Next Phase Twin Flame Mission

There can be no longer any wrong or rights or blame only dealing with the hand we are dealt, if we fall into that it is our old self playing out and it is only old residual stuck energy moving out, this is healed instantaneously upon union.

This transmission is to explain the outcome summary of the Twin Flame mission in the past present and future of the Highest Good.

This Divine Feminine has accomplished much on her mission and has come to a place of success with her fearless mission of exposing the truth. This Divine Masculine has risen back up and become such a success with his craft that the future success of his craft is limitless. Destiny, Success Fortune is now truly to be bestowed upon this hard working (GOD) pair . Success of the Twin Flame Union is finally here but first a conversation must take place to see the shared perspective and decision making up to this point. New Beginnings as the Old has now been transmuted with Love. The King is back, and the Queen has graduated to the Empress = Big Win, Victory, Success, The Celebration is even better. The King here in this moment of triumph. He/We have just arrived from a great victory. The Queen, The Divine Feminine takes her throne with all her wisdom, strengths and confidence to be the leader she came here to be. She finally remembers fully who she is. The truth of what truly caused her (collective divine feminine) entrance into the underworld for transmuting and purification. As per the mission the next phase of the mission old structures falling now, new ones already made manifest in the etheric ready for physical materialization.
Move forward confidently, Environmental Activism, following creative passions as a magician and trustworthy leader. Looking at all the evidence. Justice. Committed Romantic Relationships underway in the physical. We are about to enter a new period in an area of our lives. Important communication and a great deal of activity.

In Love and Light
Of Higher Service
Shelly Sullivan

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