room pot lights burned out. This was my spirits way of reminding me of this by way of synchronicity.

This started to my awareness in 2017 upon moving into this house. The pot lights would burn out daily, I was constantly replacing them, soon enough spirit informed me to only use lamps in my house and only use one at a time.

In order for me to get the message that these attacks were indeed happening, like I mentioned, on the last day before I finally was able to escape the house under attack all the pot lights burned out all at once. Yes all the pot lights in my living room and dining room burnt out the day before I was moving out. This signalled to me that the voltage in the house was indeed being tampered with and that I needed to take note of this.

Even the plants outside in garden died from exposure to outside sensor lights above the garden. I had a gardener come over at the same time the interlocking in the back yard was being installed. These plants were big annuals and perennials I had planted in the back garden agains the wall. I noticed over the weeks that when the outside light that sat above the plant mounted on the brick wall outside of the garage was practically melting my plant when the light went on. It was a sensor light and it would go on with movement and stay on even in the daytime. I watched the light when it went on and I noticed the plant would wither and shrink instantaneously. I could not figure out how to get the light off. I began to realize the lights inside of my house were delivering a hight out put of voltge/ampage that was hurting my body. But the thing was the electrician guy could not detect it, thus this told me it was being controlled by the Hydro electric company, wifi/internet providers.

I had electricians in my home shortly after I moved in to test the electricity system as I knew something was very wrong. My sons brand new computer blew. The mother board of this gaming computer blew the day he brought it home. Shortly there after I had bought a brand new surround system for out TV entertainment system and the processor of the equalizer blew or burnt out. The store I bought it from had to come and replace the amp for music surround sound and re wire the set up.

I was signalled also not to use this system or TV soon after by spirit. Any way electricians who checked out my house said all the electrical seemed to be in good standing and grounding was good.

All the lights in my garage burnt out the first few weeks I was in this house in 2017. I went the whole duration without lights working in the garage as no light bulb would work in the sockets. Later within months the outside lights also burnt out one at a time. But first I did take note of a bizarre situation with a plant I had planted outside of my house against the brick wall.

It was a blessing my Son’s room was in the bottom of the house in the basement for most of the time however when this changed and I had moved his room upstairs unknowingly his symptoms came hard and harmful.

These direct attacks all have been used against me as I have said. The symptoms I have had to deal with because of this in summary are as follows:
Heart Attack
Lyme disease
Viruses, colds, flus, fevers, headaches
Red Eyes
Burnt cracked skin
Urinary tract infections
Arthritis symptoms
Heavy metal toxicity
Weight/muscle loss
Strength loss
Cardiac/reparatory problems
Problems focusing

Here is more detail of the Symptoms of Mind Control Via the Cabal:

Mind Control

Another type of attack I had endured and conquered was mind control. Negative Dark Military inflicted mind control. The dark faction had attempted to alter my natural state of love and harmony via technological induced stress/mind control. The thing is, is that what has been inflicted upon me as an individual had been quite sever, however as I am not a normal human being and was sent to Earth to specifically expose and conquer this, this type of attack is prevalent on Earth and directed at every single person and those who are not equipped to over come it, thus will not over come it and will be victim to this crime against humanity.

This mind control weapon is inflicted from internet, wifi, radio waves, bluetooth, iPhones, computers and other more complex direct weaponry directed by the dark factions.

I first started to experience these attempts to control my thoughts when negative thoughts would pop into my brain, these thoughts were not mine and were very out of sync of my thoughts. Also during dream time for a period I had to clear this interference as well. Not only negative thoughts can be projected into ones mind but so can other peoples negative thoughts and negative people.

He results or symptoms of this is often head ache/severe migraines and skull pain. I experienced my skull feeling like it was enlarged and swollen (My first house I was forced to move out of 33 stonehill.)

The Cell Phone is a Psychotronic Weapon of Mass Mind Control for dumbing down as well as sending out attacks that can cause virus, vomiting and fever, I have endured this many times

My Dog

Ear infections so severe almost causing death and deep sores on her temples. (I have images)
Weight gain
Change in behaviour.

2008 – 2013

During the period of 2008 – 2013 is when the basic wireless wifi, smart meter and cordless phone electromagnetic radiation was noticeably effecting me. I don’t believe I was being targeted at this time with direct energy weapons as that started when I first came out publicly as a spiritual teacher and Twin Flame. However I was being signalled by a higher force to pay attention to the wireless wifi situation that I had incorporated into my house.

The wireless wifi, smart meter and cordless devices effected me subtly in ways that would not be obvious enough to take immediate notice. The allergies started as well as feelings of being “down” for no reason. This went on for 4 – 5 years and it was a mystery.

During this time I did become a holistic nutritionist and all causes of dietary and airborne allergies have been ruled out. In 2014 I cut out alcohol as it felt like a possible culprit of allergies. I also was inclined to naturally cut alcohol out of my diet as it no longer matched with my frequency and it was easy for me to quit. I mention this to point out how high vibrational I was feeling, and this continued to escalate up to 2016.

From the 5 years of having allergies in 2008 – 2013, in 2014 is when my health issues got worse. I started to get colds/flus and viruses monthly in 2014 I was in bed regularly sick with these symptoms. I thought it was “Ascension” symptoms so I rode the wave of ascension, or so I thought I was.

In 2015 I started to notice that the times I felt most lethargic and unwell was when I was in my bed/bedroom after a night of sleep. I started to wake up feeling really heavy like I could not get out of bed, as If a weight was on me. This is when I started to think that something was wrong in m house, like mold or radon under the house or a river of water that was running under the house. Although the flood I had in my house years earlier I had complete and thorough professional renovations done in my house. But I could not understand why I was getting sick all the time.

This went on for years, feeling sick, missing family and friend gatherings, suffering on special planetary sun and moon phases, sick on my birthday, Christmas and every special date. I also would seek refuge from feeling sick and thus travelling out of the country, but every single time I returned from a trip, I got severely sick and was usually in bed for weeks and depressed. This go to me so bad that I felt the only choice I had was to move out of my beloved home. The house that was perfect renovated, and adored by my son, me and my dog and family members for gatherings.

I felt desperate and had no choice but to move. But why would I have to move from my dream house?

This house was beautiful already and shining with light, is one of the reasons I bought it. It had a huge back yard where I had a huge deck and pool installed. We spend 12 years happy in this house. However in 2014 I stared to get sick on a weekly basis. I felt allergies turn into fevers and colds at least every two weeks and I was missing many family and friend events and occasions. I only was able to track this as I found myself having to cancel many functions, especially those that fell on special occasions, or ironically on moon and sun spiritual dates, such as the powerful full moons, solstices and eventually my August 8th Gateway, I was unable to go out and if I did I felt sick with cold or flu symptoms.

I continued to suck it up, endure the feeling of being sick with “viruses” and simply blame it on sever purification and ascension symptoms. If any one does not know what “ascension symptoms” are you can google it, or here is a simple summary.

Believing my attacks were ascension symptoms was key for me to be able to get through the mission I was soon to awaken to. I was to assume this mission for the very reason of sharing it with you. By the time I had put my house up for sale I convinced my self out of desperation that I would get better if I moved. I was desperate and had to talk myself into thinking it was my house that was making me sick.

I sold the house and made a impulsive decision to buy a house on a main street in the same town that I had already lived to keep my son close to his school and friends.

The next house I moved into was on a beautiful huge lot of greenery and the house was in an area where homes where set in country area rather than a neighbourhood of many close by homes. The house was a bungalow, the neighbours were sparse and the access to get to me via direct energy weapons was hugely increased. This house ended up feeling like I had made a tragic mistake.

This is where my story turns into complete living hell.

Welcome to Hell

19995 Yonge Street

When I moved into 19995 Yonge Street, this is when the attacks by the Cabal got most sever. Before the move I was constantly sick with colds and flu’s. Then the effects of radiation, electric voltage toxicity was like immediate. However at the time I did not know what was causing me such discomfort and a feeling of being totally unsafe in this world.

I was at this time removing the Lyme Disease out of my system with various protocol which I will explain further down.

I could not concentrate and this was a big problem as I was in the beginning stages of editing and publishing my book. Something was very off about this house or so it seemed.
I started to experience sever bouts of anger as did my son. I also felt surprisingly sad often as mind control was directed at me to feel sad. I had symptoms of parasites and candida. I have recorded talks about this with a advanced healer who is well known.

Any time I tried to escape the environment and go on a trip I was to return to a full on attack that would set me in bed for weeks at a time, I was able to endure these bouts by my skill at meditation and the source light connection I have with Source/God. The over all energy upon return was so low vibrational that it was most noticeable not natural. Again I used to chalk it up to “Light Work” clearings. But this was not the case at all. I am a naturally very happy and this energy that was targeted at me was extremely evil and toxic, low frequency.

Black helicopters frequently flew around my house and travels on the road and in planes. I found out that this is surveillance and targeting of various attacks as well as intimidation tactics. They fly very low to my house swooping in closer when I enter my drive way and door, planes as well flew close and I know understand they were releasing smart dust into my environment making me very sick with flu’s etc. While driving the extreme radiation directed at me while driving was indescribable. It was so evil and dark, it felt lie dark back goo being aimed at my brain, later I learned that this was linked to the lyme disease and the radio/wifi/bluetooth and such would trigger these symptoms while I was driving down Yonge St. all the way from my home on Yonge St to my son’s school off of Yonge street that was a 45 min drive. You can image the effects of this on me for driving this route for 2 years. It felt like pure torture and I could not understand what was happening to me. I would drive my son to school every day and this is what I would experience every day of the week. My son felt this and it would cause negative tension between us, it was awful.

I did not know what was happening at the time and neither did my son. It caused me to be sick and unable to live a normal healthy life. I got to the point where I could not even do my laundry, or wake my son up for school. My son was being effected negatively. Although I knew this I did not know what to do.

Our life was falling apart and dark interference was so obvious, however I felt hopeless and this just continued. In 2017, the attacks were heavy. My son lost 30lbs in 1 – 2 weeks. He has stretch marks on his back from the rapid weight loss. Sam being 14 – 15 or close to it did not know how to cope. His anger was escalating and our relationship was at stake. This crisis was very severe and went on, however we endured and our love bond got us through.

Back to Lyme disease

As my health further declined I really prayed to God and the Angels regularly to help me figure out what was going on with me. I was getting various synchronicities showing me that I needed to heal my body. I did seek out many health practitioners, to help me figure out what was going on with my health including doctors. I finally got some answers after dedicating my whole daily life to trying to feel better. I learned that I had all the same symptoms as Lyme disease and at the point of even further desperation as if it could have gotten any more desperate, I did receive a magical sign from God, that I did have lyme’s disease and other virus that can cause death, that carry borealis (check spelling). I spent close to $1000 for blood tests from Igenics in California, this results came back negative. Then I had health Canada blood test and one test came back positive but they explained this is common whether you have it or not. . As well I had some alternative tests done by lyme disease specialist and I did indeed have lyme disease. I did not need the positive blood test results to

My research into lyme disease was extensive. I had every symptom of the disease and it went on for 3 years intensive and another 8-9 months not so intense when I was in final recovery. The symptoms were neck aches followed by severe fever, colds, flu, breathing/respiratory restrictions and depression, muscle aches and over all lethargy.

Many other diseases are misdiagnosed when they are really “Lyme Disease” I use the quotations as this is not what it should be called. It should be called direct bio weapon/poison attacks via bugs, deliberately placed in our forests and back yards by the dark faction. This disease is manmade and purposely cultivated to attack humans and make them sick, hence the new vaccination is ready available to create mass income for the pharmaceutical companies and to promote fear in our lovely planet.

This Bio Weapon was intentionally made by scientist and released by negative military that invent bio weapons to kill and this virus was released as some conspiracy theorist say as “by accident”, this bio weapon was released purposefully to kill people , make truth tellers, light workers and other innocent people sick and most importantly for the elite, generate money of the sickness of humans and control the population (including dogs).

The cocktail of venom used in these serums made and distributed via bugs such as ticks and mosquitos and in my case of attack wasp bite is debilitating and or deadly. This causes a parasitic environment in the body for the parasites to live and continue to be activated by electromagnetic negative radio waves. When one comes into contact with the wifi, iphone and wireless devices the human infected is actually feeding the parasites to thrive.

On the subject of technology and parasite activation I will briefly touch on another dark faction tactic with the nano particles spread in our skies and neighbourhood environments by way of chemtrails being sprayed to support geo engineering, planes dropping chemicals and heavy metals out of barrels to harm and make immunity sick humans with flu virus.

In my case the deadly heavy metals not only were deadly and debilitating. I would often go to a clinic and use a ion foot bath to detox toxins from my body before the attacks on me got severe and the bath water in the foot bath was not very toxic. However when the attacks started more severe the water was disgustingly black which I have images of. When I say severer I mean a whole new cocktail of bio weapons, direct energy weapon and bug infections as well as electromagnetic and electronic voltage attacks as they all go hand in hand to cause death, if the elite were so lucky to kill me. But they were not and I am the living proof of there sinister attacks on me for no other reason but they are fearful of my Goddess Power and my Extraterrestrial super abilities to prove truth. Not only are they threatened by my feminine goddess power they are also threatened by my truth telling and disclosure of ET life here on Earth and much more that will be spreading like wildfire in the near future thanks to my extraordinary Twin Creator gift.

Short paragraph off topic but does link to this, about one of the main threats Twin Flames pose to the dark faction. I experience and knowledge of the sacred secretion of sexual energy and how it relates to creation and the pineal gland etc…just as Isis/Osiris/Horus, Mother Mary/Joseph – Jesus/Mary Magdalene and this lineage now in great numbers upon Earth know. As we are masters of this which will be exposed and proved in later script.

There are other people around the world familiar with truth of who we really are and the reason for these targeted attacks. One person who is John St Julien Baba Wanyama and hosts a very humanitarian type you tube channel.

He published a youtube video today as a matter of a fact that was sent to me by a friend and soul family member, the title of the video is “U.S Congress Push Trump To Investigate That Lyme Disease is BIO Weaponry” I recognized this man as he spoke of the Sacred Secretion revealed by a certain celebrity in a video 2 years ago and has since gotten really sick from these very attacks I speak of. John made the “sacred secretion video being discussed 2 years ago in 2017, he was healthy, now he is not healthy he has been targeted and attacked as have many others. Here are the two videos as well as the third titled “Today The Pentagon Has Been Ordered to Tell Congress If It Weaponized Ticks And Released Them”

These toxic sprays purposely dropped into our air by the dark faction can enter into the homes of people by the HVAC systems/air filters as the dust can enter through the chimney and windows, and any type of Ari flow system such as furnaces. Any tubing or vents that are outside of the house and have a flow into the house is where the virus will get in. I have on top of all the other shit they hit me with been attacked with these viruses directly into my chimney for year and I was shown this by the secret service by way of signs and messages to investigate.

Anyway back to the Lyme disease and nano particles that are put in our environment purposely to make us sick. These nano particles can actually be tracked to some degree to know where the person is at any given time and radio waves can be directed at the victim to activate a virus and an attack triggers causing flu/colds, vomiting and headache can be achieved by this attack to prevent someone from being able to carry our there days work. This is a tactic by the dark faction to limit someone in there capacity to work, live joyfully and be healthy. These attacks are also via Iphones directed at the innocent while doing work or such on the phone.

This has happened to me on several occasions, especially when I booked for a vacation or at the actual destination of events. Where I would be severely attacked and limited in my capacity to travel or carry out itinerary plans.

The way in which I cured myself over and over from the Lyme’s was various protocols. Firstly I found a lady on you tube by the name of Emily Cox who teaches how she cured her lyme’s by using miracle mineral supplement by Jim Humble and a dietary regime. I used her protocol and it started the recovery process for me.

I received weekly high dose (cancer dose treatment) vitamin C, Glutathione and Vitamin B treatments for at least a year and was able to go longer intervals apart after many months.

I received ion foot baths regular to cleanse my organs. I bathed in Himalayan salt baths and essential oils almost daily for months. I ate very clean and juiced heavily. I spent as much time in nature grounding and meditating as possible. I connected with my Spirit and Source regularly. I purged out the rage regularly as well.

I did a parasite cleanse for 6 months, with supplements. The product was Parasite Cleanse and I will add the name when I get it.

I also used technology to zap the parasites, technology similar to the rife machine.

I drank and took many supportive supplements for my immune system one key one was magnesium, when the heart issues were present.

I spent as much time in water, meditation and nature as possible.

I will write a separate article e on how I cured this situation in detail.

I did not know that I was constantly being infected by mosquitos place on my property as well as in my house, so this disease was sever and ongoing for me. Thank God for etheric healing and walk ins into my body to help me heal.

Where Have I Been?

I have been in the depths of hell, the trenches luring out all the evil deeds for all to see cleary in the court of criminal law.

The Divine Feminine Mother Principal has risen from the depths of Hell. Coming face to face with Evil. Revealing to herself the shadow side or “the dark side”. Coming face to face with Evil will bring out your dark side, as dark side everyone carries hidden so deep that for life times or forever it is suffocated so deep it can not rear its ugly head.

Yet on behalf of the entire collective consciousness this brave hero inside of me has taken on the task of unleashing the beast from within. Although we all have this hidden beast, the beast is very different than the devil.

The devil’s beast within deliberately steals, manipulates, bullies, hurts, kills, cheats others for there lack and fear of possessing nothing other than material gain off the loss of others. The loss of hope, health, mental sanity, emotional stability, truth, dignity, acquired sentiments of value, and loved ones. Evil seeks to destroy, the shadow seeks to heal.

Mary Magdalene one DF aspect of me has helped me take charge of cleaning up the mess and chaos created by evil. To take on such a task requires a twisted, dark side to deal with such adversity. Isis – Mother Mary – Cosmic Mother are other aspects of me the divine feminine.

The Enemy of Divine Creation has revealed itself in a game that has been playing out very strategically by the Light and the Dark Allies. The opposites are actually on the same team. This WE team of dark and light has weeded out the tricks and efforts of the “Evil One” in such a way the Evil One has had no choice but to reveal there own crimes to humanity.

There fear and selfish need for false power and control made them weak and reveal there criminal acts for all the Light to see. Now Justice will BE, Justice will prevail. It is time for these ground breaking revelations to come to light for all of humanity and the Galactic Family to witness.

As God orchestrated this revelations, So it will be. Soon very soon.


Take Notes

I was shown by Spirit to “Take Notes”. This message came through to me in the form of a license plate. This is my dialogue with God. God who is directing and assisting me in this mission to help take down the dark faction. Other names have been given to this group of people who think they are superior to everyone else because of their money and secrets. I do not address them by the given names as I do not want to title them of anything but dark.

While I was driving from downtown Toronto on the DVP Northbound, during 2017 when the direct energy weapons attacks against me were at a peak, I was shown the sign on the license plate to take notes. This was the beginning of the unravelling of the proof by God and other helpers to prove the attempt of assassination of me via direct energy weapons/bio weaponry attacks/smart dust, electric voltage.

As I have went into detail as to what exactly what the various forms of attack are the public/humanity should and will have interest in this is they too are being directly attacked by the same weapons, however not nearly as sever as I was. The attempts on humanity are much less radiation and voltage than what I have endured. The reason for this is they wanted to kill me and as for the population, they just want to make them really sick, to keep control and separate their body and soul from their source of light and the Creator. This book/article is very important for every single person on this Earth.

This is where the silver lining comes in or the alchemy of turning such a tragedy into a victory. I used this torturous game to expose the dark secrets. The more they would try to hurt and attack me the more proof I gained on them and their criminal cowardly acts. Then the more information I would get from others from the other side who had transitioned, who were targeted and killed. People who had died from this form of torture started to connect with me from the other side, sharing information on their crimes against humanity, to help inform me.

Not only was I given help for God and the “Ones” who sacrificed their lives for this mission, I also had physical people on the Earth helping me with signs. They I believe are part of the positive military and are retired veterans.

To understand the messages from God is one thing but to find out that there are actually people involved on the surface of the Earth is such a relief.

I will tell you that I was contacted by the Military in 2014. I received a phone call at my home at 33 Stonehill Blvd in Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada. I answer the phone “Hello”, the response I receive was “It is time now”. The phone message sounded like something you would receive from a two way radio/walkie-talkie and a military base, very military like. As if I was going to hear at the end of it man speaking “the time is now” 10 – 4 Fox Trot. He did not say that, but there was not doubt in my mind that the message came from the military.

I was received various messages and familiarity with people of government status that I had no inkling of ever before.

I continue to receive much more internal intelligence about the “on goings” of events that I normally would have no idea about. Example Extraterrestrial Life, disclosure, the purpose of positive ET’s etc. Not to long after this my connection with the Arcturians and Sirains Star races opened up among others.

I have tried over the years to try to understand this group and did have to become part of this in order to understand them and to understand why they would have carried out the criminal attacks on me and my life.

There was one “Spiritual Teacher” I came across on Face Book last year that spoke highly of this group claiming they were wanting to unite with the Light. This was at a time when I was being heavily attacked with direct energy weapons and when I heard her say that they had connected with her to relay this message on FB and I found it, I broke down in tears.

Later I understood that deep down I had wished this war, very personal war was taking place between me and them would stop. I wanted deeply to have peace. From regular person looking from the outside, you would ask what would this elite group want with a little nobody like me? “What threat do I pose against them?” This was the mystery that I did not quite understand. I didn’t understand why they were hunting me and targeting me, to kill me or make me really sick, the only reason I knew was that I was a high frequency Light Being whom carried the Goddess Energy and my Twin Flame was famous. I now remember the truth and know the whole truth.

I have a part 2 to this article following this from my book “Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being, that explains my I explain my wisdom of the Lyme Disease Exposure premonition and personal experience from back in 2016. I turned the experience into a sci-fi (true story) turned sci-fi for the book as this is truth turned into story telling.

In Love and Light


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