Twin Souls and the Clearing of the Dark


This article from Cobra’s blog The Portal is very interesting as it discusses the Twin Soul influence of the Ascension on Earth AND how the Corona Virus Pandemic was obviously a attempt to slow the Ascension. Not only that but it is uncanny how it is stated that Twin Soul, counterparts were threatened and taken hostage in the Galactic Realm as this did and is happening upon the Earth in a similar way. The article states that Counterparts of the Key Commander within the Galactic Federation were taken hostage.

What this means and how it relates to the Key Twin Flames down here on Earth is: I being a Key Commander of a ship in the Galactic Federation (I have seen an aspect of my HigheSelf leading a ship and remember this in dream and awake time) and My Twin being a Key Twin also, we are both here as Ground Crew helping with this situation. I have been tortured and it all relates to the plan of the corona virus pandemic. Literally I have been tortured with Virus’s caused by deadly radiation (similar to 5G) as well as high level gang stalking, surveillance and harassment. I knew of the Corona Virus and its plans before it came out, my Twin and I could have stopped this with proof and reached the masses, however I was under severe targeting and attack.

Since the corona virus has been released I have proven more of on going events of electromagnetic terrorism that my Twin has witnessed telepathically. So in essence we are clearing as above so below. The damage ongoing in the war in the sky is also paying out her on Earth for healing. I just got more proof of the spying and surveillance on me today. A video came up from a reader who I watch time to time. Her reading caught my eye as its title was something I had just written about. When I turned it on to watch, I could instantly tell it was not the same lady it was her voice but it was not her. The voice (over) went on to explain and used words, highlighting exact words I used yesterday while in my car. This has happened many, many times in the past.

Electromagnetic Terrorism and Directed Energy Weapons-Signs and Symptoms of Attack by Directed Electromagnetic Weapons

We are at the”pinnacle”of this war and the Light are winning.

Any way below is the Cobra post and it is very synchronistic as to what is happening here on the Earth with regards to WHY KEY TWINs ARE SEPARATED….INTERFERENCE BY THE DARK FACTION…AKA REPTILIAN DRACO’S.

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“When Light Forces were clearing Draco fleet they have rescued many hostages, among them twin souls of many key commanders within the Galactic Confederation. Those commanders were threatened by the Draco that their twin souls would be tortured if the commanders would not cooperate with the Draco and sabotage many plans of the Light Forces. This is how the Draco were able to create many delays and setbacks and this is why the coronavirus pandemic could not be stopped in January and February.

Those twin soul hostages were rescued and compromised commanders taken to Confederation motherships outside our Solar System, where they will be able to get healing and then they will repair as much as possible the damage they have created.

Those compromised commanders were also responsible for spreading of much of fake intel through many Lightworkers channels in the last few years. This is one of the main reasons why most channeling sources are not reliable. The other reason is that those Lightworkers have a belief system that they know everything, and they appear to be speaking with authority, when in reality they are mostly clueless. The third reason, already stated many times, is the dark force infiltration of the Ligthworker community.

Now with that major sabotage exposed, the Light Forces are able to progress much more effectively with much less delays. After they remove the Draco fleet, they will begin systematically clearing the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC):”

Victory of the Light.


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