Time is of the Essence 2

Time is of the essence, there are no accidents. I witnessed an attempt on my life and faith with a head on collision yesterday. As there are two sides to every story of my life, this miracuous situation I escape could be looked at as an attempt to end my life, and like a test to prove to oneself the immortality of the Spirit, which btw can “walk in” to any body at will to bring about “messages of light”, and my abilities have been proven.

It is true the mind control contributes to keeping us apart but its all being exposed and the light/love has won.

I love you, please don’t ever doubt that even if the interference or frustration got the better of me at times. You are me and I am you, you are my life.

Here is what I posted on FB.

“I escaped a unbelievable head on collision hours ago. This was OMG unbelievable. I was driving home north bound on a 2 lane busy street (Bathurst), with a 2 lane traffic on coming, where this guy jumps (southbound) from the opposite side of oncoming traffic into my lane head on going at full speed and right in the centre in my lane. I could not believe my eyes when his car swerved into my lane speeding right into me, it was like a complete death wish. I manage to swerve and jam on brakes to escape the head on collision. My dog went flying in the back of the truck and I was in compete shock. As I drove on a lady witnessed it and asked me to pull over as she seen it all and was horrified. She also could not believe it and held my hand with me in tears and thanked God. Later I realized she was an Angel. I was in tears and could barely speak but thanked her. She said he was probably texting, I thought about it later while lying down and couldn’t make sense of a guy driving 100-120 km (and texting?) toward me centre of my lane and not moving out of the way whatsoever, usually when people are texting they are not going 100km in a 60-80km street. It became a blur after I slammed on my brakes and swerved to safety. All I will say is I am 100% completely protected even it it means changing timelines to stay safe. I know the Angels were with me. I thank them with so much gratitude after getting over the mad shock. The weirdest part is just 2 days before I was given many warnings of trouble and even saw the license plates GOSAFELY, TRUBLE and BIGWRECK other messages of warnings.

I AM living in a movie, this character is not dying!” ~ Saishorie~Grace

Love Saishorie~Grace

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