Masculine Christ Tells the Story


The Greatest Love Story

Just as Mary Magdalene has witnessed the death and resurrection of Jesus, now so to has the Sacred Masculine witnessed the Divine Feminine Christ death and resurrection. Just as Mary Magdalene shared the story over and over how the Spirit of Jesus was eternal so will the Masculine share this story of the Feminine. This is an act of daring courage of the Sacred Masculine to claim his Bride. It is time.

 He will BE the first to experience the resurrected Divine Feminine. He knows the story will see the blessing. He is present throughout her crucifixion. He listens to the resurrected Divine Lover with whom he has risen and knows her most intimately, the fire, the tears, the happiness, the loss, the grief, the new dreams, the magic and the whole potential.

JC’s encounter with the risen SS is the heart of the message. He has only a moment of recognition while meeting her in person in one orchestrated meeting, but it is her voice — his mind — that rattles, shakes and turns his world upside down, as he realizes that the empty tomb, the place of death, has somehow been transformed into a place of life. He realizes his story will bring the Phoenix to Rise from the Ashes.

He is the first to witness this Ascension of a Ascended Master while still in the human vessel.  While the others who may have witnessed their feminine go through this death and rebirth or do not have ears and eyes to see at first remain silent, JC willingness to “go and tell” what he has seen and heard is a daring act of courage. He has no language or categories to explain what he has experienced, yet he becomes the first to reveal the promise of new life available through Divine Feminine Christ’s resurrection.

Together they serve as the role model for generations who have hungered for men and women to reclaim their Sovereign rightful place of authority and witness in the most significant Love story we share for the life and healing of the world.”


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