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Nothing can interfere any longer, the clearing and purification has been carried out successfully. Couple weeks ago after work I drove out to a vast green field of grass. I lay down to ground and cry and release a build up of energy and speak with the Angels above me in the Galaxy. They showed up for me in a most beautiful way right at the moment. As I lay in the grass looking up to the sky with tears running out of my eyes, to my surprise a Rainbow of Light appeared before my eyes. I smiled my tears away and just following that the Rainbow clearly disappeared before my eyes.

I immediately knew that this was the Galactic Angelics who are my family of Light, I refer to them as the Rainbow of Light Family – Brothers and Sisters. We know them well as we meet regularly in the Celestial Realms. For one important particular meeting we met in Mt. Shasta to outline our mission here on Earth. I made a video about this on Youtube. How my Twin Flame and I met with the Angels of Light in the Vortex within the Mountain of Mt. Shasta.

The details of the mission were held from the human memory for security reasons, but WE did remember our instructions to stay in the NOW moment before we teleported back into our bodies. Although I had met my Twin only once before this in the physical, after the meeting I knew it was him with me and seemed to know him very well, his essence. 

The Family of Light show up all the time surrounding me with the Rainbow of Light to compliment my Rainbow Light Body. They have been showing themselves since I was in my twenties. Here is another example:

As the years and months pass I have become clear on our mission on a need to know basis. In the past month more has been revealed. The Galactics from around the Cosmos, the Archangels from the Heavens, and the Ascended Masters that we walk with are all very committed to this mission, and I as certain of this as I have ever been. 

When the Rainbow of Light Family showed up in the sky I knew that they had a message for me in my time of need. The transmission came through as “Remember your Family of Light, WE are here for you now as you move forward with your Mission, you are protected.

Notice in the image the Rainbow is set in the white whisps of clouds, that were all around just above me. The Galactics have been also interacting with me via the Stars in the same manner. 2 time is happened where thousands of Stars show up above me, I communicate with them and one by one they disappear right before my eyes. This is purely magical communication for me.

Today I watched this video from Amanda Ellis on Twin Flames and the synchronicities and messages showed up heavily to confirm that this video is indeed for the Divine Masculine and Feminine Principles of the Twin Flame Monad which is he and I that act as the “Parents” aka White Diamond Elders and this includes the 144,000 Divine Twin Flames as described in my book, Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being. Which btw since I published this book the word “Sovereign Being” has been the most popular name in the Spiritual community to date. This is what it is like to plant the seed. 

The synchronicities and messages via Amanda from the Angels and Galactics are unmistakeable information that only my Twin and I and Spirit would know and I am eternally grateful to the Family of Light for supporting us on this monumental mission of Light.

First off notice the Lion in the back ground, this is a strong sign as we are working with the Lion Family in a big way. Another sync is my hairdresser from 2 years ago showed me the Lion support the other day. I visited the Salon the other day to inquire about my hairdresser from 2 years ago, synchronicity would have it that she was re-hired the same day I walked in to inquire and she quit the same time I stopped going in two years ago. When I met with her later that week to get my hair done she seemed all grown up. It had been two years and she went from teenager to a grown up of 21 years old. She looked like a Goddess with her waist long natural black hair, her long nails, and lashes were done, she lost 20 lbs and was working out regularly, eating a clean diet AND she was sporting a new tattoo…guess what it was? A massive Lion that took up her whole arm. It seems our energetic connection had a positive impact on her. Telepathically I prepped her well as I connected and activated her over those months of service in 2019.

Here is the inspiring video that could not have come at a more needed time. Thank you Amanda Ellis from the depths of my Heart, for reigniting my fire for my Union.


In Love and Light

of Higher Service